Insights from Gnosis: Moderation and Balance in Life & Work

Posted on July 12, 2020
Left (Male) & Right (Female) Brain Hemispheres - Moderation and Balance in Life

Achieving moderation and balance in life and work has been a common subject for a long-time, more so these days it seems with Coronavirus (COVID-19) and all. What is the actual definition of moderation and balance in terms of things like body type, male and female (masculine & feminine energy and characteristics), the human energy system (nervous system, chakras, meridians, etc.), enteric brain (gut feeling, fluid intelligence, gut-brain axis), diet (food & drink), exercise (cardio and resistance), lifestyle (sleep, sex, finances, resources, soul/spirit/spirituality/religion, etc.), and the like? How do balance and moderation apply to one’s life, both personally and professionally (work/career)?

The Four Body Types – Moderation and Balance in Life & Work

The Four Body Types - Balance to UnbalanceBalance and moderation directly correlate to the different genetic scientific body types (The Four Body Types) that exist. A Standard Body Type One (BT1), with all properly developed and balanced vertebrae, spinal/vertebra extension (posture), muscle, muscle mass, tendons, ligaments, and the like has stronger tendencies towards symmetry, beauty, athleticism, health, manifestation, and resources, no less.

However, a genetic scientific Body Type Two, with its relative lack of development of all those same things, has a stronger probability of being more unbalanced, asymmetrical, unathletic, unhealthy, and lacking manifestation ability & resources. The physical unbalance (due to lack of proper genetic development) becomes even more noticeable and extreme in relation to a Body Type Three (BT3) and Body Type Four (BT4), especially when it comes to skinny fat (cellulite, thin fat, saggy/loose skin, crepey skin, normal weight obesity) and being obese/obesity (childhood and adult).

What is Life Balance & Moderation – The Human Brain

As one begins to more fully understand what it means to be human, they look to the brain for further clarity on how to achieve moderation and balance in life. Is the brain solely a product of the slow and inevitable evolving of the human being over many Left (Male) & Right (Female) Brain Hemispheres - Moderation and Balance in Lifehundreds of thousands of years? Or is there more to the story? We humans know so very little about our real past and history, really most anything, including who and what we really are.

With two hemispheres, the human brain is an indisputable wonder of creation and evolution. All human bodies have a left brain and a right brain. How balanced each hemisphere of the brain is depends on multiple variables.

The left side of the brain exhibits all the general characteristics of masculinity and male energy including linear, logical, reasonable, mathematical-based thinking. The left-brain controls the right-side of the human body. Leadership, protection, strength, aggression, dominance, violence, stoicism, lack-of/minimal communication, etc. are other masculine/male-energy-based traits.

The right side of the brain involves all the tell-tell signs of femininity and the female energy, like intuition, imagination, holistic thinking, artistic ability (art), feeling-based cues, non-verbal communication, rhythm, daydreaming, and such. The right-brain controls the left-side of the human body. Caring, nurturing, feeling, creation, abundance, sexuality, and the like are other feminine/female-energy-based traits.

A Truly Balanced and Healthy Human Being Usually Has A/An:
  1. Fully Developed Standard Body Type One (BT1) (Physical Body including Proper Development of Muscles, Muscle Mass, Vertebrae/Spinal Extention/Posture, & the like Along with Effective & Efficient Heart & Organ Health/Functioning, etc.)
  2. Evenly Balanced Male and Female Energy (Right-Brain and Left-Brain are Evenly Balanced)
  3. Fully & Evenly Balanced Emotional Body including the Human Energy System (Nervous System, Meridians, etc.)
  4. Evenly Balance Aggregate Soul Energy (Theory of Spiritual Body including Star Power & IT Factor)
  5. More Likelihood Of Genuine Symmetry and Health Throughout the Body (Genes/DNA notwithstanding)
  6. Higher Probabilities to Manifest Resources, More Times Than Not Abundantly
  7. Strong Tendencies Towards Holistic Thinking/Balanced Mental Body; Prudence, Wisdom, Fairness, Equality, and Honesty As A Whole (Old-Soul)
  8. Balanced and Healthy Daily Diet (Blue Zone Mediterranean), Exercise Routine (Cardio & Resistance/Weightlifting/Isometrics), Work/Career (Professional Life), Spirituality/Soul-Searching, and Lifestyle (Sleep, Education/Learning, Sex, Sports, Recreation, Social Life, etc.)

Moderation and Balance in Day-to-Day Life

Moderation and balance in daily life directly correlate to health in general. The human body has many different physical signs Moderation & Balance in Lifeof health and unhealth. A poor-quality lifestyle that is lacking balance and moderation in diet (food and drink) and exercise (cardio and resistance/weightlifting/isometrics) will most likely lead to unhealthy signs. Those signs include disease (many kinds including obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.), stress, inflammation, weakened immunity, poor aging, and reduced overall bodily functioning. That, along with poor quality skin, hair, nails, teeth, tongue, energy levels (fatigue and sluggishness), sleep, sexual performance, relationships, work/career achievement, and overall day-to-day functioning.

Just as a moderate, balanced, healthy diet, exercise program, and overall lifestyle will most probably lead to physical signs of health in all those same things, including more graceful aging.

Of course, genetics (DNA) add to the greyness of things. But that greyness can become more black and white the more balanced the lifestyle as a whole, in moderation. Moderation is a tricky thing, as what might be moderate for one genetic scientific body type may not be moderate for another. The soul energy theory and the ability to hold the energy — star power and it factor — matter as well.  The same is true for mental (mind), emotional (energy in motion), and spiritual (soul/spirit) health. Balance and moderation in every life choice that one makes are vital to maintaining overall health.

Balance & Moderation – Body Type and Soul Energy

As important as genetic scientific body type is overall, along with all the other variables mentioned and more, the theory of soul energy (in relation to Chi/Ki/Qi/Prana, Chakras, kundalini, etc.) is in play. As the theory goes, the immortal soul is what remains when the human body dies. Upon Male/Masculine & Female/Feminine Energy - Balance and Moderationdeath, the human body is dead and gone, but the everlasting soul continues on its journey of reincarnation and eternal life.

Moreover, as the soul experiences lifetime after lifetime, sometimes as a male, to whatever degree, sometimes as a female, to whatever degree, the soul grows and gains soul energy. The name of the game is mastering (balance) all aspects of being human, including being male (masculine) and female (feminine). The stronger the body type, the more developed muscle mass, the more energy the body can hold. The stronger the soul energy, the more soul energy there is for the body to hold; the more ability one has in terms of holding the energy and standing the heat in real life.

Considering all the variables mentioned so far, at least, every choice an individual soul makes in any given lifetime is honestly judged in terms of moderation and balance, or lack thereof. The more the soul’s energy aggregately reflects moderation and honesty across all choices and lifetimes, the more balanced that souls energy. More times than not, the more balanced the overall soul energy the more that balance is reflected in the physical human body (type), the mental body (mind), the emotional body (energy in motion), and the spiritual body (soul). As the opposite is also true, the more unbalance and lack of moderation in overall lifetime choices is reflected accordingly.


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