Body Type Test (Quiz) Results 1202 – Body Type Three (BT3) Female (Woman), Generation Z

FORCA?Fellow One Research Combined Average (FORCA) Health Score which Averages the Self-Determined (SD) Health & FORC Health Scores [5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy]. This score is in beta testing.


FORTH?Fellow One Research Total Health (FORTH) Score [5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy]. This score is in beta testing.


FORMR?Fellow One Research Metabolism Rate (FORMR) Adjusted Mifflin St Jeor Equation BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Score. This score is in beta testing.

Normal Metabolism

Mifflin St Jeor BMR: 1446.43

Adjusted Mifflin St Jeor: 1357.47

FORMA?Fellow One Research Metabolism Activity (FORMA) Adjusted Harris-Benedict Equation Activity Score. This score is in beta testing.

Steady Metabolic Rate

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation


BMI Minimal, Moderate, High Risk

Moderate Risk

Diary Data - Started on 04-04-22


According to mainstream science, your body already is a Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1). The only reason you do not currently look like a Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) is that you are eating too many calories per day. All you have to do to look like the Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) is decrease daily calorie intake and increase daily calorie burn.That is it.According to the National Institute of Health's BMI chart -- -- to reach your medically safe BMI weight range for your height of 5 feet, 2 inches, you have to weigh between 104.00 pounds and 131.00 pounds. To get to the high end of that medically safe BMI weight range at 131.00 pounds, you would have to lose, relative to your current weight of 160.20 pounds, 29.20 pounds. To get to the bottom of that range at 104.00 pounds, you would have to lose 56.20 pounds. To get the mid-range at 120.20 pounds you need to lose 40.00 pounds.According to mainstream science, once you reach your medically safe BMI weight range, for this study that means losing at least 40.00 pounds to reach no less than the high-range at 120.20 pounds (down from 160.20 pounds currently), you should look identical to a Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One. It may take getting down to the lower end towards 104.00 pounds to truly look identical.However, the Fellow One Research, The Four Body Types Theory is, because of your anticipated underdeveloped vertebrae (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum) identified in your Body Type Quiz/Test, you will not look identical to a Body Type One (BT1). You will experience skinny fat in some form (thin fat, cellulite, crepey skin, loose skin, saggy skin, and/or normal weight obesity) due to, no less, your underdeveloped vertebrae and corresponding lack of muscles/mass.

Back Side Facing Angle
Fellow One Research, The Four Body Types Test - Body Type Quiz (Woman/Female) Results 1202, Body Type Three (BT3)

Full Back Facing Angle
The Four Body Types Quiz, Body Type Test (Woman/Women/Female) Results 1202 - Body Type Three (BT3), Fellow One Research

Full Front Midriff Facing Angle
Body Type Quiz (Female/Woman) Results 1202, Body Type Three (BT3) - Fellow One Research, The Four (4) Body Types Test

The Four Body Types, Fellow One Research - Scientific Body Type Quiz 1202 Official Day Sixty-Three (63) - 06-06-22 - Weigh-In Video - Advanced Scientific Weight Loss Program Diary

The Four Body Types, Fellow One Research - Scientific Body Type Quiz 1202 Official Day Ninety-Two (92) - 07-06-22 - Weigh-In Video - Advanced Scientific Weight Loss Program Diary

The Four Body Types, Fellow One Research - Scientific Body Type Quiz 1202 Official Day Ninety-Two (99) - 07-13-22 - Weigh-In Video - Advanced Scientific Weight Loss Program Diary

Anticipated Underdeveloped / Undeveloped Vertebrae


Starting Weight

160.20 lb

Weight Loss Goal

160.2 lb

Weight Difference to Date

-12.2 lb

Cheat Days


24 Hour Weight Difference


Fellow One Research Weight Loss Diary: Diet, Exercise, & Lifestyle Data Daily Averages - 105 Diary Entries

