Research Participant Question #4 – How Can You Alter & Change Your Body Type Shape?

Jeffrey Hopkins - Body Type Two - How Can You Alter Your Body Type

J.H. - Body Type Two - How Can You Alter Your Body TypeAs an early 30-something millennial at six feet, one inch and 285 pounds, I am wondering how can you alter your body type? I have dealt with the obesity (childhood and adult) roller coaster ride as well as the skinny fat/thin fat phenomenon all of my life. I hit my highest weight gain of 315 pounds when I was 28 years old. It took me a year to successfully lose 35 pounds, and I have been able to keep most of that weight loss off. However, I am still suffering from being obese. And the widespread, annoying, unattractive issues with skinny fat remain. I have yet to figure out how you can alter your body type.

How Can I Alter My Body Type - BT2, J.H. - No BT1 Dimples or Classic Arch
Fellow One Research Participant J.H. (BT2) – Lacking the Body Type One (BT1) Dimples & Classic Arch

I am quite confident, after thoroughly reviewing the Fellow One Research website and all the research data available, that I am a Body Type Two (BT2). In terms of the Body Type One (BT1) Dimples or Classic Arch, I do not have either clearly defined. Moreover, I am definitely missing muscle mass (poor/weak muscles) and my lumbar L1-L5 vertebrae are undeveloped, which is readily seen in my lack of good posture (spinal/vertebra extension). My body as a whole certainly is not as muscular and ripped as the BT1 images I viewed, which is why I want to know how you can permanently alter and change your body shape.

How Can You Alter Your Body Type – Diet & Nutrition, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats/Oils

The weight management and maintenance journey I have experienced to date in my life has been significantly influenced by my diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. In my quest to answer how can you alter your body type, I admit that my more carnivore leaning omnivore diet is essentially unhealthy and probably missing nutrients. I eat way too much fast, processed, and junk food each day, including refined sugar and carbs/carbohydrates. This includes heavy protein from red meat, dairy, and eggs.

My good fat/oil intake is not great. Probably too many bad oils including low quality saturated and hydrogenated fat. Although I am aware that I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I do consume a fair amount of vegetables/veggies and fruit, including beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and coffee.

Cardio & Resistance (Weightlifting/Isometrics) Exercise – How Can I Alter & Change My Body Type Shape

Fellow One Research Participant - The Four Body TypesI know about calories and the importance of metabolism and that I am at least not helping things with my inconsistent cardio exercising. When I do engage in cardio exercise roughly three times per week, it is usually for no less than one hour and involves either walking, hiking, running, or sports. I am better with my resistance exercise training routine. Not so much with actual weightlifting or weight training, but more with isometrics and gravity. My consistency with this is closer to five days per week for one hour. My lifestyle, particularly sleep patterns and keeping stress down, they could be better.

I have not experienced any real, noticeable back aches or pain in my life so far, but I am young. It is a fact that I need to clean up my diet, exercise routines, and lifestyle. Thing is, in my past experience, these things alone have not helped me successfully and permanently achieve a Body Type One. What else can you do to change and alter your body type?

Answer: Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Book Podcast – Episode Fourteeen – Research Participant Question #4: How Can You Alter Your Body Type?


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