Research Participant Question #3 – What Diet Can I Eat to Decrease My Body Fat?

Chris Ribeiro, Body Type Two - Best Diet to Decrease Body Fat

At 5 foot 6 inches and 200-pounds, I am an early 30-something millennial male wondering what diet and foods I can eat to Chris Ribeiro - Body Type Two - Diet to Decrease Body Fatdecrease my body fat?. Obesity has been a concerning problem in my life since my mid 20’s. After learning about The Four Body Types and reviewing your website research, I believe I am a Body Type Two, but I could be a Body Type Three.

None of my vertebrae are clearly developed and defined. My thoracic vertebrae, T10-T12, look like they might be the most undeveloped. I definitely do not have the Body Type One dimples or classic arch, so my lumbar vertebrae are probably also underdeveloped. And this makes sense as I have dealt with relative back pain for a long time.

I reached my highest weight of 225 pounds when I was 27 years old. It took me a solid year to lose 50 pounds, and although I was able to successfully keep that weight off for a few years, I have gained some of it back. I am still obese and I do experience the skinny fat phenomenon (normal weight obesity).

Diet & Exercise To Decrease Body Fat

In terms of exercise, my weekly routine is definitely left wanting. I do no cardio exercise, other than basic daily movements to get Diet to Decrease Body Fat - Chris Ribeiro BT2from here to there. But that is not much. However, I do lift weights three times per week, at least 45 minutes per weightlifting workout session. I focus on both upper body and lower body resistance training to decrease my body fat. I do not do any isometrics (gravity) at present.

What Diet & Foods Can I Eat to Decrease My Body Fat?

Admittedly, my daily omnivore diet, on average, currently is not very healthy and is not helping to decrease my body fat. I eat an excessive amount of fast, processed, and junk food that is high in calories, sodium, refined carbohydrates (carbs), and poor quality oils/fat. Moreover, I also lean heavily towards more carnivore protein sources, eating too much red meat, eggs, and dairy. Though all is not lost as I do consume a decent amount of vegetables, fruits, chicken, beans/legumes (lentils, chickpeas, etc.), nuts, whole grains, and coffee. But I am most certainly not a vegetarian or vegan. I have struggled with eating a healthy diet for most of my life.

Honestly, I am tired of being on the obesity roller coaster ride. Knowing I need to improve my daily exercise regimen, in general, I am looking at hiring a personal trainer. As well, I am considering looking at consulting with a nutritionist. But, I am wondering if you can offer any further advice on what diet and foods I can eat to permanently decrease my body fat and improve my metabolism and overall weight management & maintenance?

Answer: Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Book Podcast – Episode Thirteen – Research Participant Question #3: What Diet & Foods Can I Eat to Decrease My Body Fat?


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