Sugar - Total / Added

0.03 g / 0 g


64.88 g


33.79 g


193.66 mg


74.04 g


86.69 oz


1541.98 mg





Exercise Duration

51.05 minutes

Calories Burned


Sleep Duration

6.66 hours

Sleep Quality


Stress Level


DateCurrent WeightType of DietBreakfastBreakfast CaloriesLunchLunch CaloriesDinnerDinner CaloriesSnacksSnacks CaloriesTotal CaloriesOrganic Whole Food %Regular Whole Food %Junk/Processed/Fast Food %Percentage of Diet, CarnivorePercentage of Diet, VegetarianPercentage of Diet, VeganWater (oz) TotalFilter Water %Tap Water %Spring Water %Bottled Water %Total Protein (g)Total Fat (g)Total Monounsaturated Fat (g)Total Polyunsaturated Fats (g)Total Saturated Fat (g)Total Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA/DHA)Omega 3 Source(s)Total Carbohydrates (g)Fiber (Carbs)(g)Total Sugar (Carbs)(g)Added Sugar (Carbs)(g)Total Sodium (mg)Vitamin Supplements, DosesVitamins, Type(s)Vitamins, Kind(s)Vitamins, Source QualityHeart Rate (resting)Heart Rate (post)Blood Pressure Systolic (resting)Blood Pressure Systolic (post)Blood Pressure Diastolic (resting)Blood Pressure Diastolic (post)Type of Cardio ExerciseTotal Cardio Exercise Duration (minutes)Total StepsTotal Flights ClimbedTotal Laps (Swimming)Estimated Calories Burned, CardioType of Resistance ExerciseTotal Resistance Exercise Duration (Minutes)Estimated Calories Burned, ResistanceSleep Duration (hours)Sleep QualityAllopathic Meds, DosesAllopathic MedsHerbal & Other Supplements, DosesHerbal & Other SupplementsCaffeineCaffeine AmountAlcohol ServingsNicotine IntakeNicotine AmountCannabisCannabis AmountNegative BehaviorsNegative Behavior SourceOverall Level of StressCheat DayCheat Reason
04-4-22160.2Low-FatSparkling Kiwi Guava Celsius10Greek Style Chicken Power Bowls, Healthy Choice170Roasted Green Beans Oven Roasted Carrots Roasted Russet Potato and Sweet potato308Intermittent Fasting04887525000100643000702815623060NoNone63151309760No Vitamins Taken-100000None06076000Weightlifting453298Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery HighNo
04-5-22159Low-Fatcelsius sparkling kiwi guava10veggie & hummus flat bread299broiled chicken breast brussel sprouts and carrots460intermittent fasting07707525030205064300070110150020209NoNone891330015910No Vitamins Taken0-40-10-3Workout Class45698600-3None006.5OK-3Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateHighNo
04-6-22159.6Low-Fatyogurt, original mixed berry sparkling kiwi guava160power bowl italian chicken sausage and peppers290salmon brussel sprouts roasted potato360teriyaki beef steak jerky bites roasted green beans and carrots130940802002020608030007074318770170NoNone941435017820No Vitamins Taken000000None0746200-3Weightlifting4500OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateHighNo
04-7-22159Low-FatHoney Wheat english muffin, egg230Broiled chicken breast, green beans210oven roasted chicken and veggie sandwich watermelon412Intermittent fasting085250500400606400010070110040128NoNone1191630013940No Vitamins Taken000000Walking451120700-1None008OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-8-22158.8Low-Fatzone nutrition bar200roasted chicken breast150chicken taco salad400intermittent fasting-6746505006020208000010065220070202NoNone35818010300No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class457020000Weightlifting4506.5OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
04-9-22158.8Low-FatCoffee english muffin153chicken breast salad239intermittent fasting0michelob ultra410908303040204020640001002826008980NoNone10425108230No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class459047000Weightlifting4508Very Restful0Private0PrivateNoneModerate: 2-3 ServingsNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
04-11-22157Low-Fatcelsius sparkling kiwi guava yogurt mixed berry160slim and trim smoothie318chicken breast brussel sprouts oreo cookie439Intermittent fasting0908505003020506400010080210050140NoNone1161367020470No Vitamins Taken000000None07983000Weightlifting4508Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-12-22157.6Low-FatIntermittent Fasting0Starbucks Oatmeal158Roasted green beans and bell peppers Roasted potato and sweet potato Watermelon olive oil567Intermittent fasting07258020005050703030040131231100NoNone95142904650No Vitamins Taken000000Running4510489000None008Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-13-22359Low-Fatintermittent fasting0power bowl italian chicken288roasted green beans and potato chicken breast oreo cookie637intermittent fasting09295050020602068300070453362100140NoNone1111634016030No Vitamins Taken000000None08020000Weightlifting4508Very Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
04-14-22158Low-FatIntermittent fasting0Hummus and Veggie sandwich299salad dole kale crunch180Beef jerky13861930700204040653070004322002055NoNone65721020650No Vitamins Taken000000Running457990000None008Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
04-15-22157Low-Fatintermittent fasting0english muffin and egg280green beans slim and trim shake movie theatre popcorn600intermittent fasting088030700105040707000305026006040NoNone1252136017870No Vitamins Taken000000Walking450000None008OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-16-22157.5Low-FatYogurt149Rotissarie chicken sandwich518hot dog259intermittent fasting0928406004030301003070005026006040NoNone1202130015200No Vitamins Taken00000-2Jogging458909000Weightlifting4507Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
04-17-22156.9Low-FatVanilla Latte238Sausage Egg Biscuit560Intermittent fasting0Intermittent fasting08100100030700650001004033003020NoNone850300800No Vitamins Taken000000Jogging457862000None006Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
04-19-22156.4Low-FatHoney Wheat English Muffin Canadian Bacon Egg Starbucks Sugar Free Vanilla cold brew310Intermittent Fasting0Brussel Sprouts Salt Chicken Carrots446Intermittent Fasting0756206020600407030007073190004155NoNone711029020040No Vitamins Taken000000Jogging4513885000None008OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-20-22156.2Low-FatZone Nutrition Bar200Complete chcolate Nutritional drink- carnation Protein bar398Chicken Tikki masala262Intermittent fasting086220602020701090100000663400180136NoNone621046021000No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class459873000None008OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-20-22156.2Low-FatZone Nutrition Bar200Complete chcolate Nutritional drink- carnation Protein bar398Chicken Tikki masala262Intermittent fasting086220602020701090100000663400180136NoNone621046021000No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class459873000None008OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-21-22156Low-FatTurkey bacon egg sandwich230coffee38Mediterranean bowl chicken587intermittent fasting-18623050203050208010000083244270205NoNone71816018550No Vitamins Taken000000None09002000Weightlifting4508OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
04-22-22156.5Low-FatJimmy Dean breakfast sandwich280Salad cold brew coffee200Taco Salad chicken400intermittent fasting0860503020304030700300043290060150NoNone68921013060No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class459000000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-23-22157Low-FatEnglish muffin egg canadian bacon270intermittent fasting0Chicken breast Rice586intermittent fasting0816050503040306410000045290060165NoNone9445022680No Vitamins Taken000000Walking456221000None0010Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
04-24-22156.8Low-Fatintermittent fasting0sweet peas280chicken breast sugar free hazelnut latte, oat milk brussel sprouts548intermittent fasting082830403075025100300070102133020240NoNone76182605270No Vitamins Taken000000None07000000None008.5Very Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-25-22154.6Low-FatIntermittent Fasting0Grilled Chicken Veggies330Rotisserie Chicken sandwich520Popcorners chips60910304030403030120300070792822100175NoNone881311018500No Vitamins Taken000000Jogging6010598000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateHighNo
04-26-22154.6Low-FatZone Bar200English Muffin Egg Canadian bacon230Guac Rice Chicken Beans450Intermittent fasting0880304030354520100010000643000100132NoNone9410202014100No Vitamins Taken000000Walking309480000None005Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-27-22154.2Low-FatSmoothie236Smoothie235smoothie salmon442intermittent fasting0922703003020501201000004131993071NoNone130215806700No Vitamins Taken000000Jogging4512980000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-28-22153.8Low-FatSmoothie- spinach, orange, grape181Smoothie- spinach, orange, grape181Smoothie- spinach, orange, grape rotisserie chicken roasted carrots501intermittent fasting0869752502530456410000040301174055NoNone1153273014300No Vitamins Taken000000Jogging5015683000None006OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateHighNo
04-29-22153.2Low-FatSmoothie183Smoothie183Chicken Smoothie Carrots503Intermittent fasting0870901002020608010000040331065050NoNone1143270014300No Vitamins Taken000000None07065000None006Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
04-30-22153.2Low-FatBanana Pineapple173Chicken tenders180Chicken Sandwich Mac and cheese550Intermittent fasting09055020306020206410000055120063100NoNone9363503010No Vitamins Taken000000Walking309064000None006.5OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
05-1-22152.6Low-Fatintermittent fasting0intermittent fasting0Peanut butter salmon brussel sprouts kale salad874intermittent fasting08742070103030306510000051553413081NoNone415907460No Vitamins Taken00-3000Jogging08058000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-2-22152.8Low-FatSmoothie133smoothie133smoothie Chicken brussel sprouts500Intermittent fasting09008020030304090100000423511354055NoNone1133243022690No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class459874000Weightlifting4506.5OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-3-22152.4Low-FatSmoothie-Orange/Grape/Almond Milk240Smoothie-Orange/Grape/Almond Milk240Smoothie-Orange/Grape/Almond Milk Salmon Veggies-brussel sprouts, peppers450Intermittent Fasting093090100203040701000005423873071NoNone130358007970No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class306329000Weightlifting3006.5OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneVapingVery Low (1 Cigarette or less, or comparable)None0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-4-22152Low-Fatsmoothie-apple,grape,strawberry150smoothie-apple,grape,strawberry150salmon vegetables-brussel sprouts and carrots600Intermittent fasting090690100203050641000003923343071NoNone15231106012590No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class4510678000Weightlifting4507Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-5-22152.8Low-FatApple105Quesadilla95Chicken Carnitas Queso corn650Intermetant fasting084550500703006010000060365340160NoNone5891908520No Vitamins Taken000000None06590000None005OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-6-22152.8Low-FatBanana105Pulled pork330Salmon420Intermittent fasting085560400703006410000082331710140120NoNone2831403000No Vitamins Taken000000Walking459832000None006OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-7-22152Low-FatIntermittent fasting0Pizza440Pulled pork430Intermittent fasting087060202040600641000005433112150148NoNone7833013000No Vitamins Taken000000Walking, None608964000None005OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-8-22151.6Low-FatBiscuit Coffee340Chicken459Intermittent fasting0intermittent fasting0802703006040064100000423312780148NoNone700009760No Vitamins Taken000000None06054000None006Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-9-22150.6Low-FatProtein Bar358Intermittent fasting0Salmon Sweet Potato362peanut butter crackers2009245050030304080100000493614612048NoNone100124109300No Vitamins Taken000000Walking3010847000Weightlifting4507OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-10-22150.6Low-FatSmoothie147Smoothie145Chicken Breast Brussel sproutsJustins Peanut butter622Intermittent fasting091970201060202010010000081355240120NoNone92275308100No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class459659000None008Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
05-11-22150.6Low-FatSmoothie149Smoothie Justin's peanut butter339Hot dog Kale smoothie429intermittent fasting0916702010403030100100000383931705NoNone87184706280No Vitamins Taken000000Walking309605000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-12-22151Low-FatSmoothie200Smoothie200Salmon400Intermittent080080200502030641000002825321028NoNone4881301480No Vitamins Taken000000Walking, None459140000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
05-13-22151.8Low-Fatintermittent fasting0smoothie0pizza slice of cake800intermittent fasting09303030403040308010000042350010032NoNone95343016100No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4012873000Weightlifting45q07OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
05-14-22151.6Low-FatIntermittent fasting0Chicken quesidilla500Chicken wrap430Intermittent fasting093040303060202064100000653301100180NoNone1369018000No Vitamins Taken000000None06831000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
05-15-22151.8Low-Fategg bacon cheese toast410intermittent fasting0pizza522intermittent fasting0932402040402040100100000513384120278NoNone92613021170No Vitamins Taken621180000Walking6013769000None008OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
05-16-22150.4Low-Fategg mcmuffin hashbrown456intermittent fasting0protein bar smoothie-strawberry banana477intermittent fasting0933303040205030100100000433232120208NoNone1161056015270No Vitamins Taken611560000Walking4012757000None005Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-17-22150.4Low-FatIntermittent fasting0apple grapes strawberries127flat white coffee blackened salmon caesar salad shrimp680intermittent fasting0808603010403030120100000653500100330NoNone62744014030No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4512978000Weightlifting4508Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
05-18-22150.6Low-FatApple strawberries Grapes130apple strawberries grapes130peanut butter doritos shrimp670intermittent fasting093160202020404012010000041360060230NoNone1091655011050No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class4513904000Yoga4507Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-19-22150.6Low-FatSmoothie- mixed berry132Smoothie mixed berry Veggies Salmon350Cold brew starbucks Hamburger448Intermittent fasting092950302040303010010000043403213163NoNone931528010950No Vitamins Taken000000None010732000Weightlifting, None4507OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-20-22151.8Low-FatEgg sausage cheese english muffin270chicken salad280turkey and cheese sandwich373intermittent fasting0923702010503020100100000673500130295NoNone29211015100No Vitamins Taken0000-20Running4512940000Weightlifting2007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
05-21-22151Low-FatSausage egg burrito206Turkey cheese sandwich140Barbecue ribs Onion rings539Intermittent fasting0885602020602020100100000483671180100NoNone60116015250No Vitamins Taken000000None012832000None006OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
05-22-22152Low-FatEgg Turkey Bacon English muffin335Chicken salad280pizza Salad310intermittent fasting0925503020403030100100000493854130468NoNone6529019900No Vitamins Taken000000None012930000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
05-23-22151.2Low-Fatmixed berries cashew milk banana200mixed berries cashew milk95chicken breast rice pilaf kale636intermittent fasting09316040030403010010000079225040242NoNone1131636014040No Vitamins Taken000000Jogging459847000Weightlifting4507OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
05-24-22151.2Low-Fatbanana peaches frozen pineapple225peaches frozen pineapple120queso chicken cheese enchilada570intermittent fasting0915403030304030100100000383800180112NoNone1161262014660No Vitamins Taken000000None010459000Weightlifting4508Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
05-25-22151.6Low-Fatpomegranate cherry juice clementine205clementine POM juice250salmon mixed veggies924intermittent fasting092470201040303010010000094290050130NoNone12349105000No Vitamins Taken000000Running451547700-3None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
05-26-22151.2Low-Fatbanana peaches155pomegranate cherry clementine205salmon mixed veggies562intermittent fasting09238020050302010010000097290050130NoNone12056504960No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class458896000Weightlifting4507Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
05-27-22151Low-FatBanana Kiwi195Breakfast sandwich252Chicken breast486Intermittent fasting093360202050302010010000053342150119NoNone1181540020390No Vitamins Taken000000None00000None000OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
05-28-22151Low-FatEgg English muffin Hash brown Caramel latte606Intermittent0Taco salad314Intermittent fasting0920303040303040100100000373594140257NoNone7033019950No Vitamins Taken000000Rowing Machine, None6013890000None003Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
05-29-22151Low-FatBagel180Chickpeas218Hot Dog and meditrrnean sandwich530intermittent fasting09287020103040301001000004136115070NoNone1161712015640No Vitamins Taken000000None09840000None008Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
05-30-22153.4Low-FatFrittata258Egg sandwich219Hot dog Black bean burger Chips450Intermittent fastin0927602020404020120100000533812120548NoNone5654021010No Vitamins Taken000000None07893000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
05-31-22153.4Low-FatSpinach almond milk peanut butter114Spinach almond milk peanut butter114salmon hummus680Intermittent fasting0909801010304030120100000105663970130NoNone25135014060No Vitamins Taken000000Walking459804000None006OK-2Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery HighNo
06-1-22151.4Low-FatSmoothie-Medjool Date, Peanut butter, cacoa powder, spinach240Smoothie-Medjool Date, Peanut butter, cacoa powder, spinach239Chicken breast chickpea pasta453intermittent fasting093480101050302010010000089306160240NoNone86213405950No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4512980000Weightlifting4506OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-2-22151.4Low-FatSmoothie protein160Smoothie protein160Chicken taco Rice Beans600Intermittent fasting0920503020305020751000006817004070NoNone172123109600No Vitamins Taken000000Walking459899000None006OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-3-22151Low-Fatbacon egg cheese burito almond milk latte690nutella banana apple240intermittent fasting0intermittent fasting0930503020205030601000002840006040NoNone13794606490No Vitamins Taken000000Workout Class459328000None006.5OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-4-22150Low-FatProtein shake160Chicken Salad360Quinoa salad Pistachios402Intermittent fasting0922503020403030601000005937748042NoNone96182407430No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4513476000None006.5Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-5-22151Low-FatDonut holes106Quinoa444Cauliflower crust pizza383Intermittent fasting093320602025502560100000493000110171NoNone11716908490No Vitamins Taken000000None06870000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
06-6-22151.4Low-FatSmoothie- dates and spinach163Smoothie- dates and spinach Veggie straws245Quinoa Eggs Cottage cheese516Intermittent fasting09257020100505064100000503212580568NoNone1142038012750No Vitamins Taken000000Walking, None4514578000None006.5Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
06-7-22151.4Low-Fatvanilla latte250quinoa250pad thai chicken430intermittent fasting0930503020404020801000004118505060NoNone152955010450No Vitamins Taken000000Walking6014591000Weightlifting4506.5Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-8-22150Low-FatStrawberry banana smoothie with protein powder220Chicken breast70Chicken breast220intermittent fasting05106040060030100100000488001093NoNone69114109330No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4514931000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-9-22150Low-FatZ bar chocolate chip160Vanilla coffee with regular milk250Spinach and chicken quesadilla506Intermittent fasting091650302030403060100000443280170108NoNone9064509660No Vitamins Taken000000None08748000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateHighNo
06-10-22150Low-Fatavocado toast egg252intermittent fasting0chicken and bell peppers tortilla600intermittent fasting0852503020602020100100000703321150306NoNone62107011010No Vitamins Taken000000Walking45167480000None004Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
06-11-22150Low-FatEgg bacon cheese burrito250Cheese Crackers Smoked turkey260Caulipower cauliflower crust pepperoni pizza410Intermittent fasting09206020203040306010000042370010095NoNone9035513410No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4012890000None007.5Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
06-12-22150Low-FatBreakfast taco- chorizo, egg, cheese flour tortilla500Intermittent fasting0Sweet potato, cheese, rice stuffed poblano pepper414Intermittent fasting0914602020204040100100000443782170173NoNone5912015340No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4511581000None007Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
06-13-22151.80Low-FatIntermittent fasting0Chicken sandwich with lettuce and extra chicken506Beef tacos with cheese and tortilla395Intermittent fasting0901304030602020641000004637859148NoNone7072017150No Vitamins Taken000000None08767000None006.5Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
06-14-22151.8Low-FatEgg english muffin cheese287intermittent fasting0spaghetti noodle with tomato basil pesto sauce650intermittent fasting09373040300505010010000037323360208NoNone12085010170No Vitamins Taken000000Walking6016836000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery HighNo
06-15-22151Low-CarbAnnies Granola Bar110Chicken breast110Chicken wrap750intermittent fasting0980503020602020100100000791800160150NoNone371018029600No Vitamins Taken000000Walking9017837000None006.5OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-16-22151Low-CarbEggs200Intermittent fasting0Chicken breast600Intermittent fasting0800604008020010010000038200000186NoNone131001490No Vitamins Taken000000None019974000None006Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateHighNo
06-18-22149Low-Fateggs White cheddar cheese380grilled chicken bell peppers600grilled chicken bell peppers300intermittent fasting012805040106020201001000001147000201610NoNone3739020300No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4511293000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
06-19-22150Low-Carbtwo eggs white cheddar cheese220turkey burger american cheese corn on the cob sweet potato389mixed vegetables- cucumber, broccoli, zuchini, carrot, squash green tea375intermittent fasting0984702010303040100100000732920140506NoNone403907760No Vitamins Taken000000Walking6017383000None007Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
06-20-22150Low-CarbEggs140lettuce, guac, chicken, black beans, tomato450cucumber, lettuce, quinoa, onion, garbanzo beans, chicken broth, feta cheese505intermittent fasting01095702010303040100100000654000120466NoNone401410021450No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4514983000Weightlifting4507OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-21-22151.20Low-Carbintermittent fasting0quinoa zuchinni cucumber red onion feta cheese chickpeas505cottage cheese chicken breast vegetables520cheddar cheese30013255030204030301001000001374500200291NoNone401313032450No Vitamins Taken000000Walking11019372000Weightlifting4507OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
06-22-22151.2Low-CarbTwo eggs140protein chocolate milk220Salmon fillet greek yogurt440corn tortillas and mexican cheese49813006020204020401001000001055046180545NoNone40123209900No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4514380000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-23-22149Low-CarbChicken sausage, egg, broccoli frittata250Quinoa, cucumber, onion, feta, garbanzo, lettuce385Ground turkey Corn tortillas Mexican cheese645Intermittent fasting01280602020602020100100000863966120358NoNone401515014910No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4510398000Weightlifting4507Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-24-22150Low-CarbEgg chicken sausage and cheese Nitro coffee with almond milk290Intermittent fasting0Chicken breast Pepper jack cheese stick Egg chicken sausage720Intermittent fasting010105040106030101000000905020200515NoNone2738028900No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4510988000None4507OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateHighNo
06-25-22149Low-CarbIntermittent fasting0Grilled chicken taco salad bowl Lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream649Grilled chicken Sweet potato fries1279Intermittent fasting01279602020602010100100000100407340230NoNone401428018040No Vitamins Taken000000Walking307930000None006Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
06-26-22150Low-Carbeggs goat cheese potatoes260intermittent fasting0chicken breast corn tortilla black beans almond milk and protein powder848intermittent fasting01108603010503020100100000855022230375NoNone79116018850No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4010824000None005Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-27-22148Low-CarbEggs Goat cheese Spinach150Corn tortillas Shredded Cheese540MediterrAnean salad Togurt415Intermittent fasting0110560301005050100100000505000250344NoNone6589013690No Vitamins Taken000000Walking, None459836000Weightlifting4506.5Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-28-22150Low-CarbEgg, chicken sausage, American cheese250Quinoa, feta cheese, spinach, balsamic dressing486Corn tortillas, chicken, cheese, potato, salsa585Intermittent fasting01321503020403030100100000635000207251NoNone40168021940No Vitamins Taken000000Walking, None6013739000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-29-22151.6Low-CarbEgg, Chicken Sausage, Coffee, Almond milk, Cheddar Cheese289Mediterranean salad330Chicken breast potato green beans381Intermittent fasting0100660202050302010010000068452180284NoNone40116022910No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4510979000Weightlifting4507Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
06-30-22150Low-Carbqueso egg burrito520Intermittent fasting0grilled chicken breast278intermittent fasting-3798502030602020100100000672600150370NoNone4045028530No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4514326000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
07-1-22150Low-FatYogurt fruit parfait260Orange juice110Spinach cheese chicken231Intermittent fasting06016020200604060100000507301010NoNone4055001510No Vitamins Taken000000None12018763000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
07-2-22150Low-CarbEgg whites and roasted pepper170Mediterranean salad chicken breast445Chicken breast Potato Asparagus700Intermittent fasting013155030207020101001001010101435000100334NoNone4065037640No Vitamins Taken000000Walking, None12020321000None008Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateLowNo
07-3-22150Low-CarbOnion and spinach fritatta330Intermittent fasting0Chicken flautas828Intermittent fasting0115860202050302010010000058602020140407NoNone39118045280No Vitamins Taken000000None12016832000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
07-4-22150Low-CarbTurkey sausage egg390Grilled Chicken220Chicken breast Spinach Potato520Intermittent fasting01130602020702010100100000133293080395NoNone81134011060No Vitamins Taken000000Walking, None9516592000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
07-5-22149Low-FatIntermittent fasting0Chicken beans lettuce cheese625Grilled chicken700Intermittent fasting01325503020702010601000001183647110345NoNone402022031850No Vitamins Taken000000Walking, None6015720000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
07-6-22149.4Low-Carbturkey sausage, cheese, egg240chicken breast440Mediterranean salad335intermittent fasting01015602020602020100100000110392260224NoNone3971028340No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4010382000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateHighNo
07-7-22149Low-CarbSpinach, feta, egg290Chicken, corn tortillas610Caesar salad400Intermittent fasting01300602020503020100100000765400160295NoNone40289024200No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4513849000None006Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
07-8-22149Low-Carbturkey sausage, egg, cheese390mediterranean salad335chile lime shrimp roasted carrots561intermittent fasting01286503020503020100100000645000100382NoNone401710027180No Vitamins Taken000000Walking7514392000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
07-9-22149Low-CarbEgg, turkey sausage, cheese240egg, spinach, tomato, onion110Salmon Broccoli with cheese688Intermittent fasting01038503020503020100100000875852200292NoNone3796026740No Vitamins Taken000000Walking4512847000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery LowNo
07-10-22149Low-Carbspinach, feta, egg290intermittent fasting0soft corn tortilla chicken shredded cheese onion610intermittent fasting0900503020503020100100000875052200292NoNone3796026740No Vitamins Taken000000Walking6014302000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
07-11-22149Low-CarbSpinach, feta, tomato, egg290intermittent fasting0soft corn tortilla, chicken, cheese, salsa, lettuce915intermittent fasting01205602020503020100100000903300160252NoNone40326020750No Vitamins Taken000000Walking6012938000None007Restful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
07-12-22149Low-Carbintermittent fasting0spinach, feta cheese, egg`290cauliflower crust goat cheese spinach372intermittent fasting066260202005050100100000493000150173NoNone361310016620No Vitamins Taken000000Jogging301083700-3None006Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery HighNo
07-13-22148.4Low-Carbintermittent fasting0soft corn tortilla, chicken, salsa, lettuce610Tilapia440intermittent fasting010506040206020201001000001312600120455NoNone3818109500No Vitamins Taken000000Walking459483000None005Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateHighNo
07-14-22149Low-Carbchocolate protein bar360Grilled chicken Salad443chicken fajitas450intermittent fasting01254602020503020100100000109580021090NoNone401238026680No Vitamins Taken000000Walking458940000None006OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery HighNo
07-15-22148Low-CarbSpinach feta egg290Intermittent fasting0Chicken fajita450Intermittent fasting 0074060202050302010010000064320000110NoNone6488015650No Vitamins Taken000000None08300000None006OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
07-16-22148Low-CarbSpinach, feta, egg white290chicken florentine wrap440cauliflower, bleu cheese166intermittent fasting0896503020403030601000006430201300NoNone39167022210No Vitamins Taken000000Walking458939000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
07-17-22149Low-Carbegg english muffin cheese turkey sausage550intermittent fasting0salmon philidelphia roll530intermittent fasting01070602020602020100100000596100141329NoNone3615014860No Vitamins Taken000000Walking459064000None007OK0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
07-18-22148Low-Carbturkey bacon egg white low carb english muffin320american cheese strawberry smoothie300chicken breast330intermittent fasting095060202040303050100000872840110200NoNone39337026600No Vitamins Taken000000Walking408379000None003Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateVery HighNo
07-19-22148Low-CarbIntermittent fasting0English muffin, egg, cheese230Cream cheese kabob630Intermittent fasting0860602020503020501000007450002015NoNone472306900No Vitamins Taken000000Walking, None4512846000None006.5Very Unrestful0Private0PrivateNoneNoneNoneNone0NoPrivateMediumNo
Fellow One Research, The Four Body Types Test - Body Type Quiz (Woman/Female) Results 1202, Body Type Three (BT3)

