Question #3 – Financial Life Advice: Credit Card Money Management & How to Live Within Your Means


Best Daily Life Advice - Credit Card ManagementI just turned eighteen and am looking at getting the first credit card in my life and need some financial money management advice. I want to build my credit score. Even with no credit currently, my research has revealed that there are a lot of options.

I will probably have to start with the management of a secured credit card, which means I have to pay the issuing bank or financial institution like $500.00 cash upfront, maybe more. And the interest rates for all the cards I have found are all very high at over 20%.

As well, I would like a card that offers rewards, like cash back or travel points. I was planning on traveling, but the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic put a damper on those plans. Thus, a quality cash-back perk may be the better choice at this point. Are there any other perks/rewards I am unaware of? I have yet to find a secured card with perks that really inspire me. Is there a card or bank you can recommend?

Credit Management – Living Within My Means


I believe in living within my means, and am worried about the best way to do this. I have friends and family members who tell me terrible stories about how a credit card can and most probably will ruin my credit score and life. Can you offer any advice on credit card management and how to navigate all the options out there?

Carmen in Flint, Michigan


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    Question #2 – Life Advice: How to Live A Proactive, Healthy Life

    Best Daily Life Advice - How to Live A Proactive, Healthy Life

    As the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic intensifies worldwide, more and more people like me are seeking life advice on how to live a proactive, healthy life. I came across your site while searching Google. I like that you embrace science and knowledge and focus on a scientific and spiritual or soul-based approach. I have always seen my health as my greatest asset and therefore have always taken my health very seriously.

    Obesity and fat have always been an issue with my body, both in childhood and as an adult I struggled with the weight gain and weight loss management roller coaster ride. I really looked at the three endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph body types but could never get on board with those ideas. The hormone body types also did not fit me.

    After reviewing your four body type information, the body type two makes sense and fits me as on certain vertebrae I am obviously missing muscle mass, my posture is not great, and my metabolism does not seem as strong as it could be. I put on weight easily in my stomach and thighs and cannot recall ever having muscle in those parts of my body, but I do know the skinny fat or normal weight obesity phenomenon in those areas that you talk about a lot. I do experience the gut feeling but its accuracy is not great. And I have done more than my fair share of situps, crunches, yoga, leg routines, and many other exercises that seem to work well for others but not me.

    My diet is clean and mostly vegetarian. I read one of your articles about the Blue Zone Mediterranean Diet, and although I do not explicitly follow that diet, my diet is actually very similar. Lots of organic veggies, fruits, beans, lentils, and whole grains. I do some red meat but more chicken and fish. I think carefully about every meal and the nutrition it offers including quality protein, good fats and carbs, a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and how clean things are overall.

    I did see you have a book, but have not read it yet. As I am now in my 50’s and my aging is considered at higher risk for diseases like the novel coronavirus, and with healthcare costs skyrocketing, I was wondering what proactive life advice you might be able to offer me on how to live a healthy life in terms of my body type two?

    Jane from Massachusetts


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      Question #1 – Life Advice: Are Souls Real?

      Best Daily Life Advice - Ask a Question: Are Souls Real? The Evidence. The other day I was debating whether souls are real with some friends and one of them was just adamant that the soul is not real, and there was no evidence to prove that souls are real. When I asked him how he knew there was no evidence, he said he had not heard of any. I asked if he had done any real checking to see what evidence was out there. He said that was a waste of time. I thought that both those responses were not the best answers.

      I pointed out that the soul has been consistently referenced by people for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians spoke of the souls in-depth in daily life and believed it is real, as has most every culture throughout history. My friend arrogantly and ignorantly said that ancient people were stupid and did not know anything, so my point was proof of nothing. He went on to say that if souls are indeed real, that science would have invented the technology and machines to prove it by now. I reminded him how young our science is in relation to human history but he did not seem to care or get it.

      I did some research online regarding whether souls are real or not, and I was surprised that there was not more evidence at this day in age, with science and technology having advanced so much in the past century. Is science just behind the times when it comes to evidence of whether the soul is real? Has science invented any machines that can quantify and qualify the soul?

      Can you offer any advice on whether or not souls are real?

      Anonymous in Austin, Texas


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