Over Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast – Ep Eleven – Research Participant Question #1: Skinny Fat, Hips & Thighs

Lauren Cyr - Hawaii - Skinny Fat, Hips, Thighs

Micro-Podcast Host: Gnosis, Researcher at Fellow One Research, Body Type Four.

Fellow One Research Participant Question #1 – “What is Skinny Fat and Why Is It So Hard for Me to Lose Fat and Weight in My Hips and Thighs?”: Lauren Cyr from Hawaii, Body Type Two

OPWG Podcast Episode Eleven Research Participant Question #1 Overview – “What is Skinny Fat and Why Is It So Hard for Me to Lose Fat and Weight in My Hips and Thighs?”

Lauren Cyr - Skinny Fat & Unwanted Weight In Hip & ThighsOver Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Podcast Episode Eleven, Research Participant Question #1 is in micro-podcast 30/30 format and addresses an inquiry from 20-something millennial Lauren Cyr of Hawaii. She is interested in what her body type is, especially after reviewing The Four Body Types research. After identifying her lumbar L1-L5 vertebrae as being underdeveloped, she questions the correlation of her self-determined Body Type Two and her difficulty in dealing with skinny fat and losing weight in her hips and thighs. 

The discussion revolves around Ms. Cyr’s roller coaster ride of weight loss and gain management and maintenance. Though obesity has never been a real problem in her life, she has found it difficult to consistently, successfully keep the weight and fat off her hips and thighs.  Even when she does, she deals with skinny fat in her hips and thighs due to no less than a lack of/missing muscle mass in her lumbar L1-L5 vertebrae. 

Answer to What is Skinny Fat and Why is It So Hard For Me To Lose Fat & Weight In My Hips & Thighs

Gnosis answers Ms. Cyr’s question about skinny fat and difficulty in losing weight in her hips and thighs by focusing on her self-determined underdeveloped lumbar vertebrae, L1-L5. A review of diet, exercise, and lifestyle reveals that she maintains a healthy Skinny Fat, Hips, Thighs, & Weight Management - Lauren Cyromnivore diet, eating as much organic food as possible. An active lifestyle includes 6 days a week of cardio exercise from walking, hiking, running, and sports. This is complemented by 3 days per week of resistance exercise, both weightlifting and isometrics.

The conversation then shifts attention to Ms. Cyr’s self-identified lack of definition when it comes to a typical Body Type One classic arch and dimples. This indicates a lack of proper posture, or spinal extension, for no less than her lumbar vertebrae. All of this significantly increases the probabilities that properly fixing those vertebrae is the answer to her achieving true long-term success in healing and balancing her Body Type Two. 

Overcoming My Body Type Two Skinny Fat and Unwanted Weight in My Hips & Thighs

Gnosis then discusses the Restructuring Process and how properly fixing her lumbar vertebrae is the answer to her question. That the process of fixing, balancing, and healing each vertebra is all about truly fixing her posture, which is all about using gravity against those L1-L5 vertebrae. Figuring out how to properly build all the muscle and muscle mass relative to those underdeveloped lumbar vertebrae is the name of the game. Thus, strengthening posture (vertebra/spinal extension) and muscle mass in her L1-L5 vertebrae to actually achieve to a Body Type One and permanently get rid of the unwanted skinny fat and weight in her hips and thighs. 

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