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Scientific Weight Loss Program, Advanced Diary – 90 Day Access. $105.00 to $129.99 – NOTE: THE DIARY ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED THE BODY TYPE QUIZ Review a Current User

Hold yourself personally accountable. Move at your own pace. Choose the type of diet and exercise routine that works for you. Unsure of what is what – Ask the Expert Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle Ask Gnosis Team.

Scientific Weight Loss Program & Body Type Science – How to Successfully Lose Weight & Keep It Off Permanently

Old Weight Loss Science versus New Weight Loss Science (Scientific Body Type Quiz/Test)

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How to Use the Scientific Weight Loss Program, Basic & Advanced Diary 

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Fellow One Research, The Four Body Types’ Scientific Weight Loss, Advanced Diary for Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle allows you to safely, securely, and anonymously (if you choose) — beyond the reach of trolls, fat shamers, haters, or the like — scientifically track and manage your personal health data including weight. *Diet: Meals, Calories, Etc. *Exercise: Cardio, Resistance, Etc. *Lifestyle: Sleep, Stress, Etc. Pertinent, real-time advanced data summaries including time-lapse photos. Perfect for anyone currently on a weight-loss journey, looking to gain weight, or just wanting to manage and maintain your weight. Invite your friends and family to join the conversation by creating a free subscriber account to comment and reply while easily sharing your scientific weight-loss or weight gain journey on social media.

How To Lose Weight Successfully – Scientific Weight Loss, Advanced Dairy for Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle – Body Type Science

Successful weight loss takes real understanding, effort, and the genuine desire and motivation to actually lose weight for the long run and keep it off. The Scientific Weight Loss Diary uses body type science, including the scientific Body Type Quiz, allowing you to watch your diet, exercise, and lifestyle data scientifically grow and your body change over time as you manage your weight and health. Of course, the more accurate, honest, and complete you are with your data the better. Never again wonder what is my body type, how do I successfully lose weight relative to my specific body type, how do I get rid of skinny fat (cellulite, normal weight obesity, etc.), or how do I keep fat weight off for the long run, permanently.

Ask Gnosis Commenting & Best Scientific Weight Loss Program Diary

The Fellow One Research proprietary Scientific Weight Loss, Advanced Diary with Ask Gnosis Comments includes unlimited advanced commenting. You also get two (2) Ask Gnosis (think Siri or Alexa) Comments/Questions (for every 3-month subscription) that are good for use on your specific Body Type Quiz Fellow One Research, The Four Body Types' Body Type Science - Body Type Quiz/Test & Ask Gnosis& Advanced Scientific Weight Loss Diary profile post only (not universal). This gives you direct access to the expert science/fact/evidence-based Diet, Excercise, Lifestyle Support Team so you can inquire further about your specific diet, cardio and/or resistance exercise training routines, as well as lifestyle including sleep and stress, no less. If you use your two (2) Ask Gnosis Comments/Questions before your 3-month subscription expires, you can easily buy more credits as needed.

General Commenting

Post your daily thoughts and experiences to help paint a more whole picture of things. Involve your family and friends so they can join the discussion to encourage you on your weight loss or gain journey. Subscriber accounts are free and allow for basic Commenting including picture uploads, as well as access to Universal Ask Gnosis individual credits purchase.

*The Scientific Weight Loss Program, Advanced Diary – Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle is used symbiotically with The Four Body Types’ Body Type Quiz/Test Calculator (required first to access the Diary). **You can use a Pen Name to preserve privacy and anonymity. No face in images. Safe, secure, and anonymous (if you choose). ***All Comments & Replies are moderated to build trust in the community, beyond the reach of trolls, fat shamers, and haters, etc.

Review Scientific Weight-Loss Diary Participants


Suggested Donation: $129.99


The Best Scientific Weight Loss Program, Advanced Diary for Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle works on desktop and mobile devices. Functional on most modern, up-to-date, mainstream devices and browsers including phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Older devices and browsers may work as well but are not recommended.

Current Advanced Scientific Weight Loss Program Diary List of Possible Diet Plan & Exercise Routine Options

Fellow One Research Recommended Scientific Weight Loss Science-Based Diet – Blue Zone Mediterranean Diet (with Low-Carb Diet & Low-Fat Diet Versions)

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Fellow One Research Recommended Scientific Weight Loss Science-Based Exercise – Walking & Hiking (Metabolism/Mifflin St Jeor Equation BMR & Harris-Benedict Equation)

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DIET (Meal Plan):


Scientific Weight Loss - Blue Zone Mediterranean Diet

Blue Zone Mediterranean Diet







Evenly-Mixed Omnivore


Low-Carb Diet

Low-Fat Diet

Paleo Diet

Keto Diet

Atkins Diet

Whole30 Diet



Weight Watchers


South Beach Diet


Blue Apron


Home Chef

Hello Fresh

Green Chef

Sun Basket



*Don’t see your preferred diet, let us know.



Scientific Weight Loss - Exercise, Walking & HikingWalking




High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


Stationary Bike



Rowing Machine

Step Machine


Workout Class(es)








*Don’t see your preferred exercise, let us know.

**Be sure you have turned off all ad blockers and/or other browser apps and/or device (mobile or desktop) apps/monitors that could interfere with or block, in any way, the Scientific Weight Loss Diary from working. The most updated versions of Chrome & Firefox on newer devices (desktop & mobile) have been the most reliable.

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  1. Delila Kajtaz

    My experience with the Advanced Scientific Weight Loss Program Diary

    Delila Kajtaz (verified owner)

    Comment #4695

    I have used the advanced scientific weight loss program diary for nearly 2 months now. It is something I very much recommend to people who want to track and keep accurate records of their diet, what they take into their body, exercises, and lifestyle, such as sleep and stress, in general.

    I have positively changed a lot of things in my life since starting to use this diary. It's easy to use on my phone or desktop in my favorite browser. I just log into my account and post my diary entry. I then can see the data on my body type quiz profile and can track it. I can also comment, and the Ask Gnosis team has been very helpful.

    Today, life is so fast, stress is a part of everyday life. I too often don't have the time to dedicate to myself for health and I am typically not aware as I should be when it comes to what I take into and do to my body. By honestly using this diary -- if you post false or inaccurate data then what is the point -- it brings some order to my life because it holds me accountable. I see the data that I entered right there on my profile. In all the disorder I often pay no attention to what I eat during the day and how many calories I take into my body. The diary has helped me notice my mistakes and allowed me to work on them -- which has led to making real progress. Which I can see in my profile data!

    From personal experience, the diary is a great science-based online tool that will bring multiple benefits to anyone who really wants to lose fat weight or maintain and manage weight. Also, gain muscle weight.

    My Scientific Weight Loss Program, Advanced Diary:

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