Insights from Gnosis: Conspiracy Theories, Virus Conspiracists, Anti-Vaxxers: What is Real?

Posted on May 10, 2020
Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories and movements like antivaccination activists, virus conspiracists, and the like have been around for a long Conspiracy Theoriestime. Too often (but not always), conspiracy theories exist solely to spread misinformation, disinformation, lies, and dishonesty — more times than not outright and intentionally. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has only exacerbated things further.

Just like religious folk who claim “god” is always on their side no matter what, both sides of the conspiracy scream about science and how it is on their side only. They adamantly proselytize about the “unanimous” evidence they have that the other side is not recognizing, hearing, listening to, accepting, and/or comprehending. All that really matters is the honest truth.

Conspiracy Theories Versus Current Data, Evidence, Facts, Information, & Knowledge (The Honest Truth)

As a gnostic scientist, I look to the data available at present coupled with logic and reason to come to the most educated, informed, and knowledge-based scientific decision and point of view/perspective I can come to here and now. I remain open to new ideas, data, evidence, facts, and points of view as they roll in, which is basically a neverending process. And I always reserve the right to review my perspective and point of view and adapt, evolve, and change it as needed as new data and information does, indeed, roll in.

In truth, maintaining an accurate, knowledgable, real point of view and perspective is a requirement of being an honest person. Too many people out there fail to achieve an honest point of view and perspective. Too many lock on to false and inaccurate information and then shut out any new information and the like, essentially putting their head in the sand or closing their eyes and covering their ears while humming loudly like an irreverent child.

Conspiracy Theory - Points of View/Perspectives

Maintaining an honest point of view at any given moment of time is difficult. A key element in this process is keeping the mind open to new information, data, evidence, facts, and points of view/perspectives as they become available. One of the main goals is weeding out what is true and accurate from what is false and inaccurate.

Vaccines – Are They Really Safe and Do They Actually Work?

Polio, the measles, the mumps, smallpox, and other viruses all have been no less than brought under control thanks to successful vaccines. We know this for a fact because all these viruses/diseases, along with the help of improved diet (nutrition), exercise, lifestyle, and Antivaccination/Anti-Vaxxers - Vaccine Conspiracy Theoriesimmunity, have basically disappeared or at least been well-wrangled in the first world. Well, until recently when the anti-vaccination (anti-vaxxer) movement gained steam — now the measles and mumps are making a comeback.

This, of course, does not mean that all vaccines work or are truly effective, safe, or worthwhile. The flu vaccine is much less effective because there are so many different evolving strains of the flu. But, all in all, vaccines do work and are vital tools in the medical toolbox to fight viruses and disease.

Risk is inherent in life. The risk of getting a vaccine and possibly experiencing negative and harmful side-effects, versus not getting the vaccine and risking disease, long-term unhealth, and even death. Not to mention the health care costs that can come with becoming seriously sick/ill which can include loss of work and inability to pay bills. All of which can put undue stress on the individual and their family and friends.

The Dangers of Conspiracy Theories

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is wreaking havoc on our world and lives. Many people are suffering and dying from the devasting illness itself. Many more are suffering from not being able to work. No work means people cannot pay their bills or rent or support their families. Which can be just as devastating as getting seriously sick. But desperation and ignorance do not justify or make virus conspiracists’ conspiracy theories ok.

In fact, it really only increases the risk further. Aside from a vaccine or cure, the only viable, safe way to reopen the economy is to have accurate, regularly available COVID-19 testing. Trump would rather lie and spout conspiracy theories, blame Obama and everyone else, claim testing is “beautiful” as is or not necessary, and throw 5-year-old tantrums than take responsibility and do what is right.

Life is evolution. Survival is dependant on one’s ability to truly adapt, evolve, and change. In times like this, this especially involves learning new skills and abilities so as to be able to perform different/new types of work/jobs. The internet and online world makes such learning and jobs more accessible to many more people. But too many people are resistant to change.

Conspiracy Theories – Frontline Workers & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Choosing not to believe the current evidence and facts while calling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic a hoax only puts lives in danger, including your own. You cannot work if you are seriously sick or dead, nor can you pay your bills or support your family. And you needlessly put other people, including your family and friends, as well as health care workers and other front-liners in further jeopardy with such egregious carelessness and ignorance.

Michigan Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protestors Not Wearing Personal Protective Gear (PPE) - Conspiracy TheoriesBy not wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), particularly in public, including face masks, your dishonest selfishness puts everyone else in danger. This disease is highly contagious, spread simply by breathing/breath and talking/singing (vapor droplets). Frontline workers are not invincible, nor expendable.

Scientific Versus Unscientific – Conspiracy Theories

In no way is it scientific to say we have no evidence for something and therefore that somehow means we know everything about it, including that it for certain does not exist, is not real, or is not true. This is not how science works. Refusing to genuinely look at new ideas, theories, evidence, data, information, and such with unbiased eyes because/as if we already know everything about everything is the definition of unscientific.

