Insights from Gnosis: Jesus and Mary Magdalene in America

Posted on June 28, 2020
Jesus and Mary Magdalene - Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper

No matter how important the message, if the messenger(s) fails to successfully communicate and promulgate the message, the message is likely lost. Perhaps forever. Most people view Jesus the Christ as a religious figure of upmost, if not absolute importance. Just as most people believe that Mary Magdalene was nothing more than an insignificant feminine low-life and demon-possessed prostitute whose only real historical importance was being shown mercy by the Blessed One/Christ.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene - Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper

But the real scientific historical facts paint a much different picture, regardless of faith. As centuries passed on from the crucifixion, the real, original message of Jesus (Yeshua) and Mary Magdalene was dishonestly spun and twisted more and more to especially appease ignorant, masculine egos hell-bent on maintaining and enhancing their own personal power, privilege, and material wealth. All the while their false message unequally, unjustly, and unfairly perpetuated the continued inhumane control of the masses.

Indeed, the very opposite message of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene – The True Message

From the Nicaea Council and Nicene Creed to the Crusades up through the Inquisition to the modern chokehold that mainstream, faith-based religions like Christianity and Islam maintain over most of the world’s population, the true message of George Floyd - Know (Gnosis)/No Justice, Know (Gnosis)/No PeaceJesus and Mary Magdalene appears to have been all but lost. Or was it? What if the message not only survived, but it is alive and well, in every way, as I write this now? What, then, is the true message of Jesus and Mary Magdalene?

Inspired by fellow human beings like George Floyd, social justice movements are erupting across the globe. For the first time ever in known recorded human history, human beings of all races, creeds, nationalities, genders, economic statuses, and walks of life, in general, are joining together as one to stand up to worldwide inequality, injustice, and unfairness. They protest and raise their voices for equal Human Rights and True Humanity. The truth is, they are merely continuing the same Human Rights movement and protests that Jesus and Mary Magdalene started and galvanized so many centuries ago.

The Son of Man – Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Jesus called himself the Son of Man. Translated into modern English, Jesus was calling himself, like Mary Magdalene and Jesus & Mary Family Tree - DNA/Genetics - Holy Grail Bloodlineeveryone else, a human being. Not the Son of God. Yet, by the very nature of his soul — his cumulative experience over many incarnate lifetimes (reincarnation), his overall knowledge (gnosis), balance, awareness, and wisdom, mistakes and flaws, kindness and generosity, genuineness and humanness, and sheer honesty as a whole — all of this and more is what made Jesus of Nazareth both the human being and the Christ that He Is (gnostic). Rejected and outcast by most during his time, including his fellow Nazaretheans, Jesus’ message was focused on truly caring about the betterment of fellow human beings through equality, justice, and fairness.

The only way to ensure that the message truly survived intact and as unadulterated as possible, Jesus and Mary Magdalene DNA/Genetics - Progenywas through progeny. Passing on their genetics/DNA (line of David). Not only does the historical evidence heavily favor Jesus and Mary Magdalene being husband and wife with a child, it is simply common sense. Why would the “Son of God” come to Earth for a fleeting moment in time, and simply allow himself to be crucified with no progeny or real way for his true message to survive and live on? The historical accounts and evidence put Mary Magdalene in pole position, as the Apostle of the apostles and actual leader once Jesus was gone.

Mary Magdalene and Child – The Journey West in the Boat with No Oars

Newport Tower, Rhode Island - Jesus and Mary Magdala in America
Newport Tower, Rhode Island

Fearing for both her child’s life and her own, not long after the seemingly extraordinary events relative to Jesus after the crucifixion, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary fled the Holy Land to Alexandria in Egypt. Moving on to southern France via what was said to be in a boat with no oars, Kensington Rune Stone - Jesus & Mary in America Family Land Claimthe story winds through the centuries involving no less than the Merovingians, Knights Templar, Leonardo Da Vinci, Freemasons, and Founding Fathers.

It leads from France to Portugal to Scotland to Nova Scotia (Oak Island) down into (to name a few) Maine (Spirit Pond), Massachusetts (Westford Knight), Rhode Island (Narragansett runestone) including the Newport Tower (points to Kensington, MN), Michigan (Copper Harbor Norse Sailing Ship) straight into the heart of America to the Kensington Runestone in Minnesota (a land claim and relevant treaties with native inhabitants) over the centuries — two millennia of clandestine hard work and unrecognized sacrifice by countless honest incarnate souls, including Jacques de Molay and Henry Sinclair (St. Clair).

Jesus and Mary Magdalene - Christopher Columbus Santa Maria Ship Flag (Templar)
Christopher Columbus – Santa Maria Ship Flags (Templar)

Jesus and Mary Magdalene (Magdala) - Knights Templar/Poor Knights of Christ FlagModern research by many including the likes of Scott Wolter and Rick and Marty Lagina has revealed even more intriguing evidence including the Hooked-X, the M-Sign, and the Templar Flag that was flown on the ship of Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón) and others. Dan Brown’s 2003 best-selling book The Da Vinci Code spread like wildfire, becoming a planet-wide phenomenon. The evidence presented was profound, but why did and do so many find credence in it? Because inherently, deep down in the depths of every soul, no matter the human body the soul resides in, the honest truth is waiting to be found. And will be found by those who truly look within and search.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene – Human Rights Freedom Fighters

Jesus and Mary Magdalene (Magdala) are arguably the most famous human beings to ever live. They were the first known Freedom Fighters to stand up for Human Rights against impossible tyranny, injustice, inequality, and unfairness. Jesus the Christ died for his fellow human beings, including the one that he loved most, Mary Magdalene. He did Jesus & Mary Magdala - Magi (Wise Men) - Astrology & Revolutionnot die to absolve you or anyone of their sins. They both lived, as do their progeny, to teach you what it means to be a true human being. And how to achieve to True Humanity.

Mary Magdalene continued to lead the resistance, traveling arduously while raising their child to further continue the resistance. And their progeny – the holy royal bloodline, the holy grail – continues the resistance to this very day. Only now, with the stars and planets all aligning in the sky (Comet Neowise), just like the Magi/Wise Men followed so very long ago, real revolution is once again upon humanity. Do you choose to rise up and stand for what is right, fair, equal, just – Honest?

I do. Without genuine Honesty in the world, there can be no Peace. I hope you will join us in the resistance to reach critical revolutionary mass and an honest, sustainable future.


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    Your Article is interesting to read. I agree with your findings that without Honesty in the world, there can be no Peace.
    As for as the Jesus and Mary Magdalene is concerned I have heard the only relation was as Mother and Son.