Teyana Taylor – Celebrity Body Type One (BT1), Female

Teyana Taylor – Celebrity Body Type One (BT1), Female

Celebrity Body Types: Teyana Taylor (Teyana Me Shay Jacqueli Shumpert)

The Four Body Types Scientific Identification: Body Type One, BT1 (Possible Body Type Two)


Genetically Underdeveloped Vertebrae (Muscles/Muscle Mass): None/0 (Possibly Sacrum)

Date of Birth: December 10, 1990

Age: 33 (as of 2023)

Unscientific/Nonsense Body Types Rough Correlations: Mesomorph, Kibbe/Flamboyant Gamine, Hormone/Ovary

Celebrity Teyana Taylor Body Type One Shape Figure - The Four Body Types, Fellow One Research

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The Four Body Types, Fellow One Research - Celebrity Teyana Taylor Body Type One (BT1) Shape FigureCelebrity Teyana Taylor shows off her genetic scientific Standard Body Type One (BT1) shape figure/physique while on vacation with her friends and family. The candid images reveal no obvious signs of skinny fat (cellulite, thin fat, loose Teyana Taylor Body Shape - In a Bikiniskin, saggy skin, crepey skin, normal weight obesity) anywhere on her Celebrity Teyana Taylor Body Type One - Genetic Body Composition and Shapebody. The full development of her vertebra (posture) and muscles/muscle mass is currently not Teyana Taylor Figure - Physiquein debate. However, there are hints of possible cellulite skinny fat on her buttocks.

Science recognizes that one pound of muscle burns six calories daily, but one pound of regular fat (white fat/yellow fat/excess fat) and/or skinny fat only burns two to three calories. Which directly affects metabolism (the more skinny fat and/or regular fat, the slower the metabolism) as well as body composition and shape. Having so many developed vertebrae, muscles, and muscle mass assists greatly in terms of metabolism/ metabolic rate (BMR), including aging gracefully.

Genetics/genes/DNA are important, but diet, exercise, metabolism, BMI, and lifestyle also matter. As she continues to age, it will be interesting to see how well Teyana Taylor maintains her body shape figure/physique. Is she really a genetic scientific Body Type Two (BT2) with a slightly underdeveloped sacrum, no less?

Teyana Taylor Body Type One Celebrity

Teyana T. PhysiqueT Taylor Body

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Teyana Taylor Figure/Shape – BT1


Teyana Taylor Figure - OceansideStar dancer, singer, and actress Teyana Taylor displays her Body Type One shape/figure during her time off.  Her entertainment career began in 2006 as a music video choreographer for Beyoncé’s hit Teyana Taylor Physique - Time Offsong Ring the Alarm. In 2007, she was offered a contract to join Pharrell Teyana Taylor Body Type One - At the BeachWilliams’ Star Trak Entertainment label (through Interscope Records) which followed with her initial television appearance on an episode Celebrity Teyana Taylor Body Shape - In a Swimsuitof MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen along with dancing in Jay-Z’s single music video Blue Magic.

She released her debut commercial song Google Me in 2008 as the lead to her first full-length mixtape called From a Planet Called Harlem. Google Me reached number 90 on the US Billboard‘s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Subsequently gracing Kanye West’s fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy with her vocals including the songs Dark Fantasy” and Hell of a Life, she also contributed to the GOOD Music GOOD Friday track Christmas In Harlem featuring Cyhi the Prynce as well as Kanye West. Going independent in 2012, she dropped her second mixtape titled The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor which led to a joint-venture deal with Kanye West’s label GOOD Music through Island-Def Jam.

She appeared on the GOOD Music compilation album Cruel Summer later that year on multiple songs including To the World with Kanye West and R. Kelly, Sin City featuring John Legend, Cyhi the Prynce, Malik Yusef, and Travis Scott, and Bliss (duet with John Legend). The latter of which was met with positive critical acclaim from Billboard’s Erika Ramirez, at least. In 2014, she finally released her incipient studio album called VII which climbed to number 19 on the Billboard 200. It sold 16,000 copies in the United States and topped the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Star Singer/Musician, Dancer, and Actor Teyana Taylor Body Type One


Teyana Taylor Body Type One - Day OffTo date, she has released three studio albums including K.T.S.E. (2018) and The Album (2020, which rose to Teyana Taylor Body Shape Figurenumber 8 on the Billboard 200, her first top 10 album). Furthermore, she directed the Lil Durk music video Teyana T Bodyremix of the song Home Body. At the end of 2020, she unofficially announced her Teyana Taylor Figure - Body Composition retirement from making music via her Instagram page.

Broadening her horizons, she made her debut major motion picture performance in the 2010 sequel film Stomp the Yard: Homecoming. Moreover, she is credited with roles in the movies Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011), The Love Section (2013), Brotherly Love (2015), Honey: Rise Up and Dance (2018), The After Party (2018), The Trap (2019), Coming 2 America (2021), A Thousand and One (2023), White Men Can’t Jump (2023), and The Book of Clarence (2023). Her next upcoming projects are the BC Project (2025/Paul Thomas Anderson) and The Smack (TBD).

In terms of television, she has appeared in episodes of It’s Showtime at the Apollo (2008, FOX), America’s Best Dance Crew (2015, MTV), Fashion Police (2016, EOnline), The Breaks (2017, VH1), Hip Hop Squares (2017-18, MTV2), The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2018, NBC), Saturday Night Live/SNL (2018, NBC), The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2019, NBC), Dancing with the Stars (2021, ABC), and The Masked Singer (2022, FOX, the winner and youngest in show history), to name a few. 

T Taylor Physique

Businesswoman Teyana Taylor Body Shape


Teyana Taylor Body Type One ShapeAs a businesswoman, in 2013 she collaborated with Adidas to design and release a pair of sneakers called Harlem GLC’s, which currently holds the record for the fastest-selling sneakers in Adidas Originals history. It is Teyana Taylor Body Shape Physiquerumored that she is working on designing her second pair of sneakers for the brand. Not T Taylor Body Shapeto be outdone, she launched her Fade 2 Fit Workout Program in 2017 along with the T T Body TypeFade 2 Fit line of workout apparel. Teyana Taylor’s demanding dancing, singing, and acting responsibilities help with maintaining her body shape figure by increasing her metabolic rate thus burning more calories to help keep excess regular fat weight at bay. She was previously married to Iman Shumpert and dated Colin Kaepernick, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Chad Johnson, A$AP Rocky, Brandon Jennings, and Drake. 

Her estimated net worth is $5 million. She is active on social media including Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), and TikTok. See more choreographer, model, dancer, music video director, singing and songwriting musician, and actress Teyana Taylor celebrity Body Type One (BT1) photos on Google.

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