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Earth, what we humans depend on for our very survival, and humanity are drowning in serious problems from the obesity epidemic, systemic health issues, and unaffordable healthcare to climate change, rising oceans, and a heavily polluted environment to white privilege, racism, genderism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination to wealth inequality and economic, executive, legislative, judicial, and political woes and corruption and the like. Real change starts with each individual person by searching within and improving and bettering oneself and life.

Based on true events, the Over Privileged White Guy book is written in a non-traditional novel format as an interview dialogue that addresses these serious diverse problems with clear ideas and solutions for moving humanity forward into a truly balanced, healthy, fair, sustainable future.

The Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) book approaches things from a unique spiritual and scientific point of view through the concept of the spiritual scientist/soul science. The conversation explores The Four Body Types research including vertebrae, posture (spinal extension), muscle/muscle mass, diet, exercise, lifestyle, and genetics/DNA as well as how the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being human affect each individual person and humanity as a whole. Read the OPWG Advanced/Mobile Version of the book online in the convenient, safe, and secure PDF viewer. Give yourself, family, and friends things to do during the coronavirus (COVID-19) stay-at-home, social distancing lockdown.

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  1. olivia poglianich

    Star Power & Body Type

    olivia poglianich (verified owner)

    Comment #428

    The book connected mind, body and spirit in a new way for me. I thought it was interesting to see how science and spirituality intersect – so many people (myself included) have no idea about the disadvantages of body type. I never heard about how some people naturally are more energetic in a fatter state, depending on their body type. While it was rather informative, I also felt that the narrative was often repetitive. A lot of the book was direct dialogue between two people that I feel would be better presented in a podcast format. Or, if it is to remain a book, I would’ve liked to see more narrative/descriptive language present. Moving away from the presentation, the content of the book is definitely interesting, unique and important. Gaining a deeper understanding of the It Factor, Star Power and what each body type represents can help anyone who reads this have a better mind/body/spirit connection.

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  2. bonafideknight

    As ambitious as it is heartfelt

    bonafideknight (verified owner)

    Comment #375

    One part philosophy, one part lifestyle writing, and an unexpected dose of character-driven storytelling—I wasn’t sure what to expect when I dove into Over Privileged White Guy, but what I ended up with was quite a surprise.

    Hego makes intriguing use of socratic dialogue throughout his narrative, which lends itself neatly to the meditative nature of the book. Not afraid to charge headlong into a number of current social issues, the two protagonists embark on a discursive odyssey exploring racial and economic disparities in America, the current healthcare crisis, climate change, gender and sexuality, and obesity, to name just a few topics.

    Some readers may be left wanting for concrete data on the subject of the Four Body Types. On the whole, however, Over Privileged White Guy can be read as more of a manifesto than a hard scientific text.

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  3. Nicole Scuderi

    Completely Different Perspective

    Nicole Scuderi (verified owner)

    Comment #407

    The book was a slow start but overall I really enjoyed it. I am a weak body type 2 and worked hard to get there. I am predisposed to body type 3 based on my family lineage, eating habits and lack of overall understanding of spirituality. This book certainly had a very interesting perspective. The twist is how body image is being portrayed and explained. All things are created by and with energy so the concept presented about Star Power, the It Factor and Star Energy. It MADE me want to continue the research myself. Look inward. Where can I continue to improve? It always makes me wonder with an auto-immune illness can I maintain the proper amount of muscle to reach my ultimate potential.

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  4. Megan Walton

    Interesting Read!

    Megan Walton (verified owner)

    Comment #195

    Over Privileged White Guy book is full of intriguing ideas. I am in my late-20s and obesity is not present in my family. In terms of The Four Body Types and based on the research descriptions of vertebrae extension and muscle development, I am a Body Type Two as I do have to work harder than some of my peers to fully keep obesity at bay. Knowing this now has inspired me to seriously think more about my posture, vertebra, and how spinal realignment and muscle strengthening can help improve my health.
    Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a dialogue about self-improvement, especially those dealing with obesity and their body type, anyone struggling with how to fix issues in today's culture like climate change, health care, and bullying, as well as people interested in the soul and spirituality and how they relate to celebrity star power and it factor. Plus, the descriptions of the super healthy meals shared by Walter and the researcher sound deliciously amazing! The story is framed in a peaceful setting as a naturally meandering conversation between the researcher and Walter.

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  5. melaniemakovsky

    Great theoretical approach and perspective on body shape and health

    melaniemakovsky (verified owner)

    Comment #398

    Overall, the book is a fascinating presentation of an alternative understanding of how our physical health, personalities, and notoriety are affected by our genetics, and by our body frame in particular. I appreciate that it covers a wide breadth of the implications of a person’s body type, for the individual’s relationships, achievements, and aspirations, as well as how this information is applicable to society at large. By presenting personal insights into the effects of body type on an individual life and on the implications of a society and a healthcare system that does not promote or reward healthy choices, the author makes a strong case for his theories, especially about how one’s genetically determined body type may alter his personality, goals, relationships, decisions, and perspectives.

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