Fellow One Research, The Four Body Types Body Type Quiz/Test Participant Jessica Morgan Bio Summary – Body Type Three (BT3)

I have studied The Four (4) Body Types and it is my understanding that I am a Body Type Three (BT3). Obesity has moderately been a problem in my life. My obesity problems started in my life between age 20 and age 24. I was at my heaviest weight when I reached 160 pounds at age 22. The most weight I ever lost was 10 pounds when I was 20. I have not been successful at keeping all that weight off to date. I gained back 10 of those pounds in a span of 6 month(s).

My ride on the obesity weight gain & loss roller coaster ride has been severe & I can't get off it. If/when I put fat weight on my body, it is most likely that I will put the fat weight on in relation to: upper leg/front thighs, upper leg/inner thighs, upper leg/back thighs, upper leg/outer thighs, buttocks, lower midriff/waist/hips, midriff/abdomen/belly, upper midriff/diaphragm, lower side trunk/love handles, face, as accurately as I can figure. I attribute mostly my unbalanced genetics/DNA and poor lifestyle choices to my weight problems. On average, obesity is somewhat/questionably common in my family.

Upon careful examination of my spine, vertebra(e) (posture), and muscles/muscle mass, I am confident that the following vertebra(e) in my body are genetically underdeveloped if not undeveloped: cervical 4, cervical 5, thoracic 2, thoracic 5, thoracic 6, thoracic 7, thoracic 10, thoracic 11, thoracic 12, lumbar 1, lumbar 2, lumbar 3, lumbar 4, lumbar 5, sacrum, as best I can surmise. I am confident I am a Body Type Three (BT3) because I have between nine (9) and seventeen (17) vertebrae undeveloped. I am quite sure my body does not look identical to a Body Type One (BT1) with all muscles developed & defined. My body has not always had the fully developed BT1 classic arch, dimples, vertebrae (posture), and muscle mass. I am certain I do not have the fully developed BT1 classic arch and dimples, which strengthens my belief I'm not a BT1.

Fellow One Research Body Type Quiz/Test Participant Jessica Morgan Identifies as a Body Type Three (BT3) (The Four Body Types)


Biological Gender:Female (Woman)

Current Height: 5'2 inches

Current Weight: 160.20 pounds

General Age: 20-Something

Actual Age: 23 years old

Generation: Generation Z

Biological Origin: Mostly Caucasian/White and/or of European Descent

Country: United States

Fellow One Research Participant - The Four Body Types Identifier

Fellow One Research Identifies this “The Four Body Types” Body Type Quiz/Test Research Participant’s Body Type as a:

Body Type Three

Basic Body Type Quiz/Test Participant Self-Determined (SD) Health Score (5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy)


Basic Fellow One Research Calculated (FORC) Health Score (5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy)**


What Does My Body Type Three (BT3) Mean?

Life is all about balance. Unbalance allows a human being to truly understand balance by recognizing, honestly, what their unbalances truly are. All be it some more than others, all human beings are unbalanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, at least to some extent. But most human beings are very unbalanced and unhealthy. The more unbalanced the body type (BT4 is the most unbalanced body type), including metabolism, the more physical work the specific individual person has to do to bring their human body into a state of true physical balance (BT1).

Body Type One (BT1): Physically balanced (Anatomy Standard).

*Fully developed vertebrae, spinal extension (posture), and muscle. *33 out of 33 Vertebrae Developed and Extended, relative to the 24 Moveable & Two Fixed Bones (0 Vertebrae Undeveloped/Underdeveloped) *Very Low to Low probabilities of experiencing obesity in the short and long-terms. *High tendencies to be symmetrical. *Skinny fat is unlikely. *Mental (mind), emotional (energy in motion), and spiritual (soul/soul energy/star power/IT Factor) balance matters equally as much as physical (body/genetics/DNA) balance.

Body Type Two (BT2): Less Physically Balanced.

*Mostly developed vertebrae, spinal extension (posture), and muscle. *32 to 22 out of 33 Vertebrae Developed and Extended, relative to the 24 Moveable & Two Fixed Bones (1-8 Vertebrae Undeveloped/Underdeveloped) *Low to Medium probabilities of experiencing obesity in the short and long-terms. *Moderate tendencies to be symmetrical. *Skinny fat is likely. *Mental (mind), emotional (energy in motion), and spiritual (soul/soul energy/star power/IT Factor) balance matters equally as much if not more (to make up for physical unbalances) while the BT2 person is achieving to physical (body/genes/DNA) balance.

Body Type Three (BT3): More Physically Unbalanced.

*Moderate to mostly undeveloped vertebrae, spinal extension (posture), and muscle. *21 to 11 out of 33 Vertebrae Developed and Extended, relative to the 24 Moveable & Two Fixed Bones (9-17 Vertebrae Undeveloped/Underdeveloped) *Medium to High probabilities of experiencing obesity in the short and long-terms. *Moderate tendencies to be asymmetrical. *Skinny fat is very likely. *Mental (mind), emotional (energy in motion), and spiritual (soul/soul energy/star power/IT Factor) balance matters even more (to make up for physical unbalances) while the BT3 person is achieving to physical (body/genetics/DNA) balance.

Body Type Four (BT4): Mostly to Fully Physically Unbalanced.

*Mostly to completely undeveloped vertebrae, spinal extension (posture), and muscle. *10 to 0 out of 33 Vertebrae Developed and Extended, relative to the 24 Moveable & Two Fixed Bones (18-26 Vertebrae Undeveloped/Underdeveloped) *High to Very High probabilities of experiencing obesity in the short and long-terms. *High tendencies to be asymmetrical. *Skinny fat is extremely likely. *Mental (mind), emotional (energy in motion), and spiritual (soul/soul energy/star power/IT Factor) balance matters even that much more (to make up for physical unbalances) while the BT4 person is achieving to physical (body/genes/DNA) balance.

More Fellow One Research Body Type Quiz/Test Participant Data – Jessica Morgan & Skinny Fat, Back Pain, Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle

Skinny Fat & Back Pain

The Four Body Types Quiz, Body Type Test (Woman/Women/Female) Results 1202 - Body Type Three (BT3), Fellow One ResearchBody Type Three (BT3), Body Type Quiz (Women/Female/Woman) Results 1202 - Fellow One Research, The Four Body Types TestSkinny fat has been a slighlty serious problem in my life overall. I have experienced the skinny fat phenomenon in the past and/but I am presently experiencing the skinny fat phenomenon in my life. After reviewing my body, I am experiencing and/or have experienced skinny fat including thin fat, cellulite, crepey skin, loose/saggy skin, and/or normal weight obesity, in general, relative to: outer/front lower leg/calves/shins, upper leg/front thighs, upper leg/inner thighs, upper leg/back thighs, upper leg/outer thighs, buttocks, lower midriff/waist/hips, midriff/abdomen/belly, upper midriff/diaphragm, upper arms/front/biceps, upper arms/back/triceps, inner upper arms/under arms, upper back, middle back, lower back, lower side trunk/love handles, upper side trunk, neck, face, as far as I can tell.

On average, I experience backaches and pain. I feel backaches and pains in my body in relation to: cervical 4, cervical 5, thoracic 1, thoracic 2, thoracic 3, thoracic 4, thoracic 5, thoracic 9, thoracic 10, thoracic 11, thoracic 12, lumbar 2, lumbar 3, lumbar 4, lumbar 5, and it is directly relative to my Body Type Three (BT3).

Diet (Food & Drink/Hydration)

Basic Self-Determined Body Type Quiz/Test Participant Diet Score (5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy)


Basic Calculated Fellow One Research Body Type Quiz/Test Participant Diet Score (5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy)**


I believe my daily diet is healthy overall. I would say my diet is carnivore-leaning omnivore. I eat 3 meals per day but they are not all nutritionally balanced; I am likely not getting all my nutrients. I eat a fair mix of whole organic, regular, & fast/processed/junk food. I drink alcohol a few times per week, following the recommended 1 glass/day women/2 per day men. I drink the equivalent of 4-6, 8 ounce glasses of clean water daily and am slightly to moderately dehydrated.

Cardio & Resistance (Weight Lifting, Calisthenics (Body Weight), Isometrics/Gravity) Exercise Training

Basic Self-Determined Body Type Quiz/Test Participant Exercise Score (5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy)


Basic Calculated Fellow One Research Body Type Quiz/Test Participant Exercise Score (5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy)**


Body Type Quiz (Female/Woman) Results 1202, Body Type Three (BT3) - Fellow One Research, The Four (4) Body Types TestBody Type Test (Female/Woman) Results 1202, Fellow One Research - The Four (4) Body Types Quiz, Body Type Three (BT3)In my opinion, my weekly cardio exercise training routine is questionably healthy. I do cardio exercise 3x per week. My training is 45 minutes per day. I like the following types of cardio activities: walking, jogging, hiking, elliptical, treadmill, step machine, workout class (varies), and the like.

My belief is that my weekly resistance exercise training routine is healthy. I do resistance training 45 minutes per day; 4x per week. I enjoy the following kinds of resistance exercise training activities: weightlifting/weight-training, calisthenics (body weight), as it stands now.

My daily work/job/career is not strenuous/active at all, I sit around all day.

Lifestyle (Career, Relationships, Travel, Hobbies, Sleep, Stress, etc.)

Basic Self-Determined Body Type Quiz/Test Participant Lifestyle Score (5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy)


Basic Calculated Fellow One Body Type Quiz/TestParticipant Lifestyle Score (5 is Very Healthy, 1 is Very Unhealthy)**


Fellow One Research, Body Type Quiz (Female/Woman/Women) Results 1202 - The Four (4) Body Types Test, Body Type Three (BT3)Body Type Quiz (Women/Woman) Results 1202, The Four Body Types Test - Body Type Three (BT3), Fellow One ResearchI think my lifestyle overall is unhealthy. I get 6.0 to 7.5 hours of sleep per day/night on average. My daily/nightly sleep, on average, is of questionable quality as I can toss & turn, awaking refreshed slightly to moderately each morning. I find I am happiest when I partake in the following lifestyle activities: career/job/work, educational opportunities, family relationships, intimate/romantic relationship(s), platonic relationships-friendships, professional/business relationships, and such. Over the past 6 months, my average daily stress levels have been very high.

No, my doctor(s) has never diagnosed me with a hormone imbalance that negatively affected my weight. I am not currently dealing with a doctor-diagnosed hormone imbalance that negatively affects my weight. No, a licensed medical doctor has never diagnosed me with a specific malformation, underdevelopment, abnormality, or the like.

