OPWG Book Reader Question #4 – What is My Body Type?

What is My Body Type

OPWG Book Reader Question #4, ‘What is My Body Type?’: Taylor Mautz, Wisconsin

Biological Gender: Male
Biological Age: 20-Something
Question (#4) – “What is My Body Type”:

With so many different body types in existence, I have always wondered what my real body type is and how to actually define it. I ran across Fellow One Research’s The Four Body Types research one day which led me to read the Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) book. At first, I found it difficult to place myself within The Four Body Types theoretical system, as it is a whole new point of view and way of looking at the human body and shape. However, as I read the book, the initial chart began to make genuine sense and my question “what is my body type?” became more clear.

After careful review of the OPWG book information, it is likely that I at least have some problems in my L1-L5 lumbar vertebrae, and possibly higher up. I believe those lumbar vertebrae have undeveloped or underdeveloped muscle mass and do not have the proper extension — I am missing the Body Type One dimples and fully defined classic arch and experience the skinny fat phenomenon in my gut area. All this leads me to think that I am a Body Type Two.

My Body Type Two – Lumbar Vertebrae

The fact is, I easily put on fat in my lumbar area. Even eating mostly lean meats, fruits, veggies, and whole grains, my body has a natural tendency to store fat in the lumbar region. Things are starting to really add up as I definitively seek to answer the question, “what is my body type?”.

I’ve had back problems for most of my life. My lower back has always been especially troubling. So while I’m able to build muscle when I can make it to the gym, I have to be extremely careful not to injure myself. Thus, I started to question whether I was putting on muscle mass properly as anytime I don’t carefully monitor my posture, there’s a good chance the lumbar area of my back will be unusually painful the next day.

As I would like to once and for all answer the question what is my body type and get my body to more of a state of balance, can you offer any guidance on how I can properly add muscle mass to my lumbar vertebrae for real, permanent long-term success?


Answer to OPWG Book Reader’s Question #4 – ‘What is My Body Type?’: Gnosis, Fellow One Research

Hello Taylor:

What is my body type is a popular question. Equally as popular, once someone finally figures out what their body type is, is how to fix their body type if it is unbalanced. It sounds like you are confident that you are a Body Type Two and that your L1-L5 lumbar vertebrae are lacking muscle mass and development.

The first step in fixing your posture relative to those vertebrae is to get to know your spine and those specific vertebrae in general. Feel them out. Gently and discreetly pull your shoulders back and see what range of motion you have with your back and those vertebrae specifically.

What happens if you stretch your back, perhaps through yoga poses? Do those vertebrae hurt or cause you any pain or issues? If so, can you pinpoint exactly how and when in your exercises, be it yoga or the like?

What is My Body Type – The Importance of Posture

What is My Body Type - Body Type One (Typical Anatomy Book Human Body)Proper posture feels good. Improper posture does not.

Once you have a much stronger sense of your posture in relation to those vertebrae, then carefully take it one step further.

While standing upright, pull your shoulders back and find the point where the stretch and pull makes those specific lumbar vertebrae feel better. Then hold and repeat.

Remember that “feel better” is relative. Just like intense cardio and heavy weight lifting can be very difficult and make the muscles burn, if done right, working your posture will also make you feel better because you are exercising your body and specific muscles to improve them and your overall health and metabolism. As you work your posture, you will feel the muscle relative to each vertebra that needs working — it will burn just like in regular weightlifting.

The Role of Gravity – What is My Body Type

And the more you get to know yourself and your back, the better you will get at working those specific lumbar vertebrae and muscles to properly build them against gravity. Gravity is key because it is the constant weight that the body deals with every second of every day while standing, no less. Building muscle mass through the spinal extension Restructuring Process requires the resistance of gravity to truly work.

The good news is, if you do it right, it will last for the long-term. Unlike using machines or repetition through free weights were as soon as you stop the repetition the muscle begins to wane.

Keep in mind that the body works symbiotically and in harmony with itself when in a true state of balance.  And be careful, go slow. Now that you know the answer to what is my body type, the idea is to heal your Body Type Two, not damage it or cause more unbalance.

Let me know if you have any further questions by commenting below.



Researcher, The Four Body Types Research


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