Podcast Guest: The Dave Pamah Show – Body Type Science, The Four Body Types

Podcast Guest: The Dave Pamah Show – Body Type Science, The Four Body Types

Fellow One Research lead scientific researcher, Marc Nelson, joined The Dave Pamah Show podcast to discuss Body Type Science, The Four Body Types. The show begins with an explanation from Marc of how he came to pioneer Body Type Science after first noticing how different his body was starting around the age of eight.

Upon realizing that he had skinny fat (cellulite, thin fat, loose skin, saggy skin, crepey skin, normal weight obesity) all over his body, after referencing the mainstream science and medical doctor Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) image found in any scientifically approved human body anatomy book, he asked his parents and doctors why he had so little muscles/muscle mass. They had no answer. Moreover, obesity is genetically common in his family.

Normal Weight Obesity, Being Overweight, Obesity – The Four Body Types


The Dave Pamah Show Podcast - Standard Body Type One (BT1)Yet, because he was such an active kid and teenager and always well within his safe BMI (Body Mass Index) weight range, no one including the doctors gave it a second thought. Lacking all that muscle/mass led to many hardships. Which included having to quit competitive sports, normal weight obesity, being overweight, obesity, negative body image, depression, digestive imbalance, and relentless bullying, no less.

The conversation addressed the three mainstream science and medical doctor body type standards and why they are not accurate. As well, the debunked unscientific, baseless, arbitrary, and subjective shapes that are the somatotype three body types — endomorph, ectomorph, mesomorph — along with the unfounded hormone body types, triangle body types, Kibbe body types, 10 body types, etc. were clarified. Things then shifted to The Four Body Types definitions and how common, unrealistic physical body type expectations, in general, directly, adversely affect diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices as well as emotional and mental health.

Body Type Science – The Dave Pamah Show

With the widespread, dishonest spreading of fake filtered and Photoshopped body images, social media is a big part of the problem. People are led to believe and make unhealthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices to try and meet unrealistic body type standards and impossible expectations that their genetics simply will not allow. The discussion then delved into how Body Type Science helps alleviate the confusion, disinformation, and nonsense allowing the individual to scientifically understand, determine, and identify their real body type.

Such comprehension helps the individual make healthy science-based diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. This, in turn, leads to improved mental, emotional, and physical well-being in the short and long term. All of which is accomplished using current science-based tools including the online Scientific Body Type Quiz and Scientific Weight Loss Programs.

Listen to this thoroughly educational and entertaining The Dave Pamah Show podcast episode.

The Four Body Types - Comparing BT1, BT2, BT3, and BT4
Which of The Four Body Types are You?

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