If my diet, exercise, and lifestyle were all very healthy my body would not look 100% identical to a Body Type One (BT1) with all muscles/muscle mass properly developed. My genetics/DNA are the indirect reason for my body type shape; diet, exercise, and lifestyle are the main reason. The soul is real and may play a part in human health, but I am not sure.

**Elite Athletes and the Like May Skew Results

Fellow One Research Participant, The Four Body Types’ Free Body Type Shape Quiz Calculator – One Question I Would Like Answered:

How Can I Successfully & Permanently Lose Weight?

116 thoughts on “Body Type Test (Quiz) Results 1202 – Body Type Three (BT3) Female (Woman), Generation Z

  1. Comment #5472

    Hi Jessica:

    Thanks for your Fellow One Research Participant, The Four Body Types’ Free Body Type Quiz/Test Calculator submission.

    Please carefully review the above post.

    After reviewing your Body Type Quiz data and images, it appears you are a Body Type Three (BT3) with at least likely underdeveloped cervical 4, cervical 5, thoracic 2, thoracic 5, thoracic 6, thoracic 7, thoracic 10, thoracic 11, thoracic 12, lumbar 1, lumbar 2, lumbar 3, lumbar 4, lumbar 5, and sacrum vertebrae. Your BT1 Classic Arch and Dimples do not look fully developed. Being a BT3 is supported by your statements, "If/when I put fat weight on my body, it is most likely that I will put the fat weight on in relation to: upper leg/front thighs, upper leg/inner thighs, upper leg/back thighs, upper leg/outer thighs, buttocks, lower midriff/waist/hips, midriff/abdomen/belly, upper midriff/diaphragm, lower side trunk/love handles, face, as accurately as I can figure." and "After reviewing my body, I am experiencing and/or have experienced skinny fat including thin fat, cellulite, crepey skin, loose/saggy skin, and/or normal weight obesity, in general, relative to: outer/front lower leg/calves/shins, upper leg/front thighs, upper leg/inner thighs, upper leg/back thighs, upper leg/outer thighs, buttocks, lower midriff/waist/hips, midriff/abdomen/belly, upper midriff/diaphragm, upper arms/front/biceps, upper arms/back/triceps, inner upper arms/under arms, upper back, middle back, lower back, lower side trunk/love handles, upper side trunk, neck, face, as far as I can tell." As well, you stated, "I feel backaches and pains in my body in relation to: cervical 4, cervical 5, thoracic 1, thoracic 2, thoracic 3, thoracic 4, thoracic 5, thoracic 9, thoracic 10, thoracic 11, thoracic 12, lumbar 2, lumbar 3, lumbar 4, lumbar 5, and it is directly relative to my Body Type Three (BT3)." along with "I was at my heaviest weight when I reached 160 pounds at age 22. The most weight I ever lost was 10 pounds when I was 20. I have not been successful at keeping all that weight off to date. I gained back 10 of those pounds in a span of 6 month(s)." Things are further supported by your moderate-risk BMI.

    Keep In mind that underdeveloped vertebra(e) relative to muscles/muscle mass is genetics/DNA. As is skinny fat (cellulite, thin fat, loose skin, saggy skin, crepey skin, normal weight obesity), most likely.

    Please answer the following:

    Looking at the BT1 Dimples and Classic Arch here

    A. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being 100% fully developed, how Developed are your Body Type One (BT1) Dimples?
    B. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being 100% fully developed, how Developed is your Body Type One (BT1) Classic Arch?

    All the years of your life, from 0-23, should be clearly represented in your answers in a range of years (For Example: If you are a 24 year old Body Type Two (BT2), but were a BT1 early on in your life, but then became a BT2, then you would answer with something like — BT1 = 0-17 years, BT2 = 18-24, years). After double-checking the images here

    C. What years of your life did you look like a Body Type One (BT1), if any?
    D. What years of your life did you look like a Body Type Two (BT2), if any?
    E. What years of your life did/have you looked like a Body Type Three (BT3)?
    F. What years of your life did you look like a Body Type Four (BT4), if any?

    G. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being 100% True, True or False? Every human body is born the same, with the same muscle mass and development, as per every Standard Science/Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1). Obesity and/or skinny fat (thin fat, cellulite, crepey skin, loose skin, saggy skin, normal weight obesity) are solely/only about poor diet, laziness/no exercise, and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

    H. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being 100% True, True or False? The spine/vertebrae (posture) & muscle/muscle mass are main, vital components in the scaffolding, structure, & metabolism of the human body as well as it’s balance, health, & appearance, no less, and directly affects body type (one of The Four Body Types).

    I. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being 100% True, True or False? Mainstream science and medical doctors are right, all any human being has to do to lose weight & look like a Standard Scientific Human Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) is reduce daily calorie intake & increase daily calorie burn.

  2. Comment #5473

    1. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being Makes Real Logical And Reasonable Sense, how Logical And Reasonable would you say the Fellow One Research variables and data are, as you understand them now?

    2. As per #1, Why?

    3. What could be done better to help better explain and show the research data to date?

    • Comment #5485

      I would say that the Fellow One Research variables and data are an 8.

      2. I have never heard too much science about the vertebrae and the body types before now, but it makes a lot of sense. Comparing my pictures to the data was interesting and somewhat eye-opening as I had never really thought much about these variables before now. I think as I learn more I will even mores agree with Fellow One Research.

      3. Not too much could be done to make it better, I believe I understand it all so far.

  3. Comment #5509

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: High

    Subject: Starting My Scientific Weight Loss Journey - Day 1

    Hello Gnosis,

    Today begins my journey! I will be losing 40 lbs over the next 152-167 days. I am currently weighing 160.20 and will be losing no less than 40.00 lbs to get to my goal weight of 120.20. During this time period, I will be tracking my scientific diet, exercise, and lifestyle data. I will be doing cardio (jogging/walking at a quick pace) 3+ times per week, and weight lifting 3+ times a week with each session lasting 45 minutes. I also will be ensuring that I hit a steps goal of 6000 steps per day. I will be doing a low-fat diet, in which 30% or less of my diet comes from fat. Currently, I will be working with a goal of about 945 calories per day or less. Excited for the rest of the journey- so far so good, one day done!

  4. Comment #5525

    Comment Type: Exercise

    Exercise Type: Cardio

    Cardio Type: Workout Class (varies)

    Duration: 0.75 hours

    Time of Day: Early Morning

    Intensity: Very Intense

    I enjoy doing both cardio (running) and lifting weights as part of my regular work out routine. I typically lift pretty intensely, especially if I go to a weights class that is high-intensity. These workout classes are crazy intense, often a mix of cardio with weights/doing cardio while holding weights. However, by doing rigorous cardio or lifting weights I do worry about gaining too much muscle without losing fat. I feel like I will look bigger. Do you think I should be lifting heavier with fewer reps or doing a lighter weight and more reps? Is this something I should be concerned about?

    • Comment #5530

      Think about muscle/mass in terms of the Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1).

      If you have underdeveloped muscle/mass, and according to your Scientific Body Type Quiz, you do -- relative to your cervical 4, cervical 5, thoracic 2, thoracic 5, thoracic 6, thoracic 7, thoracic 10, thoracic 11, thoracic 12, lumbar 1, lumbar 2, lumbar 3, lumbar 4, lumbar 5, sacrum -- then you have skinny fat where there should be muscle/mass. That likely means that other areas of your body where you have more muscle/mass will have to compensate for the lack of muscle/mass relative to your skinny fat areas. In compensating, the areas where you have more muscle will most likely put on more muscle/mass, which will likely cause further unbalance in/on your body.

      When you are dealing with an unbalance of muscle/mass versus skinny fat on your body, it is really best to focus on specialized weight lifting routines that focus on toning muscle/mass where you already have it and building muscle/mass where you have skinny fat. This way, you know you are doing everything you can to build muscle/mass relative to the skinny fat to keep your body as balanced as possible.

      In terms of more reps with lighter weight versus fewer reps with heavier weight, mix it up, focusing on your skinny fat areas. One day, do lighter weight and more reps, the next weightlifting day try fewer reps with heavier weight. Get to know your body and how it reacts best. If you can figure out what your body prefers, you may be able to overcome the skinny fat including cellulite -- although, do keep in mind that the downfall of repetition resistance exercise (or cardio) is that once you stop doing it, the muscle/mass built gradually dissipates and goes away.

      Doing resistance exercise like yoga can help you get to know your spine and vertebrae, which in turn can help you build muscle/mass gradually relative to proper posture, which will stick with you for the long term. The point of yoga (isometrics and calisthenics) is to hold the pose for as long as you can, which means you are forcing the body to build muscle/mass relative to the specific vertebra(e) to hold the specific pose.

      The more muscle that you build, the longer you can hold the yoga pose(s). If you do the yoga pose(s) in harmony with your posture, you can learn to utilize that pose(s) in day-to-day life relative to your posture. Mastering that process means you learn to hold your posture correctly relative to gravity and each vertebra in your day-to-day life. Because gravity is the weight always resisting the human body, you can change the very structure of your body, including building muscle/mass where you have skinny fat to permanently overcome your skinny fat including cellulite.

      There are also hybrid resistance exercises that use yoga and weight.

      Let us know if we need to clarify anything.

  5. Comment #5526

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update

    So far my journey is going well, it has only just begun. My day one starting weight was 160.20 pounds, I am on day seven and I now weigh 157.00 pounds. I am feeling good about losing 3.20 pounds in my first 7 days!

    Attached is a picture showing my current fat and skinny fat, especially cellulite. I am hoping to drop the extra fat that you can see on my lower back and reduce the cellulite on my upper back thighs in particular. So far so good though!

  6. Comment #5594

    Comment Type: Diet

    Diet Type: Food Item

    Food Item (Product) Name: Beef Jerky

    Ingredients: Beef, Water, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Contains 2% Or Less Of Sea Salt, Salt, Soy Sauce (Wheat, Soybeans, Salt), Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Yeast Extract, Flavors, Maltodextrin, Cultured Celery Extract, Beef Stock, Pineapple Powder, Citric Acid

    Product Manufacturer: Jack Links

    Calories: 80 (1 Oz/28 Grams)

    Type of Food: Junk Food (Heavily Processed And High In Added Sugar, Salt, Cheap And/or Artificial Ingredients, And/or Poor Quality Fats/oils)

    Hello Gnosis,

    I have considered beef jerky a somewhat healthy snack for my diet since it is filling and fairly low in calories in comparison to how full I feel after eating. My diet is low-fat and it works well with my diet. What are your thoughts as to if this is actually something I should be eating in my diet?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Comment #5597

      Beef Jerky is a popular snack because it is convenient, quick, portable, and high in protein while typically low in fat. Originally thought to be a Native South American creation, particularly in relation to Peru and parts of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador, the name beef jerky is sourced from the Quechua word “ch’arki” meaning dried, salted meat.

      Quality, nutritious, and healthy beef jerky is made with minimal ingredients including lean cuts of beef that are marinated with various simple and natural sauces, spices, and salt. It is then processed by either curing, smoking, or drying before its ready to eat.

      Nowadays, beef jerky is more commonly heavily processed with questionable quality ingredients including additives and preservatives that make how heathy it is dubious. Refined, added sugar is a typical culprit (i.e. additional unwanted calories and increased risk for blood sugar imbalance, insulin resistance, diabetes, & obesity, no less) along with hydrolyzed corn protein which contains MSG. MSG has been linked to metabolic disorders, obesity, Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, neurotoxic effects, and detrimental effects on the reproductive organs. Maltodextrin can exacerbate diabetes or celiac disease and cause side effects like allergic reactions, weight gain, gas/flatulence, bloating, rash, skin irritation, asthma, cramping, or difficulty breathing. Avoiding heavily processed beef jerky is highly recommended.

      Jack Links Original Beef Jerky, per 1 ounce (28 gram) serving, contains 80 calories, 11 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat including no saturated fat, 6 grams of carbohydrates of which 6 grams is added sugar & 0 grams is fiber, and 25 mg of cholesterol. In terms of vitamins, depending on the manufacturer, beef jerky usually contains fair to tiny amounts of the B-vitamins thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), folate (B9), and cobalamin (B12) along with choline. As well, again, depending on the manufacturer, it affords decent to trace amount of minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and molybdenum.

      Even with all that nutrition, beef jerky should be consumed in serious moderation. It is very high in sodium which can lead to decreased heart health including increased blood pressure and elevated risk of stroke. Further, most beef jerky is highly processed, and copious research studies connect diets high in processed and cured red meats like beef jerky with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancers, such as gastrointestinal cancers. Moreover, recent studies suggest that dried, cured meats like beef jerky are at an increased risk of being contaminated with toxic substances called mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are produced by fungi that grow on meat and are linked to cancer.

      As for refined, added sugar, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends limiting added sugar to no more than 100 calories per day for women and 150 calories per day for men. That equates to about 6 teaspoons or 24 grams of sugar for the average woman and about 9 teaspoons or 36 grams of sugar for the average man. The fact is, added sugar offers no nutritional need or benefit. Jack Links contains 6 grams of refined, added sugar in one serving, which is 1/4 (25%) of your daily recommended safe dosage of added sugar. This is why we have labeled Jack Links Beef Jerky a junk food (heavily processed and high in added sugar, salt, cheap and/or artificial ingredients, and/or poor quality fats/oils).

      If you do choose to eat processed meat, the science-based and cancer-prevention-minded American Institute for Cancer Research recommends limiting consumption "to no more than three portions a week or about 12-18 ounces (cooked)."

      There are plant-based alternatives. However, most are also highly processed and high in sodium, so beware. Mushroom jerky is one popular alternative, just be sure to choose the most minimally processed and all natural, preferably organic, that you can find.

