Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Ep Ten – Reader Question Edition #4: What is My Body Type?

Micro-Podcast Host: Gnosis, Researcher at Fellow One Research, Body Type Four.

OPWG Reader Question #4 on “What is My Body Type?”: Taylor Mautz from Wisconsin, Body Type Two

OPWG Book Podcast Episode Ten Reader Question Edition #4 Overview – “What is My Body Type?”

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast Episode Ten, Reader Question Edition #4 is in micro-podcast 30/30 format and addresses the reader question “what is my body type?” from Taylor Mautz who lives in Wisconsin. “What is my body type?” is a popular question that many people are unsure how to answer. Relative to Mr. Mautz’s Body Type Two posture (spinal extension) and it’s undeveloped or underdeveloped vertebrae & muscle mass, he has roughly identified the lumbar  L1-L5 vertebrae as his main problem area.

My Body Type is What? - Taylor Mautz (Wisconsin) Reader QuestionThe discussion revolves around Mr. Mautz’s reading of the OPWG book and initial difficulty identifying with The Four Body Types research. Upon closer study, things began to make more sense, and he made the connection between his chronic lifelong issues with lower lumbar back pain and his acute issues in the same general vertebrae after weightlifting. He was able to add fat more easily to that specific area of his body, his lower abdomen (gut), where he experiences skinny fat. He was able to add muscle to that area when he put in the effort, but that muscle would not stick around if he failed to continue regularly with his efforts. He asks for advice on how to fix those vertebrae for the long-term to successfully and permanently bring his Body Type Two into balance.

Gnosis addresses the question of what is my body type with a focus on posture and safely coming to an understanding of those no less than underdeveloped lumbar vertebrae. He suggests exercises like stretching and yoga to start, although which exercises work best are directly relative to the individual. The goal is to figure out how to properly extend the vertebrae and add the muscle mass to each vertebra so that everything is working in harmony against gravity. The trick, obviously, is safely and properly fixing the posture and adding muscle mass to actually improve health for the long-term.

The discussion of what is my body type winds down with Gnosis reminding Taylor that the key is working the spine, vertebrae, and muscle properly against gravity (resistance). That repetition with weights (resistance training) and the like can, indeed, work in the short-term and temporarily. But, once that repetition ceases, the muscle and any relative progress will begin to wane and eventually be lost. By figuring out how to fix his lumbar vertebrae in direct relation to gravity and spinal (vertebra) extension, he will ensure that his Body Type Two is successfully and permanently fixed for the long-term, becoming more like a real Body Type One.

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