Did you know the Human Body comes in Four Body Types? Body Type One, Body Type Two, Body Type Three, & Body Type Four.

Each Body Type directly affects and influences being human as well as the soul & soul energy, also known as star power. The same star power that gives celebrities, especially A-list stars, their star power. Why do some humans have more star power than others? What is the Enteric Brain/Gut Feeling? What is the IT Factor? How do The Four Body Types play into all of this? What Body Type are you? How can we humans fix our vast, serious global troubles to find a real path to a sustainable future? The Over Privileged White Guy Book comes in the basic Desktop version (get it for Free!) and the more user-friendly advanced Desktop and Mobile version.





"I have always had issues with Obesity. No matter what I do in terms of diet, exercise, and lifestyle, weight loss & weight management has been a serious struggle. The Four Body Types make so much sense. Knowing i am a Body Type Three now at least helps me understand so I can make better choices in my life. Look forward to more research information about the Restructuring Process."

Benjamin Smith, Massachusetts

"Really inspiring story that clearly touches on so many important subjects of our time; White Privilege, Black Lives Matter, Me Too, LGBT Rights, Gender & Income Equality, etc. Oh, and to learn that I am a Body Type One and how much body type plays into things, very fascinating. I tried the free version first, but found it too limiting. The advanced version is name your price and so worthwhile."

Jasmine O'Neil, California

”As a Body Type Two, I have always wondered why certain areas of my body were more prone to Fat and Weight Gain. Now I know. All the other correlations like Soul, Soul Energy and Star Power, as well as the IT Factor and Gut Feeling make the book totally worth the read."

Sam Young, Colorado