      Potentially healthier minimally processed beef or turkey jerky versions (we do not endorse or recommend any of these products - we simply offer them as informational bits for you to choose from):

      * Lorissa’s Kitchen Grass Beef Sticks - made from 100% grass-fed beef and are keto-friendly
      * People’s Choice Beef Jerky - no added nitrites, nitrates or MSG and is also free of sugar, gluten and soy
      * Sogo Snacks Beef Sticks - made from humanely-raised beef and are paleo-friendly
      * Country Archer Turkey Jerky - can help you reduce the amount of red meat in your diet while still offering all the rich flavor without the extra saturated fat

  7. Comment #5593

    Comment Type: Diet

    Diet Type: Dinner

    Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Salt, Pepper, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Calories: 460

    Meal Name: Broiled Chicken And Veggies

    Hi Gnosis:

    I am on a low-fat diet; therefore, I have been eating a lot of vegetables as they are low in calories/fat. Particularly I enjoy broiled chicken breast with vegetables - carrots and Brussel sprouts - best. I prefer to cook with Bertolli olive oil, typically broiling in the oven and adding a little olive oil to the pan for taste, nonstick, and browning purposes. They taste better to me that way. However, adding olive oil can be high in fat/calories so I have been trying to avoid that. I was wondering your thoughts about how olive oil could affect my diet or if you have any suggestions for alternatives? Thanks for your help!

    • Comment #5599

      Olive oil is one of the most studied food items in the world and is very safe and very healthy, in moderation (like all healthy oils). You can read about the health benefits of olive olive in full here.

      However, it is not recommended for broiling as the smoke point is somewhere around 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Although you can reduce the temperature and increase cooking time. Or, you can use a more stable high-temperature oil like organic avocado oil, which does not have much flavor making it a good option for cooking.

      We understand that you are on a low-fat diet, but do keep in mind that the human body needs a minimal amount of healthy oil/fats each day to function, including the brain, so the key is choosing the right healthy oil in your daily meals. The goal is balance and health. If you enjoy your veggies roasted in healthy oil, then look for ways to reduce oil/fat in other meals. Just be sure that you are getting enough healthy oil each day so that your body is getting the proper nutrients it needs to successfully function safe and healthy.

      Let us know if you have any further questions.

  8. Comment #5611

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update


    I feel just a bit discouraged this week, I did not start off on the right foot yesterday. I did not allow myself any sweets on Easter, but I wanted some sugar badly the day after. I had the worst cravings, so I ended up having a cheat day yesterday. I am trying not to feel too discouraged from having a cheat day, but it really makes it worse because I feel like I ruined what I had going. It’s hard to see much transformation yet; however, it is only day 14. I still have plenty of days to go. I don't see too many results yet on my body but I do see them on the scale a little bit. I started by weighing 160, and I am en route to reaching my goal of 120. Today I currently weigh 156.2, having lost 3.8 pounds total so far. My working out is going well, and I am trying to be more optimistic this week!

    • Comment #5614

      Weight loss is very hard. Holidays make it even harder, as temptations become more numerous and readily present and harder to deny. Do not get discouraged. Cheat days are normal, so long as you keep them to the minimum.

      Keep up the hard work!

  9. Comment #5637

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: Sleep

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Sleep Duration: 7.0

    Sleep Quality: Questionable Quality

    Dream: I Do Not Remember My Dreams.

    Sleep/Wake Schedule: Night Owl

    Subject: How much do sleep and stress affect my journey? How much more sleep should I be getting?

    I know that sleep and stress can affect weight loss, I was wondering to what extent that is. How do I know if it is affecting me? I get around 7-8 hours of sleep, but I feel like my body needs a lot more when I am waking up! How do I know how much sleep I should get?

    • Comment #5640

      7/7.5 to 9 hours is the expert-recommended amount each night. Consistency is a main key, meaning going to bed around the same time every night and getting the same average length. Some bodies require more sleep, some less. It sounds like your body might require a bit more than 7 hours. Is that an option for you? Can you get to bed earlier?

      When do you eat your last meal of the day, how many hours before bed? Are meals high in sodium? Do you drink alcohol or caffeine, eat heavy, poor quality fatty foods, eat refined sugar or other empty carbs, or the like? After reviewing your diary, it looks like you did a latte one night for dinner, but otherwise, your dinners look really healthy. There are no entries regarding snacks before bed.

      You stated your stress levels are moderate, so that could play a role. Is there a way you could reduce stress, like with meditation? Do you use your phone or laptop (screentime) a lot right before bed?

      Once we have a better sense of things we can offer better science-based advice.

      • Comment #5672


        Thank you for the information, it is helpful! It is hard for me to get more than I am already getting, and I am definitely not consistent. Just a hectic work schedule, that is never finished!

        I typically eat around 7PM or 8PM and go to bed at 11 or 11:30, so I could definitely try to eat earlier if that is a factor. Sometimes my meals are high in sodium, depends on the day, but most of the time that is probably true. I do drink a lot of caffeine. Most of my meals are light, not poor quality, and are not empty carbs though which is good! I probably do drink caffeine too late in the evening!
        I also use my phone or laptop before bed so that is another good point that I could adjust!! After reflecting, these are a lot of things I can make positive changes on and work toward. Thank you very much!!!

        • Comment #5678

          For most people, caffeine will definitely affect sleep, especially the closer to bedtime that you drink it. In general, 6 hours before bedtime is the latest it is recommended to consume caffeine so as not to negatively disrupt sleep. However, some people are more sensitive. Test your body and see what works best. A good test is to stop any caffeine at around 12:00 noon for 3-7 days and see if your sleep improves. Then adjust accordingly, as needed. If you are using caffeine as an energy boost, some known substitutes that might work are ginseng and maca. You can also try chicory root (coffee substitute) and rooibos tea.

          Yes, high salt can also negatively affect sleep because, “Eating a meal that's high in sodium at dinnertime can contribute to sleep disturbances, in part due to an increase in blood pressure and fluid retention,” says Dr. Darling at the Cleveland Clinic. Instead of salt for flavor, try other spices like pepper, red pepper, dried onion powder, paprika, garlic, lemon zest, dill, nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, or balsamic vinegar, to name a few.

          If you do try any of those, let us know how it goes.

          Getting proper, quality sleep correlates directly to weight management and weight loss. Studies have shown that losing sleep while dieting can reduce the quantity of weight lost, encourage overeating, and increase the risk of being overweight and obese. Further research strongly indicates that too little sleep leads to people eating larger meals and snacks, weight gain, depression, stroke, and diseases like obesity and heart disease. Moreover, lack of sufficient sleep negatively affects hormone balance, particularly the appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin, which in turn has tendencies to increase the probabilities of consuming too much food (too many calories).

  10. Comment #5638

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Subject: Journey Update

    Hello! I am on day 21 of my journey! Even though I did not quite hit the 2 pound per week ideal goal for this week, I have a great feeling about this upcoming week. I think that I can easily get back on track. I started at 160.2 pounds and my goal is to get to 120 pounds, losing 40 pounds. I weigh 154.4 today, so thus far I have lost about 5.2 pounds. My biggest tribulations of this journey are that I have some weaknesses when it comes to cravings or snacks and I often feel like giving up, I am working on that though. I am not sure if I am seeing results or not in my images, but I do feel like my back vertebrae is more visible. Ready for this next week!

    • Comment #5639

      Nice job. That is the upside of an average of 2 pounds of weight loss per week -- some weeks will be more, some less. What are some of the foods that you crave that are causing problems? We might be able to offer some recommendations to help.

      • Comment #5680

        Thank you, that is very true! I often crave really salty things like chips, or something cheesy! I would love some recommendations.

        • Comment #5683

          Do you know your current blood pressure and heart rate? Do you crave salty foods all the time, or only occasionally, like perhaps when you are on your period? Have you ever had your adrenals tested? If not, please ask your doctor about it. We are hesitant to recommend other possible food or drink when we are unsure if food or drink is the problem or the solution. Please read these 6 reasons why you might be craving salt. Be sure to ask your doctor about things.

          Once you have a better sense of things, please update us here.

  11. Comment #5673

    Comment Type: Diet

    Diet Type: Food Item

    Food Item (Product) Name: Peanut Butter, Justins

    Ingredients: Dry Roasted Peanuts, Palm Oil

    Product Manufacturer: Justins

    Calories: 210 (2 Tbsp/32 Grams)

    Type of Food: Minimally Processed Regular Whole Food

    Hey Gnosis!! I am on a low-fat diet and I am also trying to eat foods that are less processed. Lately, I have been trying to drink more smoothies, one of my favorites is peanut butter banana (with just a tablespoon of PB, not going over board). I traded in my JIF for a healthier brand, and wondering your thoughts on this product, or what might be a better one? Thanks so much!

    • Comment #5692

      Popular globally, including here in the United States, real peanut butter is a high protein, nutrient rich food. Originally invented by the Ancient South American Incas and Aztecs as a paste, peanut butter reappeared in the modern world first as a paste thanks to Canadian chemist and pharmacist Marcellus Gilmore Edson. In 1895, American doctor, nutritionist, and cereal pioneer John Harvey Kellogg filed a patent for a proto-peanut butter, unleashing the product on the public.

      Although, all things consider, rare, a small portion of the population does have a peanut allergy. For some it is mild, for others it is deadly.

      Real peanut butter is best, with simple ingreadients that include dry roasted ground peanuts and, sometimes, salt. Organic is even better. Avoid highly processed mainstream products that have extracted the natural peanut oil (to be sold as its own product) and replaced it with inferior, unhealthy oils including cottonseed oil, hydrogenated oil, and other poor quality oils. Such highly processed products are also typically loaded with unhealthy refined sugar and other nonsense ingredients.

      Peanut butters with palm oil are controversial because of the sustainability and human rights issues involved. Although palm oil is known for its healthy fats, vitamins, and antioxidants, sustainably grown palm oil is highly recommended due to the industry's well-documented environmental and human rights abuses. When buying a peanut product, really any product, that has palm oil, be sure to verify the palm oil is 3rd party verified as being a sustainably grown, manufactured, and produced product.

      Safe for daily consumption in moderation (2 tbsp/32 grams or less), In terms of nutrition 32 grams of peanut butter contains 210 calories, 7 grams of protein, 18 grams of fat of which 3.5 grams is saturated and the majority of the rest is monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), 6 grams of carbohydrates of which 1 gram is fiber and 2 grams is sugar, and 0 mg of cholesterol. Vitamins afforded include the B-vitamins niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), & folate (B9 as well as vitamin E and vitamin H (biotin). It offers the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, selenium, and iron.

      Moreover, peanut butter is a powerhouse of antioxidants which help protect the cells from free radical damage and reduces the risk of diseases like cancer and heart disease, to name a few. Research indicates that the activity of the antioxidant coumaric acid is boosted by 22% if you roast peanuts before making them into a butter. It also contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that has been shown to lower the risk of obesity and cognitive decline. Other antioxidants include manganese, zinc, selenium, B-vitamins, and vitamin E.

      In terms of weight loss, peanuts are high in calories so they may not be the best choice for people trying to lose weight. However, due to all the healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, peanut butter is associated with a lower risk of weight gain and obesity when consumed as part of a healthy diet. Perhaps most importantly, peanuts boast genistein, a compound that acts directly on the genes for obesity, helping to mitigate their effects and reduce your body's ability to store fat, which can help with weight loss.

      Further health benefits of peanuts include reducing the risk of diabetes by helping manage blood sugar levels, increasing heart health, decreasing the risk of benign breast disease (BBD), and assisting with weightlifting (adding muscles/mass),

      It should also be noted that because peanuts are grown underground, they can contain aflatoxins, a type of harmful mold that should be avoided. Finally, peanuts are high in phosphorus so they can limit your bodies ability to absorb zinc and iron and, thus, exacerbate an iron and/or zinc deficiency, if already present in the body. Possible healthier nut butter alternatives are almond butter, macadamia nut butter, or walnut butter.

      All that being said, two tablespoons of penaut butter contains 26 milligrams of oxalates. Intake of excess oxalates can lead to kindey stones and renal failure/damage to kidneys. If you are at an increased risk of kidney stones you are advised to keep oxalate consumption at around 100 mg per daily or less (average is 200 to 300 mg per day).

  12. Comment #5679

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Day 28

    Today is day 28 of my journey, it has been almost one month. I began at 160.2 pounds, and I have lost nearly 8. Today I weighed in at 152.4. My goal is to lose 40 pounds in total. I wish my results were more visible, but I suppose that is part of the process. The place where I feel like I can see the biggest difference is my back. It is starting to look pretty different than it did on day one, I see more definition in my spine and my shoulder blades. I feel like I can see my stomach shrinking a bit too. I began drinking more smoothies for breakfast and lunch as meals and I think that is helping, I am starting to feel more full with smaller portions which is nice. I am feeling much healthier overall, especially this week. I am starting to have more energy too! This was a motivating week for me, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this journey holds!

    • Comment #5684

      Congratulations on your weight loss success so far! All the positive changes you mentioned are great to hear. Yes, it will take some time to really see the physical changes, but we agree that there are clear differences in your back relative to the day 28 image compared to the day 1 image. Keep up the hard work!

  13. Comment #5707

    Comment Type: Exercise

    Exercise Type: Cardio

    Cardio Type: Elliptical

    Duration: 0.75 hours

    Time of Day: Late-Afternoon

    Intensity: Moderately Intense

    Hi Gnosis!

    I am wondering about your thoughts on using the elliptical versus walking on the treadmill. Most days I jog, but some days I just feel like doing a lighter pace. Do you have any opinion on what could be better for me between walking on the treadmill or using the eliptical?

    • Comment #5713

      The elliptical or the treadmill is a solid substitute for walking or jogging. 45 minutes is a good duration. The key is consistency and keeping the pace steady-state, medium-intensity. In the short term, during your weight loss journey, if you are only doing cardio (and no resistance) then 6-7 days per week is highly recommended to ensure you are increasing your metabolic rate to burn as many calories as possible. The elliptical offers several potential advantages over a treadmill, when done right, including:

      1) less impact, stress, and attrition on your legs, joints, tendons, and body in general,
      2) you can work the muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, and chest, as well as the muscles in your lower body,
      3) by reversing direction, an elliptical can also help you isolate specific muscles, which is harder to do with a treadmill.

