Podcast Guest: Let’s Talk Wellness Now with Dr. Deb – Understanding Skinny Fat, Regular Fat, & Obesity

Let's Talk Wellness Now Podcast with Dr. Deb

Fellow One Research lead scientific researcher, Marc Nelson, appeared on the Let’s Talk Wellness Now podcast with Dr. Deb to discuss the relationship between genetic scientific body type (The Four Body Types) and skinny fat, regular fat, and obesity. The conversation opened by clarifying that the somatotype endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph three body types are not scientifically real and were fully discredited in the 1950s. The same is true for the unscientific hormone body types, triangle, rectangle, kibbe, pear, and apple body type, etc.

It is a fact that you can 100% get rid of fat/regular fat — also known as white fat, adipose tissue, excess fat, being overweight, being obese, obesity, etc. — on the human body through natural body processes. Just as it is a fact that it is 0% possible to get rid of skinny fat (cellulite, thin fat, loose skin, saggy skin, crepey skin, normal weight obesity) through natural body processes. There is no scientific, medical doctor, or FDA-approved way to get rid of any type of skinny fat, including cellulite, at this time. It is only possible to reduce skinny fat, including through medical surgery.

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Genetic Scientific Body Type & Skinny Fat, Regular Fat, Obesity – Let’s Talk Wellness Now Podcast with Dr. Deb 


According to mainstream science and medical doctors, once you are within safe BMI (Body Mass Index) you are the genetic scientific Standard Body Type One (BT1) found in any scientifically approved human body anatomy book. The Standard BT1 is the only scientific/medical body type currently recognized and accepted by mainstream scientists and medical doctors. Like any human being, when you visit your licensed medical doctor for your regular check-up, your body and health are being judged by that Standard Body Type One (BT1) directly relative to BMI and BMR (basal metabolic rate), which are the three currently recognized and accepted scientific/medical body type standards.

Obesity is defined as having too much fat on your body taking you outside your safe BMI weight range. Normal weight obesity, a type of skinny fat, is defined as having too much fat on your body even when within your safe BMI. The phenomenon of skinny fat is growing in scientific and medical circles, as scientists and doctors struggle to explain why there are so many people in the world who are within their safe BMI but instead of looking like a Standard Body Type One (BT1) with all muscles/muscle mass fully developed, they have skinny fat in place of muscle/mass.

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Body Type Science, The Four Body Types, offers a clear scientific explanation for the skinny fat phenomenon. It is genetic. This means that not everyone is born in a Standard BT1, but instead, there are other genetic scientific body types including the Body Type Two (BT2), Body Type Three (BT3), and Body Type Four (BT4). Because one pound of muscle burns six calories per day, but one pound of skinny fat and fat only burns two to three calories daily, the more skinny fat and fat you have on your body, the slower your metabolism. Moreover, anywhere you have skinny fat on your body you are more prone to putting on excess fat.

Let’s Talk Wellness Now Podcast with Dr. Deb  – Improving the Current Inaccurate Scientific Body Type Standards (BT1, BMI, BMR)


Dr. Deb - Let's Talk Wellness Now PodcastThe obesity epidemic is out of control and only getting worse globally. Scientists and medical doctors do not know why. Body Type Science research is working to bring forward the real scientific data to account for skinny fat, no less, to make the three current inaccurate scientific body type standards — the BT1, BMI, and BMR — more accurate.  This, in turn, will help wrangle the worldwide obesity epidemic and health crisis in general. Understanding your real genetic scientific body type helps you accept your specific body type while encouraging more healthy science-based diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices to improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being in the short and long term.

Fellow One Research’s cutting-edge scientific tools can help you understand and identify your genetic scientific body type, including the online Scientific Body Type Quiz and Scientific Weight Loss Program Diary.  Listen to this interesting and informative Let’s Talk Wellness Now podcast episode with Dr. Deb on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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