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Earth, what we humans depend on for our very survival, and humanity are drowning in serious problems from the obesity epidemic, systemic health issues, and unaffordable healthcare to climate change, rising oceans, and a heavily polluted environment to white privilege, racism, genderism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination to wealth inequality and economic, executive, legislative, judicial, and political woes and corruption and the like. Real change starts with each individual person by searching within and improving and bettering oneself and life.

Based on true events, the Over Privileged White Guy book is written in a non-traditional novel format as an interview dialogue that addresses these serious diverse problems with clear ideas and solutions for moving humanity forward into a truly balanced, healthy, fair, sustainable future.

The Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) book approaches things from a unique spiritual and scientific point of view through the concept of the spiritual scientist/soul science. The conversation explores The Four Body Types research including vertebrae, posture (spinal extension), muscle/muscle mass, diet, exercise, lifestyle, and genetics/DNA as well as how the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being human affect each individual person and humanity as a whole. Read the OPWG Advanced/Mobile Version of the book online in the convenient, safe, and secure PDF viewer. Give yourself, family, and friends things to do during the coronavirus (COVID-19) stay-at-home, social distancing lockdown.

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  1. Maranda Russell

    Really Interesting Ideas

    Maranda Russell (verified owner)

    Comment #401

    While I was intrigued from the beginning with the subject of the book, and do see some scientific merit and argument for The Four Body Types, I do think genetics play a big role in obesity and our tendency to be overweight.

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  2. Jonah Johnson

    Very thought provoking

    Jonah Johnson (verified owner)

    Comment #453

    Overall, I found this book to be very thought provoking. As someone who has been researching the self-development space for a while now, I found the author’s perspective intriguing. The conclusions that the author came to could very well be true but require extensive scientific research and evidence to validate. From my perspective, there are various ways to interpret human behavior and general life success when considering the various factors that may play into it. On one hand there are people who prioritize the chemicals in one’s brain which influence one’s outcome, on the other hand you have people who think it is only due to one’s soul or a higher powers plan. This book was somewhere in the middle, as are countless other perspectives, I appreciate the interpretation and believe there are various pieces of information you can take from the book that will help you achieve your goals.

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  3. Leigh Gardner

    A mind blowing outlook on body types

    Leigh Gardner (verified owner)

    Comment #396

    In so many words, this book spoke to me on many levels. While I have been very familiar with chakras, energy and vibrations, the correlation with the vertebrae, body types and It Factor all make so much sense now. I deeply empathize with the researcher as I can honestly relate to his personal story and the hardships as these are all things I have also faced in life in different circumstances. It’s genuinely a breath of fresh air for the attention to be called on the crises of health care, of climate change, of the lack of integrity and honesty in this world and how it encapsulates the human psyche and the way we as humans treat our bodies without taking responsibility for ourselves and also whether it is willful ignorance or not, the lack of knowledge and education involving our own personal health and choices. I truly enjoyed reading this book and only wish this had been something I read sooner and the Process that it involves. I would love to be able to delve further into understanding the Process and what it pertains to and how it could potentially improve the lives of many people with Body Type Fours as well as Twos and Threes.

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  4. wosi

    Spirituality meets humanism

    wosi (verified owner)

    Comment #378

    Over Privileged White Guy was a very refreshing outlook on spirituality in relation to the human body and human mechanisms. I had never thought about the different advantages/disadvantages of the body types aside from insulation and protection. The concepts of chakra and kundalini were summarized well and altogether made a lot of sense. The contrast between Walter and the author is balanced due to one lacking knowledge on the topic while the other being an expert on it. The reason that he gave Walter for as to why his gut feeling may not be 100% accurate was detailed and provided me with information that I can use in my own life. Such a well-versed book connecting science with the spiritual realm further makes me question why institutions don’t teach such notions.

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  5. Heather Gosik

    Heather Gosik (verified owner)

    Comment #374

    Over Privileged White Guy is a unique topic of research that is presented in the form of a conversation between the unnamed researcher and the writer, Walter. The ultimate goal of his studies and research is true balance, health, and sustainability and finally, true humanity. Once an individual identifies their body type, they can then learn how to achieve better health and balance. The researcher draws interesting connections between weight, the soul, humanity, goodness and a sustainable lifestyle that all stems from four different body types. As a type four himself, he takes the reader through his difficult journey of achieving a body type two and his conclusions that many of the country’s problems, including overly expensive health care, cheap harmful consumer products, and the growing climate problem can be resolved by knowing what type you are and living accordingly. The research is very enlightening and easy to follow through the two perspectives of the researcher and the writer.

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  6. J. H.

    Cool critical thinking concepts backed by a friendship story. Great read!

