Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Ep Nine – Reader Question Edition #3: Body Type Two Muscle Mass, Posture, & Skinny Fat

Muscle Mass, Posture, & Skinny Fat OPWG Micro-Podcast Reader Question - Heather Purdon, TN

Micro-Podcast Host: Gnosis, Researcher at Fellow One Research, Body Type Four.

OPWG Reader Question #3 on BT2 Muscle Mass, Posture, & Skinny Fat: Heather Purdon from Tennessee, Body Type Two

OPWG Podcast Episode Nine Reader Question Edition #3 Overview – Body Type Two Muscle Mass, Posture, & Skinny Fat

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Episode Nine Reader Question Edition #3 (three) is in micro-podcast 30/30 format and addresses a reader question about BT2 muscle mass, posture, & skinny fat from Heather Purdon who lives in Tennessee. OPWG Podcast Episode Nine, Book Reader Question #3 focuses on muscle mass, posture, & skinny fat relative to Ms. Purdon’s Body Type Two and undeveloped or underdeveloped muscle in what she has roughly identified as ranging from cervical vertebrae C3-C5 and lumbar vertebra L3-L5.

Heather Purdon - Muscle Mass, Posture, & Skinny Fat OPWG Micro-Podcast Reader Question The discussion revolves around Ms. Purdon’s significant time partaking in martial arts in her earlier years and how that time led to her having more of a Body Type One. This was evident by the fat that she had experienced all of her life in her thighs and lower abdomen, as well as the fat in her shoulders, all of it turning into muscle during those years of doing rigorous, consistent martial arts. Yet, once she retired from martial arts and stopped the routine, the repetitive exercise, and the specific dieting, the fat returned to the very same areas as before. This led her to question if she had fixed her vertebrae, missing muscle mass, and posture (spinal extension) properly, would her body have done a better of maintaining the muscle/muscle mass she added during those short-term martial arts years, and not gone back to being fat in the long-term.

Gnosis answers with a resounding yes, if the muscle mass had been added properly she would have maintained more muscle and less would have turned back to fat. What does properly adding the muscle mass mean? To properly add the muscle mass, she would need to add the muscle relative to the everyday use of her body and all the vertebrae in her body that are lacking development and muscle mass. Less muscle mass is lost over time the more the muscle, all of it throughout the body, that is used naturally, normally in day-to-day activity.

Properly fixing posture and adding the missing muscle mass to each vertebra that is undeveloped or underdeveloped is key. If the muscle mass is added solely through repetition and routine, as soon as that repetition and routine stops, the muscle mass begins to deteriorate relatively quickly because it is not actually used naturally during each day. Building the muscle mass and fixing the posture correctly, including walking right, is the key to successfully strengthening body type and reducing skinny fat in the long run.

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