Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Episode Seven – Reader Question Edition #1: Body Type, Muscle Mass & Discrimination

Micro-Podcast Host: Gnosis, Fellow One Researcher & OPWG Book Interviewee. Body Type Four.

OPWG Reader Question #1 on Body Type, Muscle Mass & Discrimination: Aarion Browne, From Washington D.C./Maryland. Body Type Two.

OPWG Podcast Episode Seven Reader Question Edition #1 Overview – Aarion Browne From Washington D.C./Maryland Asks About Body Type, Muscle Mass & Discrimination

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast Episode Seven Book Reader Question Edition #1 is in micro-podcast format and addresses a reader question from Aarion Browne who lives in the Washington D.C./Maryland area. The OPWG Podcast Reader Question #1 focuses on Body Type, Muscle Mass, and Discrimination with open-minded, engaging conversation between Gnosis, the main Fellow One Research researcher, and Mr. Browne.

Muscle Mass, Body Type & Discrimination - Aarion Brown, Maryland

The discussion centers on Mr. Browne’s multi-faceted question about The Four Body Types definitions and expresses multiple concerns about the definitions themselves. One of the main concerns is whether the body type definitions are science theory or fact and what is their relevance in general, including muscle mass and postuBody Type, Muscle Mass & Discriminationre. Another main concern about the body type definitions, assuming they are valid and real, is how they can and most probably will be used dishonestly by at least some people to pinhole, stereotype, and discriminate against other people, which will only negatively add to the white privilege, racism, and discrimination that are rampant across America. The final concern, which is really more of a clarification, is whether a body type can change and heal.

As the discourse winds through each point, Gnosis’ detailed explanations of the extensive research done and data gathered on body type, muscle mass, posture/spinal extension, vertebra(e), skinny fat/thin fat, enteric brain/”Gut Feeling”, and such for the past two decades are what logically and organically led to The Four Body Type Definitions. Aarion Browne‘s input and perspective help round out an interesting exchange. Both agree that honestly evolving one’s point of view and perspective while strengthening awareness, understanding, and knowledge through no less than common sense, logic, and reason, as well as the latest scientific facts and evidence, is the key to reducing racism, sexism, genderism, discrimination and unfairness & inequality overall to make the world a better place. Further Details


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