    J. H. (verified owner)

    Comment #383

    I genuinely liked the book overall. Cool critical thinking concepts that you can either really get behind or can really argue against. For myself, what is being said, the concepts, I feel like I am a Body Type Three. The book really works to help people who might be struggling with some of these issues like obesity. As the author states, knowing or knowledge of this is half the battle! All of these important current events are outlined and discussed by two friends that have seen both ups and downs and have a true genuine respect for one another. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with either their weight, star power, or finding their IT factor. Great book – 5/5 stars!

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  7. LAB2020

    This Book Is Life Changing

    LAB2020 (verified owner)

    Comment #619

    I really enjoyed this book and there were a lot of valid points that I agreed with. He explains the 4 body types, him being born as the worst body type, a body type 4; and his friend, Walter, always being a body type 1. He also explains soul energy and how it is best held and can withstand more heat in a body type 1 opposed to a body type 4. I really enjoyed the thought process and ideas behind the soul and how it incarnates to learn more in any lifetime, that sparked something in my brain. With the research that has been done and with the process the researcher has created being able to build more muscle mass and extend his vertebrae and essentially change and improve his body type, he explains to Walter how this knowledge and this process can eventually change and help the world for the better if more people knew about it. The author puts it into a great perspective for me to best understand the levels of body types and the significance they've had and always will have on human existence. This was a great read.

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  8. arianna kemp

    arianna kemp (verified owner)

    Comment #400

    'Over Privileged White Guy' is an interesting look at health and body type. The researcher presents a theory backed up with a lifetime of experience and personal struggle. Blending together ideas about the Soul, Karma, the Mind Body connection, as well as genetic and environmental factors, the author presents many fascinating facts about health and well-being. The conversational format of the book makes it easy to read and understand.
    The personal suffering and struggle of the author helped me understand the plight of those who struggle with obesity and weak muscle. While it is easy to assume that people generally start out with the same basic body type, there is a great deal of evidence that disputes this belief. Despite the author's on-going work to achieve balance, health and strength, he admits that it is not easy and often frustrating. The ideas presented in this book open a doorway to a deeper understanding of overall health and should be explored further.

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  9. Susana González

    Healthy or unhealthy, that was the question

    Susana González (verified owner)

    Comment #450

    I have read the book and my overall opinion is that it was really interesting. I have loved the way the author discusses the topics. I find that reading a dialogue between two people is a new way of addressing these complex issues. They begin talking about the four types of bodys, which is something that is going to center the whole discussion. It could seem that the book talks only about obesity and how to deal with it, but far from that, I believe that it is a book that makes you think about individual and collective choices and the impact in the whole society. Whether or not you agree with the suggestions made in the book, it is your choice, but for sure, reading this book will make you think about things that perhaps you have never even thought about. Absolutely recommended, especially for these tough coronavirus lockdown times.

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  10. Remy Bessolo

    Witty and Incredibly Important

    Remy Bessolo (verified owner)

    Comment #408

    The Over Privileged White Guy Book allows for anybody to dive deep into themselves and understand why they are the way they are. It is an incredible tool we can use to not only make sense of our past, but strengthen our health and wellness for the future. The tools provided in this book are cleverly drawn out between the witty conversation, which makes it even more engaging to read once you get to know Walter and the researcher. I never knew of these four body types in relation to spinal extension and muscle mass development, and it was very interesting to learn about how the body types and development levels affect our daily lives, soul, and choices.

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  11. Evette Weiss

    Learning that I am a Body Type Two has opened my eyes

    Evette Weiss (verified owner)

    Comment #347

    Over Privileged White Guy is a pleasantly surprising book. Learning that I am a Body Type Two has opened my eyes to why I have struggled my entire life to keep the fat and weight off my stomach area. I have tried every diet and exercise routine out there and have not found the relief I desire. I would like to know more about the researchers Process so I can better understand how to manage my body type.

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  12. Erik V.

    I Was Wondering When a Much Needed Book Like This Would Drop

    Erik V. (verified owner)

    Comment #269

    With so much negativity in the world and seemingly limited solutions for a more sustainable future, this book is a most welcome change of pace. As a white person, I know white privilege is very real. If you have ever wondered why obesity is a continuous problem in your life, no matter how hard you work at maintaining a balanced diet, exercise, and lifestyle, then The Four Body Types is worth your attention and time for a comparison. As a Body Type One, I feel for anyone in a Body Type Two through Four. The research on the posture and vertebrae and spinal extension in relation to muscle and muscle mass development is intriguing and worth closer inspection, and for many can be verified by looking in the mirror and seeing which vertebra are missing muscle mass. I found the information on the soul and soul energy equally intriguing. If you are worried about the future of the human race, with climate change, health care, racism, discrimination, and all the unfairness our world faces, the Over Privileged White Guy book is a must read.

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