Genetics/DNA and Body Types - What is My Body Type - Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1)

Insights from Gnosis: What Is My Body Type? Genetics/DNA and The Four (4) Body Types

Insights from Gnosis: What Is My Body Type? Genetics, DNA, Genes-The Four (4) Body Types. Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle, Metabolism, BMI, Vertebrae, Muscles & other scientific Body Type variables.

Active & Passive Metabolism, Why is My Metabolism Slow or Fast?

Insights from Gnosis: Metabolism – Active, Passive/Resting (Basal Metabolic Rate/BMR), Slow, Normal, Fast

Insights From Gnosis: Metabolism, the set of enzyme-catalyzed chemical reactions in living organisms that sustains life, is rated through the Fellow One Research FORMR & FORMR Scores.

Reverse Aging

Wired: Scientists Hack a Human Cell and Reprogram It Like a Computer

In the last couple of decades, scientists have been working to hack the human cells’ algorithm in an effort to control their processes, & perhaps reverse aging.


BBC: Can We Cheat Aging?

Current facts show that diseases like cancer, rheumatism and Alzheimer’s, which are related to aging, kill roughly 100,000 people every day worldwide.

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