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Fellow One Research - The Four Body Types

Pioneering The Four Body Type research including Body Type One, Body Type Two, Body Type Three, and Body Type Four, Fellow One Research is avidly working to build a state-of-the-art research center to bring vital scientific data and true knowledge forward.


Fellow One ResearchWith the goal of furthering the research on The Four Body Types and Restructuring Process through proper science/scientific research, Fellow One Research is actively working on funding to acquire the land, personnel, equipment and resources to further our mission. As obesity has now become a very serious disease both here in America and globally, affecting nearly two-thirds of the American population as a whole, including forty percent of the adult population, with childhood obesity affecting more than twenty percent, as well as affecting more than one-third of the global population, understanding the human body from a new point of view is a vital step in bringing no less than the obesity epidemic under real control. The Four Body Types research offers a new, cutting-edge point of view on the human body as a whole, including mental, emotional and spiritual states of being, which in the long term will help wrangle out-of-control healthcare costs, ease the burden on economies and governments, and help overcome diseases like obesity and cancer.


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