Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Ep Twelve – Research Participant Question #2: Body Type & Why Can I Not Lose Weight?

Alicia Leonard, NC - What Can I Not Lose Weight - BT3

Micro-Podcast Host: Gnosis, Researcher at Fellow One Research, Body Type Four.

Fellow One Research Participant Question #2 – “What Is My Body Type & Why Can I Not Lose Weight?”: Alicia Leonard from North Carolina, Body Type Three.

OPWG Podcast Episode Twelve Research Participant Question #2 Overview – “What Is My Body Type & Why Can I Not Lose Weight?”

Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast Episode Twelve, Research Participant Question #2 is in micro-podcast 30/30 What Can i Not Lose Weight - Alicia Leonard - Body Type Threeformat and addresses the question “What is My Body Type & Why Can I Not Lose Weight?” from 30-something millennial Alicia Leonard of North Carolina. Upon identifying no less than her thoracic vertebrae, roughly T6-T12, and lumbar vertebrae, L1-L5, as being undeveloped, she believes she is a Body Type Three (The Four Body Types). Having had a strong sense of her poor posture (spinal extension) for a long time, Mrs. Leonard is more readily intrigued by the possibility of having missing muscle mass and skinny fat in relation to those particular vertebrae. 

Her unpleasant experiences on the weight loss and gain roller coaster ride is a main topic of conversation. Obesity has been a real, lasting problem in her life-long quest to lose weight and keep it off. She has found it very difficult to consistently, successfully keep the weight and fat at bay. Mrs. Leonard continues to wonder “why can I not successfully lose weight and stop being obese for good?”

Why Can I Not Lose Weight? Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle

Alicia Leonard - Body Type Three - Why Can I Not Lose Weight?Gnosis reviews all the variables involved, including Mrs. Leonard’s typical weekly diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle, to help answer her question, “why can I not lose weight?”. He talks about how a more regular, healthy daily diet (Blue Zone Mediterranean Diet) and proper implementation of a weekly resistance weightlifting exercise routine to help build the appropriate muscle mass. The more balanced muscle she properly adds to her Body Type Three relative to her thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, at the very least, the higher the likelihood that she will improve her metabolism to permanently lose the weight.

Answer to What is My Body Type and Why Can I Not Lose Weight?

Gnosis explains that the actual process of balancing and healing each individual vertebra and relative muscle mass means fixing her posture. Carefully incorporating a balanced, healthy daily diet while using resistance exercises, both weight lifting and isometrics (gravity), as well as yoga, pilates, or the like, is the key to fixing her Body Type Three. Successfully answering her question “why can I not lose weight?” is predicated on achieving the implementation of this arduous restructuring process.

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