Understanding Body Type Four

Posted on June 21, 2019
Understanding Body Type Four

Of The Four Body Types, A Body Type Four has 10 to 0 out of 33 spinal vertebrae fully extended with muscle mass and such mostly undeveloped throughout the body as a whole.

A Body Type Four, because no less than most vertebrae are unextended and no less than most muscle mass is undeveloped throughout the body, has a greatly increased probability of extreme obesity with significant to fully reduced physical symmetry, strength and balance, especially in relation to a Body Type One. With a higher probability towards being severely to morbidly fat/obese, if health were really to be abandoned, obesity could become a very serious health problem to the point of being truly life threatening. Even if the fat weight is successfully kept off, a Body Type Four has strong tendencies to be in a state of skinny fat/thin fat because of the lack of vertebrae and muscle mass development.
A Body Type Four can hold soul energy/star power least well of any of The Four Body Types. If it were to become severely to morbidly obese, its ability to hold the energy would increase, at least somewhat and in the short term, although so would the tendencies of serious unhealth issues including death. Depending on the level of soul energy relative to the specific soul incarnated in the specific Body Type Four, although extremely unlikely, a Body Type Four body type could possibly achieve to higher levels of being, including fame, although it most probably would not be able to hold that level of energy well at all or for any real amount of extended time, which would ultimately lead to crashing and burning, most probably prematurely.
Body Type FourBecause of all of this, Body Type Four body types usually have serious difficulty maintaining real health, presence, resources, and overall success in life, especially at the higher or highest levels of being/stations in life. With tendencies towards being seriously unable to maintain presence and hold the energy well at all due to a very serious lack of vertebrae, muscle mass development, and posture, this body type most times cannot reasonably stand the heat on the public/national/world stage, at least not for very long at all. Even though soul energy/star power is a significant variable, if the soul residing within the specific Body Type Four has enough energy/star power, it can directly influence and affect things in the short term, but not well enough or long enough to really help to overcome its serious shortcomings.
It is highly improbable that a Body Type Four body type can or will achieve to fame or the highest levels/stations in life. Furthermore, there is usually no advantage over Body Types One, Two or Three in terms of mental ability, capacity, intelligence or such, nor emotional ability, capacity, maturity or such, nor spiritual ability, capacity, evolution or such. In fact, probabilities significantly increase that these mental, emotional and spiritual variables can be negatively influenced and affected depending on the overall health — especially in relation to the level of obesity — of the Body Type Four body.

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