  14. Comment #5708

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Day 35

    Journey Update- Today is day 35 of my journey. I am on a low-fat diet. I began at 160.2 pounds and my goal is to lose 40 pounds to reach my goal weight of 120.2. Today I weighed in at 150.6 pounds and so far I am feeling good about everything. It was fun doing a little celebratory dance when hitting the 1-month mark! I was able to splurge a little bit this weekend on wedding food, but did not end up even cheating on my diet which was nice! I have gotten used to eating smaller portions which makes it easier to treat myself without cheating on a little something! Overall, I feel like I have much better energy and am feeling replenished. I am hoping I can keep up the momentum in the months to come! Successful first month in my book!

    • Comment #5714

      Your weight loss success so far is applauded. All your scientific data to date is strong evidence that your diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices are paying off. We look forward to your update next week.

      Note: as you lose weight your BMR will change -

      New BMR at 150.6
      Standard Mifflin St Jeor BMR: 1402.93
      Adjusted Mifflin St Jeor: 1316.65

      OLD BMR at 160.2
      Standard Mifflin St Jeor BMR: 1446.43
      Adjusted Mifflin St Jeor: 1357.47

  15. Comment #5732

    Comment Type: Diet

    Diet Type: Food Item

    Food Item (Product) Name: Almond Milk, Califa Farms Unsweetened

    Ingredients: Almond Milk (Water, Almonds), Calcium Carbonate, Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt, Natural Flavors, Locust Bean Gum, Gellan Gum, Potassium Citrate

    Product Manufacturer: Califa Farms

    Calories: 35 (8 Oz/240 ML)

    Type of Food: Minimally Processed Regular Whole Food

    Hi Gnosis!

    I wanted to ask about this almond milk and your thoughts about it. I have been putting a little bit of this in some of my smoothies as opposed to using regular milk. It has been working decently overall for my low-fat diet and has 0g of sugar and only 35 calories per serving. I feel as though it is minimally processed and it is definitely a better alternative than the milk I have bought previously, but let me know if there might be an even better option.

    • Comment #5763

      Native to the Middle East and mentioned in the Bible as far back as 1400 BC, almonds are popular globally because they are super healthy and can be used as a dairy milk alternative when processed correctly. Almond milk is the most popular plant-based substitute for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant. Made by blending almonds with water and then straining the mixture to remove the solids, it has a pleasant, nutty flavor and a creamy texture that is similar to regular milk.

      It can also be made by adding water to almond butter. Or, you can make it at home with relatively little effort to ensure clean, minimal ingredients. Avoid products with added sugar, additives, and other nonsense ingredients.

      Califa Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk looks like a clean product with no added sugar. All indications are it is a very good choice. However, as always, we recommend organic, if possible.

      Because almond milk is processed and has added ingredients to arrive at a certain consistency and flavor, the nutrients will vary from product to product in relation to manufacturing processes. Eight fluid ounces (240 mL) of Califa Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk contains 35 calories, 1 gram of protein, 1 gram of carbohydrates of which less than 1 gram is fiber and 0 grams is added sugar, 3 grams of fat (0 grams of saturated), and 0 mg of cholesterol. Vitamins include decent to tiny amounts of the B-vitamins thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), and folate (B9) along with vitamin E. As well, it affords solid to trace quantities of the minerals calcium (fortified), iron, potassium (fortified), zinc, magnesium. manganese, and copper.

      In terms of antioxidants, its high vitamin E content helps protect cells against free radical damage. Moreover, vitamin E promotes eye and skin health. It may reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and lower the risk of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease while assisting with graceful aging. Depending on the product and how it is manufactured, although most is likely lost in processing, almond milk may also include polyphenols such as catechin, epicatechin and Kaempferol.

      As for weight loss and weight management, because it is low in calories and low fat and contains no added sugar, in those respects Califa Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk is a good choice. However it is also low in protein and fiber so it will not do as good a job keeping you satiated (feeling full).

      Other health benefits of almond milk include strengthening bones (calcium, potassium, magnesium) and decreasing the risk of osteoporosis (weak bones and fractures), reducing bad cholesterol and balancing blood lipids, helping control blood sugar levels, mitigating the risk of high blood pressure, assist with muscle strength & healing, and alleviating inflammation (anti-inflammatory).

      On the flip side, in rare instances, some people can have an allergy to almonds. And, beware of oxalate (excess of which can raise the risk of kidney stones and kidney damage/renal failure) in almond milk which ranges from 5.6 to 14.5 mg/100 mL -- homemade is more like 68 mg/100 mL. Most people average between 200 and 300 milligrams of oxalates daily, but if you are at increased risk of kidney stones it is suggested that consuming less than 100 milligrams a day is best.

      Finally, although we do not promote or recommend any one brand, here is a list of almond milks rated from best to worst.

  16. Comment #5740

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Very Low

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Week 6

    Hi Gnosis,

    Today is day 42 of my weight loss journey! I began at 160.2 lbs and am working toward my goal weight of 120.2 pounds. Today I weighed in at 150.4- nearly 10 pounds down and nearly a fourth of the way to my goal! I feel as though this week wasn’t my best week as although I stayed under my calorie/fat goal, but still did not eat super healthy with a little more processed foods than normal. I am working on getting back on track this week though- each week is a fresh start!

    Overall I am proud of myself, we all have off weeks but even though there was not much change in the scale I believe I am seeing a difference in my body! I have been very consistent in my workouts and it is beginning to show- I have a much better muscle definition in my arms! I also have been going pretty far over my step goal, which is great! Looking forward to another good week!

  17. Comment #5764

    Comment Type: Diet

    Diet Type: Food Item

    Food Item (Product) Name: Wine, Red Blend (Legacy)

    Ingredients: California Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, And Zinfandel

    Product Manufacturer: Josh Cellars

    Calories: 125 (5 Ounces)

    Type of Food: Minimally Processed Regular Whole Food

    Hi Gnosis,

    I am questioning how alcohol intake could affect weight loss/gain. Obviously, there are the added calories and added fat, but I am more so wondering how it affects the healthy lifestyle as a whole.

    I do like a glass of wine and drink it on occasion, but have been trying not to lately as it definitely affects my diet. I am curious about the big picture effects though.


    • Comment #5770

      Current research guidelines allow for one (1) alcoholic drink serving per day for women and up to two (2) drinks per day for men. Although these guidelines are the subject of serious debate. The newest scientific studies lean towards one-half (1/2) glass for women daily and one (1) glass for men daily. Whether or not you gain weight from alcohol depends on what you drink, how much you drink, how often you drink, when you drink, and what you eat when you drink, all relative to your unique body type and lifestyle.

      Alcohol is known to directly affect weight loss and gain. First and foremost, alcohol is high in calories. One ounce of alcohol is the equivalent of 28.35 grams. On average, one ounce of alcohol provides roughly 25 calories. One 25.4 ounce full bottle of red wine is typically 635 calories total. Thus, a standard 5 oz serving/glass of wine is 125 calories. For women who follow these guidelines, that is 875 calories per week. For men, it is 1750 calories per week. For heavier drinkers, the number of calories can increase significantly.

      There are a few positive health benefits that may be acquired from red wine drinking in moderation. It has less empty calories due to its nutritional content including antioxidants like resveratrol and polyphenols, which help reduce cells free radical damage, decrease inflammation, and mitigate the risk of dementia including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Research also indicates that it might be beneficial to heart health including possibly preventing damage to blood vessels, reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL) bad cholesterol, and preventing blood clots. Vitamins and minerals include trace amounts of the electrolytes calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium as well as fluoride, the B-vitamins thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), and niacin (B3), along with vitamin K.

      Secondly, alcohol is known to stop the body from burning fat because when alcohol is consumed, it’s burned as a fuel source first before your body uses anything else. This includes glucose from carbohydrates or lipids from fats. Hence, if your body is using alcohol as a primary source of energy, the excess glucose and lipids end up as fat, or adipose tissue.

      Thirdly, alcohol affects sleep quality. Sleep is how your body heals and regenerates. Alcohol before/too close to bedtime can lead to increased periods of wakefulness during sleep cycles, especially R.E.M and deep sleep, and cause sleep deprivation and/or impaired sleep. This, in turn, can lead to an imbalance in the hormones related to hunger, satiety, and energy storage. Thus, directly, negatively affecting weight loss and gain.

      Fourthly, alcohol has a relationship to weight gain that is referred to as the tipping point. The tipping point is when your inhibitions are compromised to a point where you begin to make poor decisions in terms of food and more alcohol. Research studies show that, for the average person, because alcohol makes you feel hungrier, the average additional energy (calorie) intake after you have passed your tipping point is estimated to be 4,305 extra calories that same day or evening. That is more than twice the recommended daily calorie guideline for an adult woman.

      To make matters worse, excess drinking greatly increases the probability that you will forego exercise the following day, which further reduces calories burned. To add insult to injury, the average person goes on to make more poor food choices that further increases calorie intake, thus leading to additional weight gain. One study found that participants averaged an estimated additional intake of 2,051 calories the following day; taking the estimated total additional calories consumed over the alcohol tipping point binge period to over 6,000 in two days.

      Fifthly, excess alcohol indulgence over time directly correlates to organ damage including the liver, kidneys, and heart. In terms of the liver, alcoholic fatty liver can cause serious damage, affecting the way that your body metabolizes and stores carbohydrates and fats. Such changes directly affect how your body stores energy from food and can make it very difficult to lose weight. As for the heart, alcohol is known to increase bad cholesterol and cause high blood pressure as well as high blood sugar levels, which can cause heart disease over time. Furthermore, alcohol can cause changes in the function of the kidneys and makes them less able to filter the blood. For heavy drinkers, the kidneys have to work harder which affects the ability to regulate fluid and electrolytes in the body. Alcohol dehydrates (dries out) the body, and the drying effect can affect the normal function of cells and organs, including the kidneys.

      Sixthly, excess alcohol can lead to belly fat or the dreaded beer-gut. Consuming foods and drinks high in empty carbs (sugar) can quickly lead to weight gain. For most people, the body tends to accumulate fat in the abdominal area.

      Seventhly, alcohol can be detrimental to digestion and nutrient assimilation because it causes undue stress on the stomach and intestines. This has tendencies to lead to decreased digestive secretions (enzymes, hydrochloric acid, etc.) which reduces food breakdown and nutrient (macronutrients — protein, fats, carbohydrates — and micronutrients — vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) uptake. Moreover, food movement through the digestive tract is slowed, which can cause constipation or diarrhea. Alcohol intake of all levels can lead to impaired digestion which can greatly affect the metabolism of organs that play a role in weight management.

      Finally, hormone imbalance. Alcohol is known to throw the hormone system out of balance. This can lead to no less than increased levels of the hormone cortisol, which has been linked to weight gain.

      In the end, alcohol plays a large role in weight management. If you are looking to lose weight you should really consider skipping alcohol until you have reached your weight loss goal. One you reach your goal, you can celebrate in moderation with a glass of your favorite red wine.

  18. Comment #5765

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Low

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Week 7

    Hello Gnosis!

    Today is day 49 of my weight loss journey. I began at 160.2 pounds and am working toward my goal weight of 120.2 pounds, losing a total of 40 pounds. Today I weighed in at 151.2. This was a bummer, as I actually went up a bit from last week; however, I feel like I could also have some more water retention than last week, which may be affecting that number. It seems as if I have reached a hurdle to get over with this number, as the number isn't dropping as easily as in past weeks. It is certainly frustrating but I am hoping it is normal that all weeks aren't an easy downhill drop. On a different and better note, I still feel as though I am seeing subtle changes on my body, especially in my stomach and back. I feel as though my shoulders are looking more broad, which is kind of strange, maybe it is because my mid-range is shrinking in proportion. There is now clearly a change from day one to today. Hoping to see it on the scale more next week!

    • Comment #5769

      Don't get discouraged. It is common to have occasional setbacks. Please update next week on your exercise and how it is going. One of the keys to successful weight loss is getting your metabolic rate up to help burn more calories. In the short term (the body typically needs a day or two or rest), that means doing consistent exercise every day to help naturally boost your metabolism. Metabolism is a tricky thing. To really increase it takes consistent exercise daily, especially the more fat and skinny fat you have on your body. Keep up the hard work!

  19. Comment #5780

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: Sleep

    Stress Level: High

    Sleep Duration: 6.0

    Sleep Quality: Questionable Quality

    Dream: I Do Not Remember My Dreams.

    Sleep/Wake Schedule: Night Owl

    Hi Gnosis,

    I know that you have said that eating certain foods can affect sleep quality. I am curious as to how portion size before bed affects quality. Normally dinner is my largest meal, and so my portion of food I am eating then is fairly bigger. Would that impact the quality of my sleep? Would it help to eat a smaller portion before bed?

    • Comment #5786

      Yes, smaller portions can be beneficial. Keep in mind that sleep is a time when your body should be repairing and regenerating. The more energy it has to use to digest food, the likely less beneficial the quality of your sleep is. The quality of your food matters as well. Avoid heavy fat foods and high sugar/empty carbs foods. Perhaps try four meals during the day, if possible. Let us know how it goes.

  20. Comment #5782

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: High

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Week 8

    Today was day 56 of my journey!! I feel proud to have been eating healthy and working out consistently for over 50 days! I am on a low-fat diet and I began at 160.2 pounds and am working toward 120.2 pounds. I am up in weight from the past couple of weeks, but overall at the end of the day, I am still proud of my hard work. A lot of mornings, I weigh-in in the essentially ten pounds down from the start, that is a third of the way there! I have been working out consistently and my workouts this past week went well, although I did take a couple of days off this holiday weekend. I see changes in my body and more muscle definition. It is frustrating that the number on the scale doesn't go down every week and can even fluctuate up, but overall I believe I'm sitting at a decent place in my journey. Ready for this next week!

    • Comment #5785

      No worries. Holidays are important to blow off steam and have some fun. What you are experiencing is quite typical for a weight loss journey. Now that you have a strong sense of things, you can push forward with hard work to be successful. 🙂

  21. Comment #5820

    Comment Type: Diet

    Diet Type: Food Item

    Food Item (Product) Name: Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

    Ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Nonfat Milk, Cream, Whey, Contains Less Than 2% Of: Salt, Guar Gum, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Vitamin A Palmitate, Enzyme.