The honest truth is, we humans know very little about anything — we are not even a Type 1 civilization/species. And what little we do know, we have learned most of it in just the past 100 years or so. Yet, there are a lot of “scientists” (both professionals and laypeople alike) out there who adamantly and stubbornly hold to painfully outdated, obviously incorrect, ignorant, and dishonest points of view/perspectives relative to “accepted” evidence and facts about history as if it is written in stone and the case is closed. Which is the same thing as pushing false and inaccurate conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy Theories - Evolution - Humans Have Note Event Achieved to Type 1 Civilization

True scientists are not static with no intention of honestly reviewing new data and information to adapt, evolve, and change their point of view and perspective. True scientists are dynamic. They are reasonably open-minded, aware, and steadfastly honest about all the currently known and unknown information at hand. Are you a true scientist?


4 thoughts on “Insights from Gnosis: Conspiracy Theories, Virus Conspiracists, Anti-Vaxxers: What is Real?

  1. Comment #441

    As somebody who works in healthcare, I have firsthand experience with diseases and how they can ravage people's bodies. The diseases vaccines are designed to control can be devastating. In the face of these consequences, I have often wondered where the anti-vaxxer communities get their ideas. Like the author of this post, I too attempt to view issues from different perspectives. I am always open to new ideas. The evidence I have read all but disproves many of the conspiracy theories regarding vaccines and their potential side effects. To be a virus conspiracist, there are many leaps of faith you must take. There are many holes in the rationale that leads you to think you know better than the scientific community. The even bigger problem is how this thought process carries over into other aspects of life. Facts are not optional. As a society, we must be able to discern what is true, and what is not. Certain ideas are objective facts, and do not allow for opinions. With the current coronavirus situation, I believe we are also seeing some of this type of thinking. There are groups that believe they know how to handle the situation better than the trained professionals. However, I do completely understand the distrust people have with the government, and especially the companies that benefit directly from specific directives. These companies tend to put profit over everything. While these companies may be sleazy, or the government not 100% transparent, it is still crucial to society to be able to keep an open mind. We will never progress or grow as humans if ideas remain static.

  2. Comment #442

    This article really gets to the heart of whats going on today! Its interesting to see that without a vaccine, President Trump is pushing to reopen the economy. I understand that keeping the economy closed indefinitely will absolutely cause great harm..BUT at what cost? I agree with the author here, testing is critical for us to effectively fight Coronavirus (COVID-19). If we can effectively test large portions of the populations, you'll be able to determine who can go back to work, who can partake in the economy. Until we have a Vaccine for Coronavirus (COVID-19), this is the only reasonable measure to balance public health and safety and supporting a stable economy. I'm glad there is also an address of Conspiracy Theories, the Anti-vaxxer movement and Virus Conspiracist. There is far too much disinformation in today's media around the risk of vaccines... its vaccines that got rid of polio mumps and the like!
    Well said author!

  3. Comment #444

    I don’t know if I am not a true scientist or not, I used to think that I was but now I am not sure anymore.
    I work with data and I believe that all the answers that you could need are there but this COVID-19 situation has challenged even the solid foundation of my scientific methodology of thinking.
    I agree that we should be careful, we should not open the economies too soon, because we could face skyrocketing risks.
    I agree that vaccines are obviously necessary and I cannot understand how anti-vaxxer parents could decide not to put a vaccine to their kids putting on risk not only them, but also other kids around.
    Nevertheless, even taken all of of this into account I find myself doubting if I am a true scientist. I find myself looking everyday for data about coronavirus, but I am pretty sure that I am not looking for real data, I am looking for “good” data. I am looking for the data that tell me that everything is going to be ok, that they have found the solution and it was just a nightmare... it is not scientific, I know, but as a psychologist myself, I think that it is what I need to keep on going. Everything said in the article is true, but people seek for answers and the problem right now is that there are not scientific answers or at least not the kind of answers that we want to find.
    I get angry when I see President Trump inviting people to drink bleach, and I don’t understand how people could follow this kind of advice but who can we trust now? Perhaps it is the main problem. What kind of data could you use or seek, because in the past I follow the advices of WHO, but are they totally honest? Is Fauci absolutely honest? CDC? I don’t really know who has the real data... I feel that real data are not always so real. As an example, in my country the president has given a number of coronavirus deaths but without counting elderly people who have died in nursing homes... is it the real data? Or should we believe in conspirancy theories? Should we believe that Bill Gates is in fact a virus conspiracist?
    Really interesting article. It gives me a lot to think about and I would love to continue reading.

  4. Comment #448

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a disease that has greatly impacted the world over the last few months. As with any event that creates a mass sense of insecurity and anxiety, conspiracy theories pertaining to said event are inevitable. This article does a fantastic job describing the effects of COVID-19 and the consequential conspiracy theories that accompany it along with their effects. Anti-vaxxers and virus conspiracists alike have seemingly banded together with today's events, blaming anyone, from "the man" to famous philanthropist Bill Gates of fabricating the virus. In my opinion, these mass conspiracists are not only laughable, but detrimental to society as they perpetuate the sense of insecurity and anxiety that so many people feel today. President Trump does not do much to aid this. While he has downplayed the virus for the past several months and seemingly pacified the public, citizens are realizing that he does not understand the situation himself, which I believe is adding to the feeling of uncertainty as well. If we can't trust our President, then who can we trust? I am very interested to see how this pandemic plays out. I hope that with time, as the vaccine transitions from development to production and finally mass consumption, that the vaccine conspiracists will realize how wrong they were, leading them to hopefully think twice about spreading misinformation again.