Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Ep Fourteen – Research Participant Question # 4 – How Can You Change/Alter Your Body Type Shape?

Fellow One Research Participant J.H. of New Jersey - How Can You Change Your Body Type Shape

Micro-Podcast Host: Gnosis, Researcher at Fellow One Research, Original Body Type Four, now a Body Type Two.

Fellow One Research Participant Question #4 – “How Can You Change Your Body Type Shape?”: J. H. from New Jersey, Body Type Two.

OPWG Podcast Episode Fourteen  Research Participant Question #4 Overview – “How Can You Change/Alter Your Body Type Shape?”

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast Episode Fourteen, Research Participant Question #4 is in micro-podcast 30/30 How Can You Change Your Body Type Shape - J. H., NJ - Fellow One Research Participantformat and addresses the question “How Can You Change/Alter Your Body Type Shape?” from early 30-something millennial J. H. of New Jersey. At 6’1″ and 285 pounds (high BMI), Mr. H. believes he has confidently identified his body as a Body Type Two. Concerned about his underdeveloped vertebrae, especially the lumbar vertebrae, roughly L1-L5, the obvious weak muscle mass and questionable posture (spinal extension) are focuses of concern. And other vertebrae, with a possible lack of development, have not been ruled out. 

The discussion delves into Mr. H.’s awareness of a lack of vegetarian influence in his life and generally poor daily carnivore-based diet, including too much consumption of fast, processed, and junk foods. He admits to roughly 3 days per week of minimal cardio exercise; this could be much better. He also concedes that even with a regular weekly resistance weight lifting and training routine, he has consistently failed to overcome the adult (and childhood) obesity weight gain and loss roller coaster ride throughout his life to date.

Moreover, he admits to experiencing the thin/skinny fat phenomenon (normal weight obesity). All of this has piqued his curiosity regarding Fellow One Research’s The Four Body Types data and how it might assist him. Inspired with a new sense of purpose, his search for answers to how can you change and alter your body type shape has been reinvigorated.

How Can You Change/Alter Your Body Type Shape? The Four Body Types  & Restructuring Process

How Can You Change Your Body - Fellow One Research Participant J. H. - Type & Shape
No Body Type One (BT1) Classic Arch or Dimples

Gnosis responds to Mr. H.’s question by pointing out the importance of fully developed muscles and mass relative to all 33 vertebrae in the human body. In this case, particularly the lumbar L1-L5 vertebra and how you can change and alter your body type shape to achieve to a Body Type One permanently. The process of restructuring his body (BT2) starts with figuring out how to properly build, in a truly balanced way, all the muscles throughout his body. Having identified his lumbar vertebrae as at least a main problem area, including lacking the BT1 classic arch and dimples – those L1-5 vertebrae are a good place to begin.  

Answer to “How Can You Change/Alter Your Body Type Shape?”

Gnosis continues his explanation of the restructuring process, as best he can as each person and body type is different and unique, and how to appropriately work the posture to build the necessary muscle mass. The key is carefully using resistance exercise (weight lifting and training) and isometrics (gravity) along with aerobic cardio exercises and walking right. Activities like yoga, pilates, or the like can really help him get in touch with his spine and posture (spinal/vertebra extension) to help once and for all fix his Body Type Two (BT2). Getting to truly know himself, his body, each individual vertebra, his posture — all of it is vital to doing the restructuring process as safely and successfully as possible. 

Gnosis reminds Mr. H.’s that he cannot really permanently fix his Body Type Two without more balanced, healthy daily food intake like the Blue Zone Meditteranean Diet. Lifestyle matters equally as much, including getting plenty of quality sleep, no less.  Successfully implementing this difficult, challenging process (which involves soul searching) takes a lot of time and hard work. But hard work that is paramount to actually achieving a Body Type One and real longterm obese/fat weight maintenance and management success. By incorporating all these variables, learning to correctly do the restructuring process is how you can alter and change your body type shape for good.

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