    Product Manufacturer: Good And Gather

    Calories: 80 (1/2 Cup/113 Grams)

    Type of Food: Minimally Processed Regular Whole Food

    Hi Gnosis,

    I was wondering your thoughts on cottage cheese. I am sure there are some brands less processed than what I have at my house, and if I were to find one less processed do you think it is a good item overall? Seems pretty good and low in calories for a large amount. Interested in what you think!

    • Comment #5823

      Existing in various forms for millennia, cottage cheese as it is known today first became popular during World War I thanks to the U.S. Department of Agriculture pushing it for civilian consumption to save as much of the meat supply as possible for soldiers stationed abroad.
      After the war, cottage cheese persisted as a popular food, peaking during the 1970s. Although usurped by yogurt as a favored consumer dairy product, it remains a steadfast food today.

      Cottage cheese is also referred to as curds and whey. Produced from boiling and curdling milk using acidic substances like lemon, lime, or vinegar, the process squeezes out the whey or milk serum to form lumps of curd which are drained and washed to remove residual acids. It is available in no-fat, low-fat, and full-fat options. Moreover, cottage cheese can be consumed solo or with the addition of fruit including blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, or the like along with honey, no less. As always, if it can be afforded, organic dairy is highly recommended.

      A nutritional powerhouse, nutrients will vary depending on the type of milk used and how it is manufactured. Good and Gather Low-Fat Cottage Cheese contains 12 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat of which 0.5 grams is saturated with minimal monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, 6 carbohydrates including 0 grams of fiber and 4 grams of sugar, and 10 mg of cholesterol. Vitamins include fair to generous amounts of vitamin A (retinol and beta carotene), the B-vitamins thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), folate (B9), cobalamin (B12) as well as vitamin K.

      It also affords choline and betaine. As for minerals, cottage cheese offers trace to high amounts of sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, and fluoride. Furthermore, cottage cheese brands that include fermented or live cultures known as probiotics (lactobacillus GG is a specific type of probiotic) have been shown to offer major health benefits including no less than strengthening gut bacteria/flora populations, improving digestion and bowel health, and enhancing immunity.

      In terms of weight loss, cottage cheese is considered an excellent addition to manage weight because it is low calorie. It is also rich in nutrients including protein that helps keep you satiated and feeling full. Which, in turn, likely reduces further eating and thus reduces calorie intake which encourages losing weight. Further, studies indicate that calcium and possibly other components of dairy assist with reducing weight and the risk of obesity, making weight maintenance easier, especially when combined with proper exercise.

      Other health benefits of cottage cheese include strengthening and supporting teeth and bone health (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium), keeping the thyroid running at optimal levels (selenium), alleviating aching muscles (electrolyte minerals), improves heart health (minerals), increasing energy, decreasig the risk of diabetes, assisting with pregnancy (overall nutrition), and in moderation decreasing the risk of certain cancers (partiulalry low-fat relative to breast cancer).

      On the flip side, those with a lactose intolerance or dairy allergy should avoid cottage cheese. It is also high in sodium which can irritate or exacerbate calcium imbalance as well as high blood pressure. Finally, too much calcium can increase the risk of prostate cancer.

  22. Comment #5803

    Hello Jessica:

    We would like you to seriously consider switching to a low-carb diet. The newest science supports low-carb diets much more than it supports low-fat. If you can keep your carbs around 37 grams per day or thereabouts, that is optimal as per the latest science. Include high-quality protein and high-quality fat (olive oil, flax oil, etc.).

    We would also like you to seriously consider increasing walking to boost your metabolism. You can still do other exercises if you enjoy them but 45 minutes to 1.5 hours of walking daily, every day (at least 6 days per week) is the key to boosting your metabolism, as per the latest science.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    • Comment #5817

      Okay I think I can do that. I would love some meal suggestions for low-carb if you have any. I am worried that that will be hard for me to stay under as my average carb intake has been much harder but I can definitely give it ago! Working on the walking too :)

      For my smoothies, I do strawberries, bananas, almond milk, and a little bit of protein powder.

      I do a lot of chicken.

      • Comment #5818

        Comment Type: Diet

        Diet Type: General

        Subject: Low-Carb, High Protein, High-Quality Fats - Fruits, Vegetables, Condiments, & Other Food Options

        Switching to a low carb diet means focusing more on quality protein and fats. Chicken is a great protein choice, especially lean breast. But it boils down to what you can truly afford. What other types of protein do you like?

        For your smoothie, can you focus more on a solid protein, like pea protein (something like this - 2 scoops = 0.9 grams of carbs and 30 grams of protein) or whey protein (something like this - 1 scoop = 4 grams of carbs and 18 grams of protein), and perhaps choose a different fruit other than a banana (we know, it makes great smoothies, but it is high in carbs), and only do half a cup (64 grams) of each to keep it low-carb?

        Carbohydrates (Carbs) - Fruits

        Estimated Carbs Per Cup (128 grams):

        Watermelon: 9.56 grams
        Strawberry: 9.83 grams
        Cantaloupe: 10.44 grams
        Peach: 12.21 grams
        Blackberry: 12.3 grams
        Lemon: 13 grams
        Plum: 13 grams
        Lime: 14 grams
        Apricot: 14 grams
        Cherries (Tart): 15 grams
        Orange: 15.04 grams
        Raspberry: 15.28 grams
        Clementine: 16 grams
        Pineapple: 16.17 grams
        Blueberry: 18.55 grams
        Kiwi: 18.76 grams
        Coconut Meat: 17 grams
        Apple: 19 grams
        Cherries (Sour): 19 grams
        Pear: 19.79 grams
        Cherries (Sweet): 20.49 grams
        Mango: 21.98 grams
        Pomegranate: 22 grams
        Grapes: 23.17 grams
        Banana: 29.24 grams
        Prunes: 89 grams
        Dates: 103 grams


        Carbohydrates (Carbs) - Vegetables (side dishes)

        Estimated Carbs Per Cup (128 grams):

        Watercress: 1.6 grams
        Asparagus: 3.15 grams
        Red/Green Lettuce: 3.8 grams
        Celery: 3.8 grams
        Radishes: 4 grams
        Collard Greens: 4.1 grams
        Mushrooms: 4.2 grams
        Romaine: 4.2 grams
        Zucchini: 4.29 grams
        Spinach: 4.65 grams
        Cucumbers: 4.65 grams
        Chard: 4.75 grams
        Tomato: 5.02 grams
        Cauliflower: 6.78 grams
        Eggplant: 7.3 grams
        Bell Pepper: 7.72 grams
        Cabbage: 7.81 grams
        Broccoli: 8.5 grams
        Pumpkin: 9 grams
        Green Beans: 9.13 grams
        Avocados: 10.92 grams
        Brussel sprouts: 11.48 grams
        Hot Peppers: 11.5 grams
        Carrots: 12.26 grams
        Kale: 12. 81 grams
        Onion: 12.94 grams
        Artichokes: 13.45 grams
        Squash: 14.96 grams
        Green Peas: 18.51 grams
        Potato: 22.36 grams
        Corn: 24.35 grams
        Garlic: 42.32 grams


        Carbohydrates (Carbs) - Condiments:

        Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 0 grams
        Flax Oil: 0 grams
        Balsamic Vinegar: 2.7 (1 tablespoon/16 grams)
        Salt: 0 grams
        Pepper: 1 gram (1 teaspoon)


        Carbohydrates (Carbs) - Other Foods:

        Cottage Cheese: (Depends on the Brand) 6 grams (128 grams/1 cup) -- your post has been updated.


        Let us know what questions you have or if you need carb readings for other foods or condiments.

        • Comment #5831

          PS; the latest science shows that calorie restriction is likely not the best weight loss strategy. When the human body is denied calories, it can go into survival mode which directly, negatively affects metabolism. Still keep count of your calories for the purpose of science/scientific data, but focus less on restriction and more on the quality of the calorie -- low-carb whole foods that are high in quality protein and quality fats.

          Increase your metabolic rate/metabolism by doing daily (6-7x per week) steady-state, medium-intensity cardio exercise of 45 minutes to 1.5 hours of walking or hiking. If you choose another cardio exercise, see the recommendations here. Properly building muscles/muscle mass through resistance exercise (weightlifting, yoga, etc.) will also further help increase your metabolic rate/metabolism; see recommendations here.

            • Comment #5850

              What the latest science is revealing is that calorie deficit/restriction can actually force the body into survival mode which further slows down your metabolism, thus you burn fewer calories. Focus on your Adjusted Mifflin St Jeor BMR calories (relative to 151.80 pounds) at 1321.75, which takes into account skinny fat on your body.
              FYI - your new Standard Mifflin St Jeor BMR is 1408.36

              Old BMR at 160.20 pounds
              Standard Mifflin St Jeor BMR: 1446.43
              Adjusted Mifflin St Jeor BMR: 1357.47

              Let's see how your weight loss goes in the next few weeks on a low-carb diet (37 grams of carbs daily is the bullseye) at 1322 calories per day.

  23. Comment #5821

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Day 63

    Today is Day 63. I weighed in at 151.4. This is a total of nearly 9 pounds down from my start weight of 160.2. My goal is to get to 120.2 losing a total of 40 pounds. It seems as though I have hit kind of a lull the past couple of weeks staying about the same weight despite the fact that I am working very very hard. I am hoping to increase my metabolism because I am starting to think it is very slow! Going to work on walking a lot more this week and also transitioning to low-carbs. I attached a picture of my progress from day one to last week- it is somewhat inspirational as I can take a step back and see that I have certainly made progress, there is a clear difference between day one to now even though sometimes it is hard to remember that.

  24. Comment #5847

    Comment Type: Exercise

    Exercise Type: Cardio

    Cardio Type: Walking

    Duration: 1.0 hours

    Time of Day: Late-Afternoon

    Intensity: Moderately Intense

    Hi Gnosis!

    I have a question about walking for exercise. I feel as though I am going at a pretty good pace, but how do I know for sure if I am walking outside and not on a treadmill? I enjoy walking outside more, so I would like to keep doing it if possible. What is the best way to know I am walking fast enough?

  25. Comment #5849

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Very High

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Day Seventy


    Today is day 70 of my journey! Wow! I began at 160.2 and I have consistently been weighing in around 151 (today 151.8), the goal is to be 120.2 pounds by the end.

    I have been on a low-fat diet and am considering switching to the low-carb. Or perhaps maybe I will keep the low-fat and try to eat less carbs. It is going to be hard for me to eat less carbs than I do now, I am really craving carbs quite frequently and am having trouble curbing that. I feel like I am not usually getting enough carbs if anything.

    I attached a picture of my arm muscle as the definition is coming a long and there is big progress in toning my muscles. I can see the changes clearly physically, although the number on the scale has not changed for the past few weeks. Why might this be? Is it just perhaps slow metabolism effects, or what do you think?

    • Comment #5851

      It is tough to say. Counting calories is hard and accuracy is difficult. It is definitely possible that your body reacts to a calorie deficit by reducing metabolism (a survival mode strategy), thus burning fewer calories.

      The latest science shows that a low-carb diet helps increase metabolism which in turn helps burn more calories, with the body focusing on burning excess body fat. Focus on your Adjusted BMR (takes into account skinny fat) calories (relative to 151.80 pounds) at 1321.75 per day. See how you feel, and let's see how your weight loss goes for the next few weeks. As well, let's see if you can increase your metabolic rate by walking 6-7 days per week for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours at steady-state, medium intensity.

      We look forward to your update next week.

  26. Comment #5878

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Day Seventy Seven


    Today is day 77 of my journey. I began at 160.2 pounds and am losing 40 to get to a goal weight of 120.2. Today I weighed in at 151.2 which is down from last week. I have adjusted my diet to a low-carb this week, and have increased my calorie intake. This was tricky as I kind of got used to a lower calorie intake and am working my way back up to my allotted amount. I have been going on daily walks to help boost my metabolism. I feel amazing. This week was encouraging because I feel super healthy right now, and I have regained confidence for the upcoming weeks to see more results.

    Also, I have been motivated to do as many steps per day as possible. I have a watch that counts steps (not Apple or Fitbit) and I have been walking 14,000 steps or more per day on average, which includes all my steps while at work and elsewhere throughout the day.

    My body fat is way more lean than day one, and it is great to look back and compare.

    Thanks for the guidance and encouragement!

  27. Comment #5877

    Comment Type: Diet

    Diet Type: Food Item

    Food Item (Product) Name: Gatorade, Gatorlyte Rapid Rehydration

    Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Salt, Natural Flavor, Calcium Lactate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Purified Stevia Leaf Extract, Modified Food Starch, Glycerol Ester Of Rosin, Red 40.

    Product Manufacturer: PepsiCo

    Calories: 50 (20oz/591 ML)

    Type of Food: Junk Food (heavily Processed And High In Added Sugar, Salt, Cheap And/or Artificial Ingredients, And/or Poor Quality Fats/oils)

    Hi Gnosis!

    I would like to find an alternative to this electrolyte drink, any drink or substitution to get some more electrolytes would work. I like this Gatorade, but a less processed item would definitely be better. Do you have any recommendations for getting electrolytes?

    • Comment #5883

      Gatorade is a tricky subject. On one hand, it is a fact that when you exercise you lose water and electrolytes through sweat. Gatorade does, indeed, help restore lost electrolytes to help keep you hydrated, especially during intense activity or times of illness.

      Electrolytes are minerals including calcium, magnesium, chloride, phosphate, potassium, and sodium that maintain your body’s ionic balance. This balance is vital for nerve, muscle, and brain functioning. An imbalance may lead to an electrolyte disorder, symptoms of which can include irregular heartbeat, fast heart rate, fatigue, lethargy, convulsions or seizures, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, abdominal cramping, muscle cramping, muscle weakness, irritability, confusion, headaches, numbness, and tingling.

      On the other hand, the extracurricular ingredients in Gatorade, and other sports drinks, including sugar, are a real health concern.

