Insight from Gnosis: Obesity is a Disease, Like Cancer It is Very Serious & Expensive

Posted on February 22, 2021
Insight from Gnosis: Obesity is a Disease, Like Cancer It is Very Serious & Expensive

The disease of obesity is defined as having too much fat on your body taking you outside your safe BMI

On one hand, not only is the global obesity epidemic serious and costly, it is a high-risk gateway to many other dangerous diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. On the other hand, the obesity paradox and metabolically healthy obesity (MHO) are gaining scientific traction as being real. Body type matters, especially relative to genetics/DNA.

The Disease of Obesity - Skinny FatBillions of dollars are spent on research every year. Yet, as the epidemic of childhood and adult obesity continues to surge globally, mainstream scientists and doctors struggle to accurately identify and diagnose why. Their adamant, century-old end-all paradigm explanation of an energy imbalance — intake of too many calories versus not enough calories burned — just does not add up.

Being Overweight, Obesity Disease, Skinny Fat

If it did, then how do they explain overweight and obese people in the world who are healthy (as per blood pressure/heart rate, cholesterol, A1C/blood sugar, etc.) versus normal-weight/lean people who are not? And why is normal weight obesity (NWO, defined as having an excessive amount of body fat when within safe BMI) so prevalent worldwide in people who are within their safe BMI weight range but still experiencing skinny fat (cellulite, thin fat, loose skin, saggy skin, crepey skin, normal weight obesity)?

We know that excessive eating of poor quality junk, processed, and fast food is a main culprit. The typical American/Western diet simply affords too much red meat, poor quality oil/fat (especially saturated & hydrogenated), sodium (salt), and sugar (added), no less. A sedentary lifestyle is also to blame. The American mentality of “I am free to live however I want and eat whatever I want whenever I want without any real consequences because my doctor will fix it with meds et al” only further exacerbates things, muddying the waters.

Fast, Processed, Junk Food - Encouraging Obesity DiseaseObesity Disease – Healthcare

Current global healthcare systems have no way to discern the difference between body types. When you go and see your doctor, you are being held to inaccurate body types standards; the Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1), Body Mass Index (BMI), and basal metabolic rate (BMR). These standards fail to take into account no less than genetics, especially any form of skinny fat.

All of which directly affect the disease of obesity, both in childhood and as an adult. It is true that American societal/cultural diet, exercise, and lifestyle norms are not set up proactively to truly accommodate and support real health. Instead, outdated, misguided ideas, misinformation, and disinformation complemented by unacceptable arrogance, stubbornness, and greed across both biased science and politics, in general, continue to perpetuate fanciful beliefs to support profits above all.

Body Positive Movement & Scientific Body Type

The body-positive movement has grown to combat the unfairness of unrealistic body type standards. Not everyone is born into a Body Type One (BT1). Nonetheless, the BT1 image is most readily used in advertising across all media.

Fake Social Media PhotosSocial media’s rampant filtering and Photoshopping of fake images to meet that BT1 standard only exacerbates the problem. People then strive to meet unrealistic body type standards that their genetics simply will not allow, leading to further unhealth including mental illness. Because not everyone is born in a BT1, even though that is what mainstream science and medical doctors adamantly claim and hold all of us to as of now.

This most certainly does not mean that encouraging the normalization of the disease of obesity is acceptable, disregarding the known scientific risks. But the definition of being overweight and obese needs to be overhauled, and understanding Body Type Science, your scientific body type, is the key. Once you can scientifically identify your genetic body type, you can accept it for what it is to find the best, most healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle to be as healthy as possible in the short and long term.


The Science Behind Body Type Shape, Composition, & Obesity – The Four (4) Body Types (Genetic Scientific Body Type), Body Type Science Theory

Standard Science/Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) Diagram/Image - The Four (4) Body Types
Standard Science/Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) Diagram/Image

If the disease of obesity really is just about daily calorie intake versus daily calorie burn, as mainstream science and medical doctors claim, then all any human being has to do to look like a Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) with all muscles and muscles mass fully developed, no less, is reduce daily calorie intake and increase daily calories burn.

