Research Participant Question #1 – Body Type and Skinny Fat – How to Lose Fat Weight in My Hips & Thighs

Fellow One Research Participant - Lauren Cyr - Body Type Two


As a young 20-something millennial, although obesity has never been a real problem in my life, I have always been curious about my body type and more recently skinny fat. Presently I am at 5’8″ and 130 pounds. The heaviest my weight has ever been was 145 pounds when I was 19. It took me two years to lose 25 pounds and return to my normal medically accepted weight range.

However, I failed to successfully keep the weight off, gaining 10 pounds back in a year. Although I cannot say that I have dealt with obvious skinny fat throughout my life, I can say that my body type has never been as toned and muscular as I would like. I Research Participant - Lauren Cyr - Lumbar L1-L5 Vertebrae - BT2wonder why?

My Body Type & Skinny Fat

After coming across The Four Body Types research and while browsing online, from what I can tell, I have issues with my lumbar vertebrae not being fully developed. My posture is questionable and I am missing muscle mass in my L1-L5 vertebrae specifically. I do have the dimples and classic arch that are found in a fully developed Body Type One, but mine are not nearly as developed as a classic Body Type One arch and dimples. It is a fact that I have stronger tendencies to put on fat weight and deal with skinny fat in my hips and thighs. All of this is beginning to make more sense and leads me to believe that I am a Body Type Two.

Now that I have a better sense of what my body type is, it makes me think more about the term skinny fat, particularly in my hips and thighs. Has skinny fat always been an issue in my life and I just never knew it because I lacked the awareness and never had a way to explain or define or describe it? No one to talk with about it even if I did? I think now that this is probably true. So what can I do about being skinny fat? How do I add muscle mass and tone my body type as I want?

Skinny Fat, Body Type, and that Pesky Fat in My Hips & Thighs

Fellow One Research Participant - Lauren Cyr - Body Type TwoVery aware that diet, exercise, lifestyle, and metabolism overall are very important, I keep my diet pretty healthy. I consistently eat as much organic food as I can. Sometimes carnivore, sometimes vegetarian, and rarely vegan, I usually stick to a mostly omnivore diet. My daily diet usually consists, in varying combinations of protein, carbs, and fats per each meal, of red meat, dairy, chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, chickpeas, coffee, kombucha, and healthy oils and fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

Furthermore, I am very diligent with my daily cardio exercise, including walking, hiking, running, and sports. I stay active at least 6 days per week doing no less than 30 minutes per day. I also do resistance exercise, including both weightlifting and isometric training, roughly 3 days per week for 30 minutes. Yet, like I already said, I find that most of my weight and skinny fat issues occur in my hips and thighs, apparently because I am a Body Type Two.

Can you help me more clearly understand why it is so hard for me to lose fat and weight in my hips and thighs?

Answer: OPWG Book 30/30 MicroPodcast – Episode 11 – Research Participant Question #1: Skinny Fat, Hips & Thighs


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