      PepsiCo makes Gatorade, and they have done their own extensive research that they claim proves that Gatorade’s intended designed purpose, to help serious athletes perform better on the field, is true. According to the University of California, Berkeley there are more than 300 research articles about sports drinks funded heavily by industry stakeholders, including Gatorade, which is widely regarded as a conflict of interest, significantly lessening the value of the research.

      Gatorade's Thirst Quencher contains 36 grams of sugar in a 20-ounce serving. Although less than the average in sodas such as Pepsi or Coke (39 grams per 12 ounces, roughly equal to 10 teaspoons or 18 packets of sugar), neither is healthy.

      Growing research indicates that sugar in sports drinks, like in sodas, is likely contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic by increasing empty caloric intake (high Glycemic Index (GI)). In addition to high GI calories, lower calorie versions of Gatorade, like G2, contain the artificial sweeteners acesulfame and sucralose that research shows may negatively influence ongoing weight issues and other health problems.

      It is also important to note that Gatorade, in general, contains food dyes such as Red No. 40, Blue No. 1, and Yellow No. 5. Derived from petroleum, these artificial dyes are linked to an increased risk of hyperactivity in children as well as cancer.

      Moreover, researchers are concerned that sports drinks like Gatorade might be using misleading labels and advertising to promote scientifically unproven health benefits. For children, adolescents, and adults, the extra sugar, sodium, and calories found in such sugary drinks are not necessary and could be replacing calorie intake from more nutritious sources.

      Your specific product, Gatorlyte, aside from the questionable ingredients, per serving it contains 0 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat, 14 grams of carbohydrates of which most is added sugar, and 0 mg of cholesterol. In terms of electrolytes, it offers 120 mg of calcium, 350 mg of potassium, 105 mg of Magnesium, 490 mg of sodium, and 690 mg of chloride.

      So, what are healthier alternatives to risky, questionable sports drinks?

      *Water, especially purified with added electrolyte minerals. You can add liquid trace minerals to clean water and avoid all the nonsense ingredients while still getting the nutrients and benefits desired.

      *Coconut water is nature’s sports drink. It is a hydrating beverage and natural source of electrolytes, particularly sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. However, it may have a laxative effect in some people, especially if consumed in large quantities.

      *Bone broth contains solid quantities of electrolytes including potassium, phosphorus, chloride, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Overall it is a very healthy choice for the body, hydrating and nourishing relative to exercise or illness. It also contains easy-to-digest protein (amino acids) that supports gut health, the immune system, and healing. It can also help relieve inflammation.

      *Tea that offers minerals, like green tea and hibiscus. Along with the electrolytes potassium and sodium, green tea, in moderation, has been shown to improve performance thanks to the reasonable amount of caffeine and antioxidants that it affords as well as its ability to mobilize fatty acids, making them more available for energy use. Adding hibiscus, alfalfa, nettles, dandelion or the like can increase vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, and electrolyte content (chloride, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and sodium) as well as flavor.

      Let us know if you have any questions or have other alternative ideas to share.

        • Comment #5903

          If you are using green tea only as a replacement, you likely will not get all your electrolytes. Especially if your sodium levels are still low, as per your doctors testing, you may want to consider adding a dash of sea salt to your tea. Until your sodium levels normalize, anyways.

          Here are some liquid mineral options -- we dont recommend one over the other, but if you can find one that you like, it is easiest to just squirt the recommended amount into a glass of clean water.

          If you find a product you think you might like, feel free to post it here so we can take a look and offer feedback.

  28. Comment #5900

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: Sleep

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Sleep Duration: 7.0

    Sleep Quality: Quality

    Dream: I Do Not Remember My Dreams.

    Sleep/Wake Schedule: Night Owl

    HI Gnosis!

    I am a night owl and in the mornings I typically wake up at the last minute. Sometimes I consider waking up early to do my work out but I also feel like I need the sleep. What are your thoughts? Is it worth it to get a little less sleep to work out in the mornings? Is it more beneficial to work out early?

    • Comment #5902

      That is tricky. The science says that, in general, when given a choice between exercise or sleep, sleep usually is the better choice. But there are a lot of variables to consider.

      At just short of 7 hours of sleep daily average, you are lacking the recommended amount of healthy sleep, which is between 7 and 9 hours. Dr. Phyllis Zee, chief of sleep medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine says, “Getting the recommended seven hours a night is important for metabolic function, weight regulation..."

      You should truly enjoy the workout that you do, it should not seem like work. So, is there an exercise that you truly enjoy doing, and would rather do other than walking?

      Your history matters. No less than a few things to consider:

      If you tend to skip more workouts than shut-eye, forcing yourself to get up for a walk before work might be the better choice for you.

      If you exercise regularly but likely do not get enough sleep, then allowing yourself to hit the snooze button while maybe finding another exercise time that works better for you could be best.

      Moreover, banish your smartphone from the bedroom and perhaps look into a more time-efficient workout.

      The easiest solution is to do your best to both get enough sleep and enough exercise. But that can be easier said than done depending on how your day ultimately shakes down.

      Let us know if you have any further questions.

  29. Comment #5901

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: Moderate

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Day 85


    Today is day 85 of my journey. I began at 160 lbs and am headed to a goal weight of 120 lbs. The low carb diet seems to have started working, I believe. Although my weigh-in video weight today was higher this afternoon (151.6), I weighed in at 148 pounds a few morning ago which is the lowest in the past couple of weeks. I then ate more carbs, up from 40 on average the past week to 70 and 65 over two days, gaining weight.

    I am feeling like I have a lot more energy since switching to this diet and adjusted BMR.

    However, I have gotten used to being in the 900 calorie range, so I really haven't been getting as close to the BMR as I should be. I have been going on walks regularly and getting my steps up. Overall still good and hoping for to continue dropping the scale number.

    Also I just got a new apple watch to track my steps, today it says I have burned nearly 700 calories so far!

    • Comment #5912

      It will take time and consistency to really see results from the new low-carb diet.

      Here is what we know so far:

      You had been on a low-fat diet which the data shows that you seemed to have plateaued around 151 pounds - you stopped losing weight.

      It looks like you lost weight there for a bit last week on the new low carb diet, dropping to 148 pounds, then back up to 152. But your carbs also jumped a few days during that period, from a rough average of 40 carbs per day up to 70 and 65 over a two-day span.

      What we want is for your body to consistently focus on burning fat. Right now, all indications are your body is holding on to fat, which is a typical survival mode symptom because the body is being deprived of calories, especially calories from high-quality fat. Indications are you are doing plenty of exercise and getting ample steps, which means you should be burning more calories, but you still are not losing weight. Your diary entries show that you are getting very little added sugar or sugar, in general, each day, so that does not appear to be a culprit.

      Your diet appears clean, for the most part.

      You want to deprive your body of carbs consistently, to force it to have to burn fat. But that takes time and consistency.

      It is no different from consistently, over many consecutive days, doing exercise to build metabolism. It takes accurate consistency.

      We look forward to seeing your data over the next few weeks. 🤓

  30. Comment #5917

    Comment Type: Diet

    Diet Type: Food Item

    Food Item (Product) Name: Starbucks Cold Brew With Almond Milk

    Ingredients: Coffee, Almond Milk

    Product Manufacturer: Starbucks

    Calories: 30 (Venti)

    Type of Food: Minimally Processed Regular Whole Food

    Hi Gnosis!

    I am on a low-carb diet and was wondering your thoughts on a cold brew coffee with almond milk from Starbucks. It is my timeless favorite since cutting out the sugar in lattes. Let me know if this is a decent choice for me when wanting to grab an iced coffee on the go. Thanks!

    • Comment #5945

      You can learn more about the health benefits of coffee here.

      As far as we can tell, Starbucks Cold Brew With Almond Milk is a decent choice, all things considered. With only 30 calories in the Venti, the ingredients look ok and include: Filtered Water, Almonds, Sugar, Tricalcium Phosphate, Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol).

      Although the Starbucks Cold Brew With Almond Milk likely does not have one full cup of Almond milk in it, it is estimated that one cup of Starbucks' almond milk contains: 60 calories, 4 grams fat, 110 mg sodium, 5 grams carbohydrate, 1 gram fiber, 3 grams sugar, and 2 grams of protein.

      The general health benefits of almond milk are found here.

  31. Comment #5920

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: High

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update, Day 92

    Today is day 92! I began at 160.2 lbs and am working toward a goal weight of 120.2 lbs by losing a total of 40 lbs. I have been adjusting to a low-carb diet and walking more to boost my metabolism. Today I weighed in at 149.4, one of the lowest numbers I have weighed, and down from last week.

    I spent the holiday weekend in New York, walking absolutely everywhere and making it far easier to hit any walking and step goals. I also purchased an Apple Watch this week, so my step count is likely more accurate than it was with my old watch.

    I am feeling so so much better than when I began this journey! I am happier, healthier, and feel more confident in my own skin. I have already gotten more out of this than I have ever imagined. I think one of the biggest game-changers is how I have been avoiding more processed foods, I am not even close to perfect at it, but I am noticing the biggest difference on how that makes my body feel. I have learned a lot from this scientific research and am grateful to have worked with this awesome team.

    I do have a question, it always looks like the fat on my stomach is uneven, regardless of the picture, all of them look that way like one side is more defined than the other. Is there a reason for why this might be?

    The numbers on the scale are down! Making more progress this week than in a while!

    • Comment #5921

      Great to hear you are seeing progress again and losing weight. And over a major Holiday, bonus kudos!

      That is a grey subject, uneven muscle relative to sides of the body. There is a rare syndrome called Poland Syndrome that, genetically, causes one of the sides of the body to be more undeveloped than the other. So, it is possible.

      Our lead scientific researcher has dealt with uneven muscle on sides, although he, like your Quiz results show (No, a licensed medical doctor has never diagnosed me with a specific malformation, underdevelopment, abnormality, or the like.), has never been diagnosed with any abnormality or the like. Nonetheless, genetically he is lacking muscle across his body, and especially has less muscle on his left side compared to the right.

      Although much more research is needed, we do know that there are two hemispheres of the brain, right and left. From WebMD:

      "The brain is divided into symmetrical left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere is in charge of the opposite side of the body, so your right brain controls your left hand. The right hemisphere also takes in sensory input from your left side and vice versa.

      The brain is segmented into regions called lobes. Your lobes isolate your brain’s functions to specific areas."

      So, it is genetically/scientifically possible that one side of the body can be more underdeveloped in terms of no less than muscles/mass relative to the other side.

      Great question! We are working hard to get a research center built to do more in-depth research to explore such questions more thoroughly. Please pass the word about our research and encourage people to support it.

  32. Comment #5950

    Comment Type: Exercise

    Exercise Type: Cardio

    Cardio Type: Walking

    Duration: 0.75 hours

    Time of Day: Early Evening

    Intensity: Somewhat Intense

    Hi Gnosis!

    I am wondering the different benefits between walking and jogging. I have really been enjoying longer walks but I can also do shorter runs. Which is more beneficial? I assume that an hour walk may be better than a twenty-minute run, but at what point does a walk become more beneficial than a run- if it is double the time? Or triple the time? Thanks for your insight!

    • Comment #5956

      Walking Versus Jogging

      Time is definitely a real factor in whether walking or jogging is a better cardio exercise choice for you. Jogging allows for more intensive exercise in a shorter period of time, thus helping save time for those who are on a tight schedule but still want to get in solid exercise. Jogging can be harder on the body, especially in the long run. It can cause more wear and tear on the joints, ligaments, etc., especially relative to body type and how balanced or unbalance your body is (developed muscle/mass versus undeveloped in relation to skinny fat, no less). Because jogging is more intense, it is linked to increased risk for shin splints and stress fractures, no less, especially the older one gets. But it does have serious health benefits including no less than improved cardiovascular and bone health. Moreover, you can help reduce the chance of injury by taking care to increase your speed and weekly distance slowly over time. A good pair of running shoes can help.

      Walking is typically less intense and can reduce attrition and wear and tear, however, again body type matters and even walking over time can lead to unwanted wear and tear depending on how unbalanced the body. As well, as walking is usually slower, it does take more time. But the health benefits of walking are clear. A good pair of walking shoes can also definitely help.

      Keeping in mind that pace/speed definitely matters, It is estimated that you would need to walk 4.3 miles at a brisk pace to experience the same amount of exercise as jogging 3 miles. And it would take about twice as long, approximately an hour and 15 minutes to walk versus 38 minutes if jogging.

      Both exercises, all in all, are solid cardio activities that can help improve health. In the end, the overall health benefits outweigh the risks, including helping increase your metabolism/metabolic rate to burn more calories (jogging will most likely burn more calories than walking, unless you walk long enough which takes more time). It really boils down to how much time you have to exercise, and which cardio routine you really enjoy more.

      PS: a recent study claims that more intense exercise like jogging may increase lifespan. However, the study is based on people self-reporting about their exercise intensity, so the results are grey, at best. More research is definitly needed.

  33. Comment #5952

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: High

    Subject: Scientific Weight Journey Update, Day 99

    Hi Gnosis!

    Today is day 99- Wow! I began at 160.2 pounds with a goal to get to 120 on a low-carb diet. Today I weighed in at 148.4, down from last week. I feel great! My body looks a lot better, you can definitely see that fat is gone especially in the stomach area! I have lots of increased energy levels and have gotten used to a low-carb diet. Good week, but I definitely need to work on being less stressed and getting more sleep :)

    • Comment #5953

      Great to hear the low-carb diet seems to agree with you in general and that you are making real weight loss progress. We look forward to your update next week.

  34. Comment #5983

    Comment Type: Lifestyle

    Lifestyle Type: General

    Stress Level: High

    Subject: Scientific Weight Loss Journey Update - Ankle Sprain

    Hello Gnosis,

    Unfortunately, I have a major setback. I have an ankle sprain that is very bad and will require surgery. I will likely choose to put off the surgery for a little bit of time, but at the moment I am unable to walk. It is very frustrating (and painful!) Hoping for a sooner recovery as it has been almost a week and not doing too well.