Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Ep Seventeen – Audiobook Introduction, Researcher’s Intro Message

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Podcast Host: Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Book, Audiobook Narrator. Introduction/Researcher’s Intro Message.

OPWG Podcast Episode Seventeen Overview – Audiobook, Researcher’s Intro Message

This week’s Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast Episode Seventeen (17) introduces the audiobook Introduction (Researcher’s Intro Message). Listen to and learn about the foundations of The Four Body Types research. No matter diet, exercise, or lifestyle, and no less than influenced by genetics, the trials and tribulations of the main Fellow One Research researcher’s Body Type Four (BT4) could not be denied. Body type – more specifically vertebrae/posture & muscles mass development — directly affects presence, holding the energy, success, and the sustainability of day-to-day life. How?

Over Privileged White Guy – Audiobook, Researcher’s Intro Message

I was born in a Body Type Four. Growing up I greatly lacked the muscle mass and presence of most of my peers. Along with my endless battle with obesity, including the unpleasant roller coaster ride of weight gain and weight loss in relation to weight management, I was also a late bloomer. All of this made me very susceptible to being bullied. My early years—really most of my years up until the present—have been very difficult.

The disease of obesity has become a serious problem both nationwide and globally. Currently, more than half of American adults and children are overfat, overweight, or obese. Globally, with the total human population now exceeding seven and a half billion people, more than two billion people are overfat, overweight, or obese. The negative consequences in terms of individual personal health along with the costs relative to governments, economies, health care systems, society, the environment, and the like are all truly unsustainable.

Audiobook Backstory & Researcher's Intro Message - Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Book
Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) – Audiobook Introduction/Researcher’s Intro Message

For me, maintaining an ideal healthy weight has been a never-ending struggle because of the sheer unbalance of my Body Type Four. Even when I did add and then lose the weight, keeping it off required monumental effort just to remain skinny-fat or thin-fat. To top it all off, no matter how much I exercised and lifted weights, my body never—ever—looked like a ripped athlete or Hollywood movie star body.

Nowhere even close.

Because my Body Type Four lacked so much muscle mass, it had strong tendencies towards being asymmetrical and unbalanced in appearance. All this hardship inspired the research to date and motivated the development of The Four Body Types. True balance, health, and sustainability have been the ultimate goal from the beginning.

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The concept of The Four Body Types is in no way meant to imply or infer that any specific body type makes one human being better or worse than any other human being. Although the currently known data about The Four Body Types does delineate physical body type variables fairly clearly, proper credence and magnitude must be given to no less than the crucially important variables of the soul, soul energy, and genetics, as well as mental and emotional states of being. We human beings are genuinely complex creatures, so very much more than we truly know right now. Please be sure to carefully review and discern The Four Body Types graphic illustration that directly follows this message. Having an initial understanding of your specific body type while keeping all of these things I have just mentioned in mind will help you make sense of everything as you diligently read the pages to come.

To True Balance, Health, and Sustainability,
Gnosis Gnostic, Fellow One Research

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