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Fellow One Research, The Four (4) Body Types - Body Type One, Two, Three, Four

Body Type Science – Research is the process of anticipated, calculated, controlled, focused scientific observation to acquire real data for accurate reckoning.


To whatever degree, relative to the specific situation and goal, body type research uses scientific hypothesis (if/then) and theory in relation to a specific range(s) and set of variables to acquire accurate data. With the eventual intention of analyzing, interpreting, extrapolating, and truly concluding the data as accurately as possible at any given moment in any given situation. But always remembering the fallibility of being human, and thus the need, the responsibility through genuine, self-evident human right, to adapt and change one’s mind, point of view/perspective, and belief as fresh data and newly acquired true knowledge warrants.


  Fellow One Research, The Four (4) Body Types - Body Type One, Two, Three, Four

Fellow One Research focuses on body type science including the physical human body (DNA, genetics) by way of The Four Body Types scientific research using diverse science-based Body Type Quiz data to help the average person determine and comprehend how to know what your body type is. The Four (4) Body Types’ Body Type Test Calculator generates and reckons diet (food & drink)), exercise (cardio & resistance), lifestyle (sleep, stress, etc.), BMI, and metabolism (basal metabolic rate/BMR) variables, no less. The ultimate goal is to better understand the crucial roles all these variables (and more) play in overall human health. With the whole/wholism/holistic in mind, the emotional body (energy in motion), the mental body (mind), and the spiritual body (soul) are also considered vital components in the research and quest for true scientific knowledge.


Current Body Type Science

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