Red Meat sin tax

The Guardian: A “Sin Tax” On Red Meat Would Save Many Lives, Research Shows

New research shows that taxing red meat would save many lives as well as raise billions to pay for healthcare.

Ray LaMontagne, Dave Matthews Band, Grateful Dead, AJR

Dave Matthews Band – Remember Two Things – Ants Marching

Dave Matthews Band, Remember Two Things - 12 Tracks, Ants Marching (Song 1, Live)

Ray LaMontagne, Dave Matthews Band, Grateful Dead, AJR

Grateful Dead – One From The Vault – Help On The Way

Grateful Dead, One From The Vault - 2 Sets/2 Discs, 16 Tracks (Live), Help On The Way (Song 1)


BBC: Can We Cheat Aging?

Current facts show that diseases like cancer, rheumatism and Alzheimer’s, which are related to aging, kill roughly 100,000 people every day worldwide.


NPR: Exercise Wins, Fit Seniors Can Have Hearts That Look 30 Years Younger

People who stuck with the exercise boom of the 1970s into their senior years now have significantly healthier hearts and muscles than their sedentary peers.

CRISPR - Gene Edited Twins

Popular Science: CRISPR Has Promising Applications, But Not Gene-Edited Twins

CRISPR has many promising applications—but the Chinese gene-edited embryos twins represent something more troubling.

Enteric Brain - Gut Feeling

Scientific American: Think Twice – How the Gut’s “Second Brain” Influences Us

The enteric nervous system in our bellies is an often-overlooked network of neurons lining our guts so extensive scientists have nicknamed it our "second brain."

Gut Feeling

Science: Your Gut is Directly Connected to Your Brain by a Newly Discovered Neuron Circuit

The human gut is lined w/ more than 100 million nerve cells & is practically a brain unto itself. A new study reveals the gut has a direct connection to...

Miami Herald DNA Mutation

Miami Herald: Humans That Can Dive Up to 13 Minutes Thanks to DNA Mutation

Scientists discover a DNA mutation found in the Bajau people of southeast Asia that allows them to dive 200 feet underwater for up to 13 minutes at a time.


The New York Times: Why Are Americans Still So Obese/Fat?

In 1976, 15% of American adults were obese. Today, it is nearly 40%. Some have managed to go from fat to thin with diets & exercise, but they are...

Climate Change

The Atlantic: A Grave Climate Change Warning

In a historic new report, federal scientists contradict President Trump and affirms that climate change is an intensifying danger to the United States & World. Unfortunately it came out on a holiday.

How to Live Healthy - Low-Carb Diet

Vox: Does a Low-Carb Diet Really Help Keep Weight Off?

Does a low-carb diet really help with obesity and keeping the weight off? The big new diet study on cutting carbs explained.

LED bulb

Fox News: Video shows 9-year-old boy lighting LED bulb with his bare hands

Fox News: 9-year-old Abu Thahir from Kerala, India claims, along with his family, that he can light up a LED bulb just by touching it.

CRISPR genetic engineering

Harvard: CRISPR: A game-changing genetic engineering technique

CRISPR, a new technology that facilitates changes to DNA faster & easier, has revolutionized scientific research & treating of disease in a few short years.

Husky Smells Cancer

Fox News: Husky Sniffs Out Cancer for the Third Time

Wisconsin native Stephanie Herfel was suffering from serious abdominal pain when her dog, a Siberian Husky named Sierra, sniffed out her cancer.

Ray LaMontagne, Dave Matthews Band, Grateful Dead, AJR

AJR – The Click – Burn The House Down

AJR - The Click - 15 Tracks, Burn The House Down (Song 14)

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