However, stories abound about people who put in the work and lose the weight. But, when they get to their medically safe and accepted Standard BMI weight range, even at the lower end of their range, they do not experience a Standard Body Type One (BT1) with muscle/muscle mass fully developed. They experience some form of skinny fat where there should be muscle/muscle mass.

It would be one thing if this only happened in older people. We know that as the body ages muscle and collagen degrades. But all kinds of skinny fat happen in young people as well. Thanks, genetics.

Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) & The Obesity Disease

If mainstream science is correct, and all human beings are born in a Standard Body Type One (BT1), with the rare exceptions of diagnosed abnormalities or deformities like scoliosis or Poland Syndrome, then how does mainstream science explain skinny fat in young people of all ages, at the very least? It cannot explain it. The Four (4) Body Types do explain it.

Choose to Live Healthy to Overcome the Disease of Obesity

As obesity is genetically common in my family, as an original Body Type Four (BT4), I have worked my ass off for nearly 40 years to truly comprehend and overcome the disease of obesity, including normal weight obesity. I made a conscious choice in my early 20’s to stop eating junk, processed, and fast food, no less. As my knowledge and understanding have grown as the years have passed, I have learned to greatly improve my diet, exercise, and lifestyle routines to achieve real health.

This includes improving my body’s:

          *muscle/muscle mass (resting/passive and active metabolism)

          *posture (vertebrae/spinal extension),

          *immunity (enteric brain/gut feeling/positive gut bacteria)

Which in turn strengthens my ability to hold the energy (as our research grows, this is an area of research we very much want to build out).

Wrangling Diseases Like Obesity & Cancer 

Healthcare costs should reflect true health. We need an accurate set of vetted standards that fairly represent scientific body types (The Four Body Types). As well, there have to be consequences to choices and actions.

About Fellow One Research SustainabilityRight now, there are no consequences as fast, processed, and junk food corporations nor do consumers pay any tax relative to how healthy or unhealthy food products and services are. These companies spend millions upon billions of dollars lobbying in the political and marketing realms. They make sure their profits are not damaged and that their customers are not “punished” so that neither are held accountable for such unhealthy products and services.

Sustainable Healthcare

All the while, the health of the average person suffers greatly, including the worsening worldwide obesity epidemic, as healthcare costs soar unsustainably. Sustainable health care is built by taxing the foods, drinks, products, and services people consume daily that damage human health. People can still be free to choose/live their life as they want.

They can eat whatever food they want, exercise or not, and live whatever lifestyle they want. However, they are immediately paying for their choices and actions in terms of “health insurance” relative to the ‘sin tax’ on food, drink, and other products and services they buy/purchase in their day-to-day life that are scientifically known to damage human health.

You want to buy and consume unhealthy fast, junk, and/or processed food. Fine. Pay the health care consumption tax at the same time you pay for the unhealthy food/drink/product/service. That tax money then goes into the centralized healthcare insurance pool fund. The healthier and more sustainable the product and/or service, the less tax that is paid (no tax would mean it is a truly sustainable, super healthy product and/or service). To that end, the more sin tax revenue, the lower the health care premiums.

Choosing to Live Healthy to Overcome the Disease of Obesity – Body Type, Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle

Return on Investment - HealthI choose to eat and live healthily. This means willfully wanting to invest in spending more money on healthy food. It means consciously embracing my daily energy investment by doing healthy cardio (walking/hiking, no less) and resistance (weightlifting, calisthenics, isometrics) exercises. I take pride in my awareness to devote myself to a healthy lifestyle overall. And these investments/choices have greatly paid off.

The return on my investment has been genuinely worthwhile, and readily translated into our Body Type Science research data,  All that being said, the fact is, my human body has NEVER looked like mainstream science’s Standard Body Type One (BT1). Why? Because genetic scientific body type matters. Learn more about The Four Body Types.


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