OPWG Book Reader Question #1 – Muscle Mass, Body Type & Discrimination

OPWG Book Reader Question #1 – Muscle Mass, Body Type & Discrimination

OPWG Book Reader Question #1, ‘Muscle Mass, Body Type & Discrimination’: Aarion Browne, Washington DC/Maryland

Biological Gender: Male
Biological Age: 40-Something

Question (#1): Don’t your concepts about body type and muscle mass just give people another way to discriminate? Assuming the Four Body Types are real, can a person change and heal their body type? Why are the body types definitions relevant?


Answer to OPWG Book Reader’s Question #1 – ‘Muscle Mass, Body Type & Discrimination’: Gnosis, Fellow One Research

Hello Aarion:

I realize that white privilege, racism, discrimination, and unfairness are serious problems in America and globally really – we humans have many serious problems. But it is honesty, awareness, and knowledge – not ignorance, dis/misinformation, and lies – that will truly change our world for the better. Unfortunately, any knowledge that we humans bring forward will always have the potential to be misused and abused. But that does not mean that our only choice is to suppress knowledge, deny it, or be afraid of it. We must use true knowledge honestly to better understand who we are from as whole a point of view as possible. The muscle mass and body type research here at Fellow One Research is now nearly two decades in the making. The Four Body Types came about logically and naturally over time from rigorously observing the human body in relation to muscle, muscle mass, vertebrae, spinal extension/posture, metabolism, skinny fat/thin fat, gut feeling, diet, exercise, lifestyle, and the like. It was from these significant observations that Fellow One Research was able to gather and review the necessary data and then further correlate, extrapolation, analyze, and eventually reckon said data to bear out the (current) body type definitions. We humans better understand ourselves, individually and as a species, and our world as a whole the more accurately and clearly defined things are overall. It is properly honed definitions that bring accuracy and clarity, to anything really.

Muscle Mass, Body Type & Discrimination - OPWG Readers Questions #1 The outdated and baseless ectomorph, endomorph, and metamorph (three) body types offer no reason, logic,  or evidence as to why a body is the way it is; they are merely random, useless definitions created from thin air in the 1940s. We know that hormones have significant and direct influence on the human body, but the hormone body types suggested also do not add up. Muscle mass and vertebrae/posture are currently not being given the credit they deserve and require when it comes to truly understanding body type, obesity, and overall human health.

I get the real concern that someone in a Body Type One may think they are better than someone in a Body Type Two, Three, or Four, or that a Body Type Two may think they are better than a Body Type Four. And on and on. Of course, that is not true, they are not better just because of their body type. But, probabilities are, if such people are already inclined to think that way from the start, they are likely going to think that way no matter what (although I do believe that people can truly change). That incorrect, dishonest, ingrained thinking is a failure of upbringing and a symptom of the unhealth, unbalance, and unfairness that is seen a lot in our current culture as a whole.

It is why the soul is such an important factor in all of this. As I understand it now, you see the soul a bit differently than how it is discussed in the book. The terms soul energy, star power, and IT factor seemed to not resonate well with you, at least in that they are hard to quantify and qualify at present. But most things are hard to quantify and qualify. Billions are spent on cancer research alone each year, and we still have no cure nor any real sense of how to quantify and qualify most cancer. That does not mean cancer is not real or does not exist. Humanity’s current, modern science is very young and fledgling. Truth is, there is plenty of evidence that the soul is real. And that evidence will only strengthen, grow, and become more accepted as our science grows and is truly capable of thoroughly studying all facets of being human, physical (body/body type/muscle mass/vertebrae/posture), emotional (energy in motion), mental (mind, thought, belief), and spiritual (soul/spirit).

And yes, a person can most definitely change and heal their body type. It is the reason why I clearly discuss all of this in the Over Privileged White Guy book and why I encourage you to reread it again. If you have any further questions or commentary, please comment here on this post.



Researcher, The Four Body Types Research

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