Insights from Gnosis: The George Floyd Protests, #BLM, & White Privilege in America

Posted on June 1, 2020
Black Lives Matter

As the George Floyd protests spread nationwide, perhaps, for the first time ever, Americans, regardless of race or really any variable, in a George Floyd Protests -Black Lives Matter & White Privilege in Americagood way, are actually uniting against inequality, unfairness, and institutional racism. As is the world. The murder of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers in broad daylight, in front of multiple eye-witnesses, on camera, is just another in a long line of humanitarian atrocities committed against black men, women, and non-white people, in general, by police here in America. Protestors have hit the streets in more than 30 cities across the United States demanding the immediate arrest of all four officers involved.

Americans of diverse ages and from all walks of life are joining together as one to raise their voices in protests against institutional inequality, unfairness, racism, and white privilege. Even now, in 2020, justice and peace have and continue to allude too many black and non-white men, women, and their families, friends, and communities, particularly when it comes to interactions with white police and law enforcement. African Americans like George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Rodney King, Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK), Malcolm X, Emmitt Till, and so many, many more down through American history.

George Floyd Protests – Black Lives Matter

Change is upon us Americans. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is forcing our hand. Whether it is bad-apple white police/law Black Lives Matterenforcement officers or racist white citizens who unlawfully take the law into their own hands, the systemic inequality and unfairness must be recognized, addressed, and remedied. Immediately. No more delays or misrepresenting and ignoring the facts. No more inequality and unfairness, period. Even now, too many white people have no problem denying or pretending there is not a racism problem in America, that white privilege is a myth. That #BlackLivesMatter is somehow inappropriate and unnecessary. All lives cannot truly matter until black lives truly matter.

As a white person, I am certain that white privilege is not a myth and that it has benefited my life significantly. I do not fear law enforcement, never have, ever. I trust the police and would not hesitate to call upon law enforcement if I needed their help. And that is how it should be.  For all Americans, regardless of race. We all have a right to feel and be safe. It is not just a privilege reserved for white people.

The answer to our societal inequality and unfairness issues when it comes to no less than race and racism is not getting rid of the police or law enforcement. Anarchy and lawlessness are not the solution. Actually fixing things starts with recognizing and admitting that racism, institutionally and otherwise, is a very serious problem across America. That white privilege is very real.

Being Honest About White Privilege – George Floyd Protests

George Floyd - Black Lives Matter Protests - Derek Chauvin Kneeling on NeckThere is plenty of blame and finger-pointing to go around. Trump being a racist over-privileged white guy who supports treasonous behavior definitely does not help things. The best thing he can do right now is be quiet.

If we are honest, this is Minnesota‘s fault. Without the amateur bystander eyewitness video, the white police officer who pressed his knee on George Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes, killing him, would have gotten away with it. Why was he still an active-duty officer when he had 17 official complaints against him accusing him of abusing his police power? Hard to believe that 17 official complaints were all invalid. Allowing racist behavior to exist and persist only contributes to the problem, and the protests.

This is Georgia’s fault. Without the video that surfaced relative to Ahmaud Arbery, three white men would have gotten away with cold-blooded murder. Southern states, in general, have notoriously dark histories when it comes to the poor treatment of African Americans. The same is true for every state and law enforcement agency that has ever abused and/or failed to protect the human rights of any citizen, no matter the race or gender or the like.


How the George Floyd Protests Will Help Move America Forward: Honesty

With 40 million Americans out of work thanks to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many are desperate with nothing to lose. Literally homeless, jobless, foodless, and hopeless, time and the right to protest are all they really have. Anger that has been building for more than 400 years is all they really have.

George Floyd - I Can't BreatheLooting, violence, vandalism, and destruction are not right, they are wrong. But so is cold-blooded murder, inequality, unfairness, and injustice, whether at the hands of rogue police or cowboy citizens. Either we all follow and are bound by the law fairly and equally, or we are not.

If I am a protestor, especially if I am black, what incentive do I have to follow curfew laws or commands from police and law enforcement when they have no respect for me or my life? How do I truly feel safe? How do I explain to my children how to behave in the presence of police when all the evidence shows that no matter what they do, if they are black/nonwhite they will most probably still unlawfully lose their life?

A Tale of Two Americas – Racism & White Privilege

Geogr Floyd Mural - I Can't BreatheGeorge Floyd I am. #ICantBreathe The arrest of the main police officer, Derek Chauvin, involved in his murder is a step in the right direction. But why the delay in the arrests of the other three police officers involved? Moreover, the arrests of the three white men in Ahmaud Arbery’s murder is also a positive step forward. But all are entirely too late in coming. Why must it take nationwide protests and outrage to see any action or justice? UPDATE: Derek Chauvin found guilty of murder in the death of George Floyd

If it had been a white man that day in Minnesota, would the outcome have been the same? No, it would not. And even if the outcome was the same, would it have taken so long for arrests to be made? No. There are two Americas right now. The time is long overdue to become one.

