Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Episode Five – Soul Energy, Star Power, IT Factor

OPWG Book Podcast Episode Five Soul Energy Star Power IT Factor Fame Famous Hollywood Celebrity Star-Sharon Pittaway

Podcast Host: Walter Hego, OPWG Book Author. Body Type One.

Panelist #1: Gnosis, Researcher at Fellow One Research. Body Type Four.

OPWG Podcast Episode Five Overview – Soul Energy, Star Power, IT Factor Related to Fame, Famous Actors/Actresses, Hollywood Celebrities/Stars

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) podcast Episode Five (5) with host Walter Hego (Body Type One), author of the Over Privileged White Guy Book, and panel member Gnosis (Body Type Four), who is the main researcher at Fellow One Research.

The discussion focuses on Soul Energy, Star Power (talent, ability, skill), and IT Factor (charisma/charm and presence) as they relate to fame, holding the energy, and being able to stand the heat, i.e. “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen“, and all of these things relative to body type, muscle mass, fat, and obesity. A main point of topic is an actor friend of Walter’s who shows all the signs of having the Soul Energy, Star Power, and IT Factor to be a famous celebrity/Hollywood star. When she is around friends and amongst harmonious situations, she shines ultra-bright with plenty of quality talent, skill, and ability as well as abundant charisma/charm and presence to own the room. Yet, when she goes to a Hollywood audition and is in front of Hollywood agents, directors, producers, casting agents, and the like she just cannot perform as well — she is overacting or underacting; noticeably out of sync in some way and not landing the parts she really has the potential to get.

Her body type, most probably a strong Body Type Two (one of The Four Body Types), is discussed along with a debate about how her body type – including lack of muscle mass which favors poor posture and weak vertebrae development while becoming fat and obese – affects her presence, charisma, and capability, or incapability, to hold the energy and stand the heat versus the possibility of a lack of overall talent, ability, and skill.

As the conversation about Star Power and IT Factor winds down Walter and Gnosis close with banter about social media and the closed-minded, offense-driven nature of the social media world including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. It climaxes with how honest people with open-minds and an actual interest in discussing real problems and subjects found in the Over Privileged White Guy book to find equally real solutions for a sustainable future are welcome and encouraged to participate in the podcast, on the website, and even on social media.

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