Insights from Gnosis: What is Celebrity Star Power?

Posted on January 5, 2020
What is Star Power & Soul Energy? Celebrity Star Power?

We all have our favorite celebrities, for whatever reason. What gives a celebrity their star power? Why do celebrities have star power, when less than 1% of all human beings qualify as a celebrity or famous star?

How does the soul and soul energy equate to star power and IT factor? Is it possible to increase star power and IT factor? Is it possible to decrease star power and IT factor? How do The Four Body Types (genetic scientific body type) play into all of this?

What Exactly Is Celebrity Star Power?


As the theory goes, star power is soul energy. Think of the soul (spirit) as something like the operating system on your computer. The soul lives in the specific human body and controls its’ functioning and the specific lifetime in general.

The soul can evolve and change and “update,” just as your computer operating system controls the functioning inside the computer in which it lives and can be changed and updated regularly. Your computer files, which are records of things, documents, experiences, moments, etc., can be copied, or backed up, to say a thumb-drive or such. That backup can be “taken with” so it all can be re-installed on a new computer.

Just like the soul is the records repository for all the experiences, memories, moments, things, and the like in terms of being human — the records of a specific lifetime. Through what some call reincarnation or resurrection. the soul can “take with” it at the death of the human body this comprehensive soul record/copy of all experiences, memories, moments, things, and such relative to each human life it lives and each human body it lives in. If the proper knowledge, abilities, and/or technology are present in any given lifetime, these soul records can be accessed as needed while the soul is residing within any “new” human body/lifetime.

The Akashic Record Theory  – The Internet of the Soul

Akashic Record - Celebrity Star PowerIt is theorized that, just like the internet cloud that can store such records and files, the Akashic Record is the internet cloud of the soul. As people like Edgar Cayce have shown, the Akashic Record allows for eternal access to such soul records. It is really no different than a new computer that can be restored/brought up to date with a backup of files/records from the old computer, whether from thumb-drive or cloud, etc., thus again allowing access to all those file records on the new computer. And then connecting that new computer to WIFI and/or data (cellular) internet services.

Celebrity star power comes from the soul and that soul’s specific soul energy while significantly correlating to the “IT” factor. All of this is directly relative to the specific body type in which the soul lives, be it Body Type One, Body Type Two, Body Type Three, or Body Type Four. Along with body type, mental state of mind and emotional (energy in motion) state of mind also matter, helping determine whether the celebrity is an A, B, C, or D list star. So, then, what exactly is soul energy?

Celebrity Star Power – The Theory of Soul Energy, Star Power, IT Factor

Because talent and presence cannot be learned, and must be sourced from somewhere or somehow, it is theorized that soul energy (in relation to Chi/Ki/Qi/Prana/Kundalini, etc.) is the accumulated energy of the specific soul over the lifetimes in which that specific soul lives. Each soul starts out Soul Energy - Celebrity Star Powerwith its own relative amount of default soul energy. Balance is the ultimate goal. Some have called balance names like enlightenment or nirvana or peace or such over the eons.

Soul energy grows and evolves over time, and lifetimes (and, thus, technically is likely a type of learning). Soul energy is more balanced if the soul does well in choosing mostly good, honest choices through lifetimes. Those good choices must be sprinkled in with just the right amount of bad, dishonest choices, which is much, much less than the good, honest choices. Old souls are people who exude deep experience, wisdom, compassion, awareness, and honesty, at the very least.

The soul can lose and devolve in soul energy — thus decreasing soul energy — the more unbalanced and dishonest it’s choices over time as it evolves through lifetimes. Just as the soul can gain and evolve in soul energy — thus increasing soul energy — the more balanced and honest its choices over time as it evolves through lifetimes. The more balanced, the more honest and genuine and powerful the soul energy and light the soul has, is, and can shine. Soul energy goes hand-in-hand with male (right brain) and female (left brain) energy along with body type and one’s ability to hold the energy (stand the heat).

Celebrity Star Power – Balance Versus Unbalance

Celebrity star power is usually more pronounced and profound the more balanced the soul/soul energy. Balance usually equates to how much honest, positive soul energy/light the soul (good soul) has and can shine relative to their specific physical state. Physical state is Celebrity Star Power - Balance in Soul Energy - IT Factordefined by The Four Body Types as well as the specific individual person’s mental and emotional states.

However, although more unlikely, it is possible for a soul’s celebrity star power to be sourced more from unbalanced, dishonest, negative soul energy/darkness (bad soul). Again, directly relative to their specific physical, mental, and emotional states. Souls with such dark soul energy, if powerful enough, can become celebrities/stars.

All that being said, it is also more likely that dishonest energy and behavior that is sown eventually catches up with the person. And genuine consequences are eventually reaped. Some call this karma. Karma is really a basic physics law, in that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed or transferred from one form of energy to another. With the ultimate goal being balance.

The Human Energy System – Celebrity Star Power (Talent, Skill, Ability) & IT Factor (Presence, Charisma, Charm, Standing the Heat)

When a soul incarnates in a human body in any given lifetime, its soul energy symbiotically functions with the human energy system. This is especially likely the more balanced the physical (body type), mental (mind), emotional (energy in motion), and spiritual (soul) bodies/states of Soul Energy Standing the Heat. - Celebrity Star Powerbeing. The human energy system involves no less than the nervous system, enteric brain/gut feeling (immunity/intuition), meridians, chakras, kundalini/chi/qi, male (masculine) & female (feminine) energy, and the like. Specific body type matters, relative to The Four Body Types.

People with a Standard Body Type One (BT1) have a higher tendency to be in a physical state of balance. This increases the probability that BT1 people can hold the energy and stand the heat (if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen) in real life better and more readily than someone in a lesser Body Type Two (BT2), Three (BT3), or Four (BT4). However, soul energy matters.

The stronger the soul energy, the stronger the star power (talent, skill, ability) and/or IT factor (presence, charisma, charm, holding the energy). Skill and ability can be learned, but talent cannot. Just as presence, charisma, charm, and being able to hold the energy are more inherent and less learned. The more robust all these variables are, the higher the likelihood that such people will have the celebrity star power to become famous. Possibly even achieving A-list star fame. Ask any experienced professional athlete recruiter or Hollywood agent and they will tell you that star power and IT factor are very real. But they cannot scientifically tell you why. One of the goals of Body Type Science is to bring forward the actual science to scientifically explain why.

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