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Fellow One Research - The Four Body TypesFellow One Research is avidly working to build a state-of-the-art research center to further The Four Body Types science research. Bringing vital scientific data and true knowledge forward is the mission and goal. including diverse body type science data for Body Type One (BT1), Body Type Two (BT2), Body Type Three (BT3), and Body Type Four (BT4).

Focusing on the goal of furthering the scientific research for The Four Body Types and Restructuring Process, Fellow One Research is actively working on funding to acquire the land, personnel, equipment, and resources to further our mission.

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Fellow One Research - Obesity & The Four Body Types

Obesity is a very serious disease both here in America and globally, affecting nearly two-thirds of the American population as a whole. Roughly forty percent of the U.S. adult population is affected, with U.S. childhood obesity a real problem for more than twenty percent of young people. These numbers are holding in some places, but in others they are on the rise.

Moreover, obesity affects more than one-third of the global population of nearly 8 billion people. Understanding the human body from a new point of view is a vital step in bringing no less than the obesity epidemic under real control. Genetics/DNA/genes are a main player in obesity, being overweight (fat), and skinny fat including cellulite, crepey skin, loose skin, saggy skin, thin fat, & normal weight obesity, So are diet, exercise, lifestyle, metabolism/BMR, BMI, calories, etc. Genetics directly affect human body development, including vertebrae (posture) and muscle(s)/muscle mass development or underdevelopment.

Fellow One Research – Pushing the Scientific Limits & Boundaries Into New Frontiers.

The Four Body Types research offers a new, cutting-edge scientific approach and point of view relative to the human body as a whole, including mental, emotional, and spiritual (soul) states of being. We safely and securely gather and track a diverse range of scientific data by offering the scientific Body Type Quiz, Scientific Weight Loss Diary to successfully lose weight and keep it off, as well as expert Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle Support Team Ask Gnosis Comments. In the long term, this will help wrangle out-of-control healthcare costs, overcome diseases like obesity and cancer, assist with climate change and sustainability, and ease the great scientific concern and burden in relation to economies, governments, societies, and humanity as a whole.

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