No Justice, No Peace.

#BlackLivesMatter #GoodTrouble #IFeelSafe

Congressman John Lewis: Notes to Self

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5 thoughts on “Insights from Gnosis: The George Floyd Protests, #BLM, & White Privilege in America

  1. Comment #456

    The George Floyd Protests have put a spotlight on police brutality, white privilege, and the importance of Black Lives Matter.

    The protests surrounding George Floyd's death are bringing communities together. #BlackLivesMatter has been around for years and there is still much to be changed. George Floyd was not the only black victim of police brutality. Ahmaud Abery also fell victim to these heinous crimes. A white man has the privilege to not worry about an officer killing him. A white man will never experience the same day-to-day fear a black man faces. White privilege has become more predominant due to the protests because time after time again the outcome would be different if a white man had been killed. White privilege is believing that violent protests are wrong while blatantly denying that what happened to countless black people is murder. Police officers see that while there is a low risk of being charged with murder of a black man, there is no risk of simply standing by and watching it happen.

  2. Comment #457

    The vicious cycle of systematic racism is finally being met by protests across the nation; people are outraged at the murder of innocent people of color, starting with George Floyd.

    The George Floyd Protests arise from an anger that young black lives continue to be taken without change. People of all ages and backgrounds are uniting, using #BlackLivesMatter to speak out against a system that protects its white aggressors and squanders people of color. It begins with realizing that white privilege is as rampant as it was during Jim Crow, only in a subtler manner. In George Floyd’s case, the issue lies within the Minnesota police department which clearly condones a history of racist behavior, but this was merely one case among many others that have not been brought to light. While destruction of property and violence is wrong, we all must be empathetic when trying to understand the police brutality that has torn down the legitimacy of our justice system. Nonetheless, the #BlackLivesMatter movement will not stop until black and white men receive the same benefit of the doubt.

  3. Comment #458

    Black Lives Matter. Point blank, period. Racism and White Privilege are something society ignores and/or downgrades, altogether. Inequality is a real thing and it’s time we break the curse, come together and live through love.

    Over the course of 400 years or so: racism, inequality and injustice have consumed our society. Let’s be honest, White Privilege ALLOWS for racist behavior. When racism is not addressed, the issue not only perpetuates, but worsens.

    With the death of George Floyd, Americans are at their wits end. George Floyd Protests have turned into vandalism & looting. Although violence is not the answer, it’s understandable how much rage has accumulated over the course of this year, alone! COVID-19 has taken a toll on so many, leaving people jobless and adding more rage to the emotional fire, at hand.

    It is time to act now! Recognizing that racism does, indeed, exist, is the first step. #BlackLivesMatter doesn’t mean that other lives don’t. It means that we have a serious issue at hand, that society needs to stop ignoring. It is time to stop the violence and unite as one human race.

  4. Comment #459

    This article has a great message to send. What is happening currently with the protests around the country is a direct result of the white privilege and ignorance that is ever prevalent in American today.

    The George Floyd protests are a result of years of neglect that POC in America have continued to face day after day, silently. Numerous black men and women have been killed unjustly by police while white people have nothing to worry about due to their white privilege. They can walk around unafraid of what may happen if they get pulled over or stopped on the streets. The uproar of the #BlackLivesMatter movement is doing something great by using George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery's memory to spearhead this and show people the brutality of our current police force, as well as what our ignorant President condones. Along with the protests, people are showing their true colors in their reaction to what they care about more, property, or lives. Too many have lost their lives for people to still be silent about it, the two Americas we are living in need to be addressed and need to change.

    No Justice, No Peace.

  5. Comment #460

    Following another killing of a Black man by police, protests have erupted in the United States. These protests are demanding justice for George Floyd and spread awareness on institutional racism.

    Following the unjust killing of another Black man by police, protests have erupted in over 30 cities in the United States. These protests have been named the “George Floyd Protests,” as their purpose is to demand justice for George Floyd and spread awareness on institutional racism. The George Floyd protests have attracted controversy, as they have been accompanied by looting, destruction of property, and violence. The country is seemingly divided, as some people argue that the murder of George Floyd does not justify these acts and others who believe they are the necessary stepping stone toward reform. During this time, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has resurfaced and is bringing awareness to injustices towards members of the Black community. These injustices are being attributed to the lack of privilege minority groups have. Furthermore, this movement has also brought recognition to white privilege and its role in the killings of minority groups by law enforcement.