Over-Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Book by Walter Hego

Posted on May 25, 2020
Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Book & Audiobook by Walter Hego
“Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) book by Walter Hego is the seminal work our world needs right now. The inevitable bubbling up of all of our festering issues here in America is raw and painfully real, from #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo and #EqualRights to #Obesity and lack of #AffordableHealthCare to Wealth & #IncomeInequality and more. The outright honesty and real solutions this book presents for all these problems and more is a genuine breath of fresh air.” – Charlie Alkins, Colorado

Planet Earth and humanity face serious global issues that affect the very survival of the human species. Just as each human being has a significant effect on their immediate environment relative to the choices they make in their own personal lives, the global environment is directly and dramatically influenced by humanity’s decisions as a whole. Decisions, more times than not, that are made relative to the great inequality, unfairness, and unbalance which continues to permeate every aspect of human culture, across all seven continents.

An ever-widening wealth inequality gap continues to persist thanks to chronic issues of white privilege, racism, genderism, sexism/sexual harassment, and rampant dishonesty in general. Climate change, worldwide environmental decline, unaffordable healthcare and lack of access, and systemic failures across the board do not help. The average person’s overall lack of honest, accurate knowledge and education about their own human body and health only compounds all these issues further.

OPWG Book Walter Hego – Human Health, Obesity, Climate Change & A Sustainable Future

Human/man-influenced climate change is supported by more than 90% of all scientists globally, including NASA. Yet, American Sustainable Future - Climate Change Protestspolitics and the current Republican president and white privilege darling Donald John Trump are choosing to listen to the ignorant, arrogant, and uninformed 10% minority. The few who could care less about evidence, facts, and true knowledge in favor of money alone while consciously and willingly spreading lies, dishonesty, and blind faith about without a lick of caution. And the main opposing Democratic party is too incompetent to do anything about it, and when it is in power it has too strong of a tendency towards unbalance in the other direction.

Obesity, like Coronavirus (COVID-19), is a pandemic. Instead of having reasonable access and the ability to actually choose nutritious, organic, healthy, sustainable, affordable foods, too many Americans overeat low quality, low nutrition, toxic foods that are created through unsustainable methods. All of which domino effects and destroys the health of the environment as well as human health, only further exacerbating the climate, environmental, and affordable healthcare crises, no less.

Most humans understand very little about their human body in relation to genetics, body type, vertebrae, posture, and muscle mass. Most have no real clue what diet to eat, what to drink or not to drink, or what exercises are best. Too many struggle with finding a genuinely healthy lifestyle to live in general that is balanced. And it certainly does not help that too many people fail to keep an open mind. In fact, too many are closed-minded and stubborn when it comes to actually evolving and changing for the better.

Have you ever wondered where A-list stars get their star power from?

Soul Energy, Star Power, and IT Factor – OPWG Book by Walter Hego

How does the OPWG book by Walter Hego define soul energy, it factor, and star power? It factor is charisma, presence, and charm. Star power is skill, ability, and talent. Soul Energy is a combination of both.

Yet, if all humans have at least some semblance of it factor and star power, why does less than 1% of the human population qualify as A-list stars/celebrities? What makes those people’s soul energy so different from everyone else’s, allowing them to live heavenly lives of wealth and luxury and private jets with houses across the world? Do you really think their Coronavirus (COVID-19) stay-at-home time is the same as yours? Like David Geffen in the Caribbean on his $500 million private super-yacht?

OPWG Book by Walter Hego & What is My Body Type?

Most people are aware of the currently known three body types. The Ectomorph body type has tendencies towards being thin. Mesomorphs have tendencies toward being pear-shaped. And Endomorphs have tendencies towards being apple-shaped.  But Fellow One Research - The Four Body Types there is no real explanation as to WHY a person is one of these three body types.

To add to the confusion, many people really do not identify with any of these body types. Things simply do not add up. The same general thing is true for the purported hormone body types.

Enter The Four Body Types. Body Type One (as seen in any scientifically accepted modern-day anatomy book), Body Type Two, Body Type Three, and Body Type Four. If one views the human body and structure in terms of spine, vertebrae, spinal extension/posture, muscle, muscle mass, skinny fat, metabolism, the human energy system (including female/feminine energy,  male/masculine energy, and the enteric brain/gut feeling), soul, soul energy, star power, it factor, holding the energy and the like relative to spiritual science as a whole, a more clear and definable picture begins to emerge. To get a better sense of this emerging picture, compare The Four Body Types.



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