Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Ep Thirteen – Research Participant Question #3: What is the Best Diet to Decrease Body Fat?

Chris Ribeiro from New Jersey - What is the Best Diet to Decrease Body Fat?

Micro-Podcast Host: Gnosis, Researcher at Fellow One Research, Original Body Type Four, now a Body Type Two.

Fellow One Research Participant Question #3 – “What is the Best Diet to Decrease Body Fat?”: Chris Ribeiro from New Jersey, Weak Body Type Two/Body Type Three.

OPWG Podcast Episode Thirteen Research Participant Question #3 Overview – “What is the Best Diet to Decrease Body Fat?”

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast Episode Thirteen, Research Participant Question #3 is in micro-podcast 30/30 format and addresses the question “What is the Best Diet to Decrease Body Fat?” from early 30-something millennial Best Diet to Decrease My Body Fat - Chris Ribeiro New JerseyChris Ribeiro of New Jersey. At 5’6″ and 200 pounds, Mr. Ribeiro believes he has identified his body as a Body Type Two (possibly a Body Type Three). This includes no less than his underdeveloped thoracic vertebrae, roughly T10-T12, with weak muscle mass and questionable posture (spinal extension). But other vertebrae, and the possible lack of development, are concerning. 

The conversation explores Mr. Ribeiro’s decent awareness of the overall poor nature of his daily omnivore diet, including too much consumption of processed, junk, and fast foods. He admits to an aggregate lack of positive cardio exercise. And how, even with a solid, consistent weekly resistance weightlifting regime, he cannot stay off the adult obesity weight gain and loss roller coaster ride and would like to learn more about the thin/skinny fat phenomenon (normal weight obesity). All of this and more leads him to ask what the best diet is to permanently decrease his body fat in the long run?

What is the Best Diet to Decrease Body Fat? The Blue Zone Meditteranean Diet

After reviewing all the details and variables involved — body type, soul, diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle — Gnosis answers Mr. Ribeiro’s question. He reveals how regularly (daily) adhering as closely as possible to a healthy version of the Blue Zone Mediterranean DietFellow One Research Participant - Chris Ribeiro - Best Diet To Decrease Body Fat along with the proper implementation of a weekly cardio exercise routine to compliment his consistent resistance weight lifting regime is the key to success. Of course, within bounds of the Blue Zone Meditteranean Diet, the trick is figuring out what specific foods and drinks are best for his specific body type. 

Answer to What is the Best Diet to Decrease My Body Fat?

Gnosis goes on to explain that the actual process of balancing and healing Mr. Ribeiro’s weak Body Type Two is not just about fixing his issues with his diet. He must find a way to develop fully each individual vertebra and relative muscles and mass, particularly his thoracic vertebrae, but probably most/all of his vertebra, as well as his posture. Carefully incorporating a balanced, healthy daily version of the Blue Zone Meditteranean Diet while appropriately using resistance (weightlifting) and cardio exercises like yoga, pilates, or the like is the restructuring process required to fix his Body Type Two (BT2).

Successfully implementing this complex, arduous process (including soul searching) takes a lot of hard work. But hard work that is paramount to actually achieving real longterm weight maintenance and management. Along with the Restructuring Process, the Blue Zone Meditteranean Diet is the best diet to permanently decrease body fat.”

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