Understanding Body Type Two

Posted on April 19, 2019
Body Type Two (BT2) of The Four (4) Body Types

Of The Four Body Types, A Body Type Two has 32 to 22 out of 33 spinal vertebrae fully extended and most (but not all) muscle mass and such developed throughout the body as a whole.

A Body Type Two, if maintained and managed very well, and directly relative to the actual vertebra or vertebrae that are unextended, can look almost identical to a Body Type One. However, because of the lack of extension and muscle mass development in at least one or more vertebra, this body type does have at least somewhat of a reduced probability of being as physically symmetrical, strong and balanced as a Body Type One, while having an increased probability towards less than stellar posture as well as being fat or obese, though usually at the lower levels of obesity. If the fat weight is successfully kept off, a Body Type Two could experience a state of skinny fat/thin fat, although nowhere near as severe as a Body Type Three or Four.
All that notwithstanding, if health was really abandoned, obesity could become a very concerning health problem. This body type can hold soul energy, also known as star power, well, and, depending on the level of soul energy relative to the specific soul incarnated in the specific Body Type Two, is somewhat likely to achieve to higher levels of being, including fame, than lesser body types, meaning Body Type Three and Body Type Four.
Body Type TwoBecause of all of this, Body Type Two body types can maintain strong presence, resources, and success in life, and although overall more readily than lesser Body Types Three and Four, usually not as well as a Body Type One. With tendencies to maintain presence and hold the energy well, this body type can still reasonably stand the heat on the public/national/world stage, though again, because of a relative lack of vertebrae and muscle mass development, usually not as well as a Body Type One. But as soul energy/star power is such a significant variable, if the soul residing within the specific Body Type Two has enough soul energy/star power, it can directly influence and affect things to help overcome most any shortcomings, at least in the short term. Moreover, even though fat and obesity are directly linked to unhealth and so many other negative consequences, extra fat on the body, in lieu of muscle, can also help the body hold more energy, again especially in the short term.
All that being said, Body Type Two body types overall are less inclined to achieve to fame or the highest levels/stations in life, although such achievement is by no means outside the realm of possibility. Finally, just like with a Body Type One, none of this usually means that a Body Type Two has any advantage over Body Types Three or Four in terms of mental ability, capacity, intelligence or such, nor emotional ability, capacity, maturity or such, nor spiritual ability, capacity, evolution or such. One simply cannot and must not underestimate the real importance of soul energy/star power in relation to body type and all these things.

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