Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Episode Four – Skinny Fat & Lack of Muscle Mass

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Episode Four – Skinny Fat & Lack of Muscle Mass

Podcast host: Walter Hego, OPWG Book Author. Body Type One.

Panelist #1: Gnosis, Researcher at Fellow One Research. Body Type Four.

OPWG Podcast Episode Four Overview – Skinny Fat & Lack of Muscle Mass

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) podcast Episode Four with host Walter Hego (Body Type One), author of the Over Privileged White Guy Book, and panel member Gnosis (Body Type Four), who is the main researcher at Fellow One Research.

The conversation focuses on the skinny fat phenomenon, one form being normal weight obesity (NWO), which is due in large part to a genetic lack of default muscles/muscle mass on the specific body type. Usually occurring in weaker Body Types Two through Four (The Four Body Types) people, this phenomenon typically becomes especially noticeable when the person gains a lot of weight thus becoming very obese, and then loses that weight revealing some form(s) of skinny fat (thin-fat/cellulite/crepey skin/NWO). It is likely their body always lacked muscle/mass but just did not become obviously noticeable until after the person became obese. These areas can also include skinny fat in the form of sagging skin and loose skin.

Moreover, these same types of people/body types have stronger tendencies to ride the obesity roller coaster ride, gaining weight and losing weight and then gaining weight and then losing weight and on and on in their goal of weight maintenance and management. They do not know that to successfully stop the roller coaster ride they must properly put on muscle/mass relative to the areas of their specific body/body type that are lacking it (and subsequently vertebrae extension/posture).

The discussion also mentions lifestyle, diet, and metabolism, how these relate to all of this and play a key role, especially in terms of metabolism, in helping burn fat and calories to keep the weight off. It also reviews how weaker Body Types Two through Four deal with the skinny fat phenomenon and handle activities like yoga, sports, hiking, walking, and other similar physically demanding activities. Furthermore, the discourse looks at how resistance weightlifting, isometrics, and cardio/aerobic exercise can help in dealing with and healing the lack of muscle/mass.

Examples of Skinny Fat and Lack of Muscle Mass

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Episode Four – Skinny Fat & Lack of Muscle Mass
(Above and Below Images) Body Type Four/Body Type Three that lost weight revealing the skinny fat phenomenon as well as sagging skin and loose skin phenomenon due to lacking muscle mass.

Body Type Three Skinny fat Lack of Muscle Mass

‘Skinny Fat’ in Older Adults May Predict Alzheimer’s Risk

A new research study has found that “skinny fat” –  the combination of both low muscle mass and strength relative to high fat mass – may be an important indicator of cognitive performance in older adults. While sarcopenia, the loss of muscle tissue that is part of the natural aging process, as well as obesity both negatively impact overall health and cognitive function, their coexistence poses an even greater threat, surpassing their effects individually. Read More