OPWG Book Reader Question #3 – Body Type Two Muscle Mass, Posture, & Skinny Fat

Heather Purdon - Muscle Mass, Posture, & Skinny Fat OPWG Micro-Podcast Reader Question

OPWG Book Reader Question #3, ‘Body Type Two Muscle Mass, Posture, and Skinny Fat’: Heather Purdon, Tennessee

Biological Gender: Female
Biological Age: Late 20-Something

Question (#3): According to your research mentioned in the Over Privileged White Guy book, of the four body types, I most identify with a Body Type Two when it comes to my posture and skinny fat. I never identified well with the three endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomorph body types or the hormone body types. I believe that, after carefully looking at my body, back, and posture in relation to the charts and info on the fellowone.com website, that my Cervical C3-C5 and Lumbar L3-L5 vertebrae are not fully developed or extended. Through high school and college, I was what you defined as skinny fat – mostly in my legs. Not obese mind you, but I did have fat in my thighs.

Moreover, my posture isn’t perfect and my shoulders and body, in general, are not necessarily symmetrical. I looked and felt average. Although for as long as I can remember, I always had what you refer to as a gut feeling (enteric brain) and my family and friends always told me I have a high intuition. That never changed no matter what state my body was in, although since I’ve never been obese, I can’t say if it would remain if I was.

After college, I got into competitive martial arts and I began training daily and ate a whole-food-based diet sticking with chicken, salmon, and protein shakes as my protein sources and eating mostly complex carbs. My body appeared more like an athlete’s or a Body Type One, but my posture and my shoulders still were and are not symmetrical (as per the Body Type One pictures on the website). More specifically, the fat in my thighs turned into pure muscle. I gained 20lbs of muscle and shed most of my excess fat throughout my body.

Besides just my physical appearance improving, I noticed that I had more energy. Currently, I am retired from martial arts. I am still active but I do not train vigorously anymore. I still appear more fit than I did in college as I’m still mindful about the food I eat but I did lose some of the muscle in my thighs. Although now I consume less protein each day than I consumed while training. Also, now I am a vegetarian.

I still feel a good amount of energy but not as much as before, and I don’t feel as highly motivated as I did during that time. Probably because I now have less muscle mass and the fat has returned in some places again, like my thighs. However, my body improved so much during that period that now I’m curious what the long-term results would have been had I targeted those lacking vertebrae and attempted to properly build the muscle mass to fully strengthen my body type, like the researcher in the book going from a Body Type Four to Two.


Answer to OPWG Book Reader’s Question #3 – ‘Body Type Two Muscle Mass, Posture, & Skinny Fat’: Gnosis, Fellow One Research

Hello Heather:

With the exception of a fully developed Body Type One (more of an exception for weight resistance training and less so for cardio), probabilities are high that all other Body Types Two, Three, and Four require some amount of cardio and/or resistance exercise (weightlifting and/or isometrics/gravity) — of course how much or how little depends on the specific body type. These types of exercises have strong tendencies to heavily involve mechanical-like repetition to build muscle mass and tone it while maintaining and managing fat and obesity in relation to weight gain or loss.

The thing is, when you stop doing the repetitive resistance exercise, in whatever form, if the muscle you build is not properly developed in the body to maintain true symmetry and balance (the spine is one of the main sources of the human body’s structure and design, as well as balance and symmetry), you begin to lose the muscle mass and even tone.

Body Type One - Male - Muscle Mass & Armor, Posture, Skinny Fat
Male Body Type One with Fully Developed Muscle Mass (Armor), Posture, and no Skinny Fat

Muscle on the human body serves both a protective and functional purpose. As the armor of the body, muscle mass is what helps the human body efficiently and effectively be in the physical world (gravity) to hold energy and stand the heat, especially the more difficult the life situation. The more fully complete and developed the muscle mass and human body in general, and the more soul energy the person has, the better they can usually hold the energy and stand the heat (which is directly relative to star power and it factor).

If the muscle is built properly so that it is actually used every day throughout the day in regular life, like in terms of walking or running or lifting things or standing or the like, if all the muscles are used efficiently and effectively daily then the probabilities go up that those muscles will better maintain their inherent (or properly built) muscle mass as time passes with age.

Furthermore, depending on how strenuous your daily life (are you a construction worker who moves heavy bricks and boulders all day or a weightlifter by trade or the like?) you may even add muscle mass to keep up with things. We see strong evidence of the importance of muscle mass and bone mass when astronauts go to space, in terms of how rapidly the human body begins to lose muscle and bone mass. Ever seen an obese astronaut and wondered why not? Probabilities are all astronauts are a Body Type One, because that body type is the only body type that can stand the stresses, the overall energy and heat that comes with the arduous, high-intensity, risky job of being an astronaut. Body type matters.

Body Type One Muscle Mass, Posture, Skinny Fat
Female Body Type One with Developed Muscle Mass, Posture, and no Skinny Fat

Getting to an answer to your question, yes, there is a way to truly fix your Body Type Two and the underdeveloped vertebrae and muscle mass. The first step is better understanding which vertebrae are lacking development, muscle mass, and extension (posture) which influence your skinny fat. You said you are quite certain that it is your Cervical C3-C5 and Lumbar L3-L5 vertebrae that are not fully developed and extended. Exercises like yoga can help identify the weak vertebra(e) and lacking muscle mass in your spine, and really throughout your body.

Along with proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle, it really boils down to proper posture. If your mother told you to stand up straight and stop hunching, you would pull your shoulders back and stand up as straight as you could, at least for the short time you were in her presence. Then when she leaves, you most probably will go back to your regular imperfect posture, as you simply do not have the muscle mass or spinal extension development to have consistently good posture like your mother desires.

Good posture helps maintain health in general including offering less pressure and stress on internal organs as well as more efficient and effective maintenance of no less than muscle mass, joints, heart/heart rate and the like as time passes. And as already mentioned, the more properly developed the body type as a whole, the more muscle mass to help hold the energy and stand the heat in day-to-day living.

Thus, diligently work on your posture and properly build the necessary muscle mass relative to each underdeveloped vertebra to overcome your skinny fat issues. Focus on all those vertebrae that you have already identified upfront as being at least underdeveloped, if not undeveloped all together, and do not be afraid to re-evaluate and adjust as needed. Do not forget that each of the vertebra function independently as well as symbiotically with all other vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, humorous, organs, etc.

This physical interconnected truth is very important to your mental mindset as you carefully work on your posture and vertebrae/spinal extension to build the proper muscle mass and bring your body type into a true state of balance and symmetry; that is, going from your current Body Type Two to a more balanced Body Type One. Remember, truly right posture, right walking, and overall right movement in the human body as a whole are crucial to balance and symmetry.

Please let me know if you have any questions and keep me updated here on your Body Type Two progress with muscle mass, posture, and skinny fat.



Researcher, The Four Body Types Research


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