Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Ep Eighteen – Audiobook Preface, It’s All We Really Know

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Podcast Host: Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Book, Audiobook Narrator. Preface/It’s All We Really Know.

OPWG Podcast Episode Eighteen Overview – Audiobook Preface, It’s All We Really Know

This week’s Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast Episode Eighteen (18) reveals the audiobook preface, It’s All We Really Know. Truly understanding ourselves as individuals goes hand-in-hand with truly understanding the world-at-large in which we humans live. Genuinely questioning our actual comprehension of the world we live in through careful scrutinizing of any and all currently known and unknown scientific facts and evidence in a reasonable and logical way is normal. Humanity’s sustainability and long-term survival depends on true knowledge and our ability to question and scrutinize everything accurately and honestly. 

Over Privileged White Guy – Audiobook, It’s All We Really Know

For most of us humans, all we really know is what we have been told and experienced in our immediate environment, from our first moment of breath. What most of us have been told and experienced, in fact, comes from what others, usually our parents, have told us is right. One hundred percent of us—which is a rare thing to achieve in terms of probabilities—fully believe that the world we grow up in, what we are told, and how we live our lives is truly right; at least up to a certain age. This period of time is shorter for some and longer for others.

For those who begin to realize that the rules and beliefs that they live their life by are not necessarily right, to whatever degree, their point of view and perspective gradually begin to change.

Audiobook Backstory, Researcher's Intro Message, It's All We Really Know - Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) BookThe more honest truth, what some call true knowledge, that one searches for and legitimately acquires in their own life, usually the more their point of view, perspective, and beliefs begin to honestly change. And the more one chooses to truly make right choices from their newly found true knowledge, with hard work the more their life really begins to change for the better. This is especially true when that knowledge is organically founded from a mix of accurate, real-world experiences in cooperation with logical, reasonable, vetted, and current evidence and facts, while taking into account the individual human imperfections and mistakes in which one is realizing or has actually realized and accepted full responsibility for and learned from accordingly in their own lives.

All of which, when properly analyzed, processed and concluded, usually leads to the ultimate achievement of making better, more fair, honest, and sustainable overall right choices in one’s life. For many, as true knowledge is acquired through learning and point of view, perspective, and beliefs adapt, evolve, and change, so does almost everything else in their life. With the exception, many times, of the other people in their life who choose not to search for, learn, and acquire true knowledge so they too can adapt and evolve and change. No one said that change is necessarily easy. So, what to do?…

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…The fact of the matter is, in relation to the whole, we humans know so very little about our own real history; about what and who we really are. The human body is a living, dynamic encyclopedia of our past, of who we are, what we are capable of, and where we are going. It is a record of our genetics and a connection to the universe as a whole. Deciphering the whole true knowledge base for the human body unlocks our limitations as a species.

The first key that unlocks the whole true knowledge base is mastery and honest use of the mind, will, and choice. The second key is fully understanding our DNA and genetics, which science is avidly in the process of doing, and then using that newfound understanding and knowledge honestly, wisely, fairly, and sustainably. The third key is truly learning and knowing what it means to be human through understanding The Four Body Types relative to the soul, soul energy, star power, “it” factor, and the human energy system, which directly correlates to emotion; all of these variables will be discussed in full in the pages ahead.

As the old axiom goes: with great knowledge and power comes great responsibility. Responsibility that most humans, right now, are not willing to accept nor could they really handle even if they did accept such responsibility. Be careful with knowledge. It can be one’s true salvation as much as it can be debilitatingly addictive like the most powerful substance, and as dangerous as an atom.

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