Ken Jeong Physique – Celebrity Body Type Two (BT2), Male

Ken Jeong Physique – Celebrity Body Type Two (BT2), Male

Celebrity Body Types: Ken Jeong (Kendrick Kang-Joh Jeong)

The Four Body Types Scientific Identification: Body Type Two, BT2


Genetically Underdeveloped Vertebrae (Muscles/Muscle Mass): 1 to 8; Lumbar (Possibly Thoracic)

Date of Birth: July 13, 1969

Age: 54 (as of 2023)

Unscientific/Nonsense Body Types Rough Correlations: Endomorph, Hormone/Liver

Celebrity Ken Jeong Body Type Two Shape Physique - The Four Body Types, Fellow One Research

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The Four Body Types, Fellow One Research - Celebrity Ken Jeong Body Type Two (BT2) Shape PhysiqueCelebrity Ken Jeong sporting his Body Type Two (BT2) shape physique/figure at the beach with The Hangover movie costar Heather Graham and friends. The full development of his vertebrae Ken Jeong Body Type Two Celebrity - At the Beach(posture) and muscles/muscle Ken Jeong Physique - Body Shapemass is debatable. It appears that he likely has skinny fat (cellulite, thin fat, loose skin, saggy skin, crepey skin, normal weight obesity) in his abdominal/stomach area as well as lower back and love handles, indicating at least underdeveloped lower lumbar vertebrae and possibly a thoracic vertebra or two as well.

Science recognizes that one pound of muscle mass burns six (6) calories per day, but one pound of fat/skinny fat only burns two (2) to three (3) calories. Which directly affects metabolism (the more skinny fat and fat, the slower the metabolism). The more skinny fat there is in place of muscle/mass, the slower the metabolic rate/BMR. Building proper muscles/mass can help increase metabolism and can be accomplished with resistance exercises like weight lifting and yoga. The Restructuring Process Exercises can help as well. 

All things considered, his BT2 human body (male or female) has more muscle/mass than a Body Type Three (BT3) or Body Type Four (BT4), and thus likely has fewer disadvantages. Diet, exercise, lifestyle, metabolism, and BMI matter, but so do genes/genetics/DNA. It will be interesting to see how well Ken Jeong manages and maintains his weight and body shape physique/figure as he ages.

Ken Jeong Body Type Two Celebrity

Ken Jeong Physique - Genetic Body Composition and Shape

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Ken Jeong Physique – BT2


Ken Jeong Physique - Body Type ShapeStand-up comedian, producer, writer, television personality, licensed physician, and actor Ken Jeong enjoying a day at the beach in his Body Type Two shape physique. After graduating from Duke University and the University of North Caroloina School of Medicine in 1995 as an M.D., his passion for acting was always alive and well, taking theater classes at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) the summer before medical school. Upon finishing his medical residency in internal medicine at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, he began a duel career as physician and comedian, which ran from 1998 to 2006. That time included further study at the Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory under director Natalia Lazarus. 

In 2006, he decided to become a full-time actor, with his debut role coming in the film Knocked Up. Paying his dues in Step Brothers (2008), Pineapple Express (2008), Role Models (2008), All About Steve (2009), The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009), and Couples Retreat (2009), he skyrocketed to fame with his performance as Mr. Chow in The Hangover, The Hangover Part II, and The Hangover Part III. His long list of diversely successful movies includes Despicable Me (2010, voice), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), Despicable Me 2 (2013, voice), Ride Along 2 (2016), Crazy Rich Asians (2017), Avengers: Endgame (2019), and Extinct (2021), to name a few. His next project is Fool’s Paradise (2023).

Star Hollywood Actor Ken Jeong Body Type Two Shape


Ken Jeong BodyIn terms of television, his credits include MADtv (FOX), Grounded for Life (FOX), Two and a Half Men (CBS), The Office (NBC), Entourage (HBO), Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO), American Dad! (FOX), Bob’s Burgers (FOX), Robot Chicken (Adult Swim), America’s Got Talent (NBC, guest judge), The Simpsons (FOX), and the The Masked Singer (FOX), no less. He also co-hosts The Darkest Timeline Podcast with Joel McHale. He is married to Tran Ho.

His estimated net worth is $14 million. You can catch him on social media including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. See more actor and Hollywood star Ken Jeong celebrity Body Type Two (BT2) photos on Google.

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